Monday, December 7, 2009

Jay Elle Pee Tee

Yesterday, I sat for my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) which took place at UPM (University Putra Malaysia) "Out of all places.. Why UPM??" That was my thought before my visit but now... UPM's such a nice place! So many treeswork really well as shade.. beautiful greenery and super huge campus. I should have brought my camera laaaaaa. Before leaving home, my mum asked me "Eh..want to bring camera?" and I replied " For what??" IIsh iish.. I guess mum's know best? Haha seriously very cantik la the place. Unlike my concrete jungle university. Maybe not jungle but there are not much greenery over here in Monash. And my Monash is really small compared to UPM.. but being small is good in a way too. It's easier to go around campuses and you'll bump into your friends easily. One thing I really hope Sunway Monash can improve is the cafeteria. Not so much MSG please! And please plant more trees too. The sun is shining wayyyy to bright here.

Anyway..back to my JLPT story. The crowd was really huge! Hmm..why do I sound like I came out from the jungle? Haha I wasn't expecting such a huge crowd actually. You get to see all kinds of people, as young as primary to older working class did their company force them to take? I was seated in the front row which is really good cause I can hear the listening audio perfectly clear.

Before the test, my sister and I were talking to one of our classmate. She told me that I have good memory. I find it really funny cause memory is never my fortebesides remembering other people's birthday. I'm more of a tip of the tongue person.

Overall, the paper was quite okay. Just hope that I did not make any careless mistakes. It always happens when I did the past year papers. The results will only be announced on next March.. long way more to go. But I'm sure it will come in a blink

So after JLPT, I went over to my uncle's place for his birthday party. My little nephew's so cute! He collected empty cans and wanted to recycle it. I think I'm inspired by him? Pictures some other day ya? Hee

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