Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's in the name

Remember a while ago, I blogged about the post code lottery? Today's entry will be about the naming lottery. The Chinese thinks that it's very important for their children to have a good name. They believe that the name will reflect what kind of person their children will grow up to be. I'm not stereotyping people by saying people with what name have a certain behavior or they end up getting what type of job but I think it can be quite true.

For example.. the stray cats behind my house. The one named Tatsu (Dragon) turn out to be quite a strong cat. It's quite aggressive when it comes to food and is not afraid of people. Sometimes it even roars like a tiger. not cat As for its twin, Maki (not sure what it means in English.. rolls is the closest word I guess) always roll around. And lastly, the orange kitten, Ji hoo. It's a little soft lembik just like Ji Hoo sunbae. Should have named it Jun Pyo or something.

I wonder what does my name have in store for me? Haha Car? Arc? Care? Reine means queen. no wonder I once dreamed that I was a queen But too bad it's not my name haha.

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