Saturday, October 31, 2009

Education has nothing to do with Common Sense

Joke of the year
Today in Japanese class, we read some article on Japan's 1000 Yen note. It described the person on the note and my teacher ask the class, Who's picture was on the Malaysian cash note?
someone answered "Mahathir"

I LOL-ed

No I didn't.. I'm not that rude although the person who said that was younger than me. I laughed silently in my heart OK..maybe I find it funny because of a more personal reason.. KHUN!!! I shall not go into details cause it'll make me look childish

If you're wondering who's the one on the note, it's our very first Agong. Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Yamtuan Antah of Negeri Sembilan

In the later part of the class, we're suppose to ask each other questions. A classmate of mine asked me what do I think about Malaysia's politics. I was like WHAT?? Out of so many other topics, why ask politics? I replied no comment. Haha Honestly, if it's not because of the Journalism course, I wouldn't even know what the heck is the sedition act. The act that got my lecturer arrested last semester No need to elaborate about what happened la ya, if you're interested just go and Google Wong Chin Huat.

Malaysians always say that our politics is very messy. But in my opinion, I believe that every country has their own 'politics', whether or not it is being publicized that's another question. We're probably not aware about other country's politics cause it does not concern us. Politics goes 'wrong' might not be a very bad thing. It's scarier if politics goes out smoothly without any flaws. At least we know that people are taking action and decisions are not made behind closed doors.

Bahhhh..what's with the sudden change of mood from Joke of the year to something serious? Must keep this blog political free. I do enjoy chatting with Clair about politics once in a while politics..but it's just up to chatting, nothing more than that. I don't have a critical mind, that's why haha.

My mind is only e critical when it comes to other things like Johnny's and I'm proud of it!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I decided to name the 4 stray cats behind my house. The mummy cat's name is Mikan (Mandarin Orange) cause of her orange colored fur. No, not CNY The baby orange fur kitten's name is Ji Hoo cause it resemble's Ji Hoo's hair color. The lighter grey kitten's name is Tatsu (Dragon) cause it's really timid. Hope that it will grow to be a braver cat and protect its mum. The darker grey's name is Maki (roll/curl). Together, the grey duo are known as Tatsumaki. It means Tornado..not the dragon roll in your favorite Sushi restaurant ya.

Today... Psychology paper was alright I guess? It was not as tough as last semester but still quite a killer paper. Although its all MCQs (96 questions in total), it was designed in a way that all answers seems correct and you have to select the MOST MOST MOST appropriate one.

Psychology paper down..So that makes one last paper more to go! Hehehe one week more and here comes my semester break!

So many things to do this semester break~ Gonna catch up with the old movies, dramas, musicals and more coming in.
Ahh I'm so tired today. Used up a whole year worth of brain juice haha

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rene's Damn Awesome

I don't care if it can stands for Rene's Damn Awesome or not, RDA is driving me nuts!! AHH 48 RDA questions for Psychology 1022 paper tomorrow! RDA is Research Desgin Analysis in case you're wondering. I won't be taking anymore Psy subjects next sem =) I can only get rid of Maths in my second year huh?

I wanna blog about my favorite villain but thanks to RDA, I'm stuck with Psychology for a moment. I guess I'll just blog about it tomorrow la. Iish iish

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You're my heart breaker

No no, no one's my heart breaker. I'm currently listening to "Heartbreaker" while typing this entry and right now the line "You're my heart heart heart breaker" is playing. Just fyi, this song is by G-Dragon who I admire his guts for being fashionably'different' from others. He reminded me of Tsuyoshi who said that "It's not about you willing to wear it or not but whether you have the guts to dress differently. What he said was quite true. One reason why we dress 'normally'is because we're concern about other people's view and we don't wanna be labelled as 'Lala'. Because of what Tsuyo said, I began changing my view on people who dressed differently from the 'norm' but still gutless to dress differently's entry is about What my sister do when she have the iTouch on her hands?

-send me an E-mail using my own E-mail account telling me to Study
Image Hosted by

-Play with the PuriKura app I downloaded
Image Hosted by

-Make a funny picture of me out of it
Image Hosted by

And not forgetting a pic of my future pet dog (Ran), cat (Tama) and words covering my face.
Image Hosted by

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I mentioned that cats like to rest behind my house right? There were 4 cats yesterday and guess what one of them did? Vomited tape worms!! At least 3 long tape worms!! Eeewww I should have just catnip them since I have super strong mint chewing gum..But I won't cause I like felines hehe.

This morning, 2AM, my dad and I went to KL to pick up my mum from her office. Yes OT. Not over time but office trip. Her department (I think?) went to the Island of duty free, the Langkawi Island. I actually enjoy the road trip to KL cause it's really quiet and peaceful. It made me wonder again where will the road lead me to if I drive non stop for the whole night. I wasn't the one driving anyway Where will I be at Ming Tian (tomorrow)?

Talking about Ming Tian.. I think Ming Tien food court is like my favorite place to COD (Cash on Delivery). Last year, I COD-ed with the guy who I bought my Softbank phone from and yesterday, I COD-ed with another guy for my iTouch. What's next? Television? Laptop? Car? My iTouch's name is Fiftyone btw hehehe

And I realize no one answered my question in the previous entry..but will still provide the answer anyway.
Image Hosted by

It's actually on my knees. Did u got it right?

This is for Estee who <3 the heart shape
Image Hosted by

A heart shaped sour sop fruit I came across in Jusco this afternoon

There was a Halloween fair in the new wing too
Image Hosted by

Talking about 1U, I went to Etude House and bought some stuff again and this time, the sales girl gave me 2 posters and 2 folders of Lee Min Ho. Last 2 some more. Haha but I don't really like the picture of the folder.. So I'll probably give it to my mum's friend's daughter one and my sister don't mind taking the other one. As for the poster, maybe I should have a competition haha. But I doubt people will want it la cause u can get it from Etude House. Went to Parkson to get some presents and the saleslady came and told me Joke of 2006. So kaypoh la she

And I had sushi zanmai for lunch! <3

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm bored.. and not feeling psychology at all So I'll post some photographs to beautify my blog. I've not been taking any new photos lately cause I'm at home most of the time so most of it are taken last year.

Image Hosted by
Guess where was this taken? Answers shall be revealed in the next entry.

Image Hosted by
Egg shell I found outside of my house

Image Hosted by
Beetle crawling on my floor

Image Hosted by
The pathway to better health?

Image Hosted by
When there's not much contrast in your photograph, switch it to b&w

Image Hosted by

As u can see, I like shallow dof a lot. haha Hopefully this holiday, I'll get to go out and take some new photos.


There's this Chinese idiom "当局者迷,旁观者清" which literally means Outsiders see more than the players(in the game). I find it really true. Sometimes our flaws were blinded by our own ego and self confidence. That's why we can't see what's wrong with ourself but others who were not involved directly can see our flaws easily. One classic example would be people who keep complaining that they're fat when they're damn thin. Urghh!

Of course you can argue that the statement above is paradoxical. How would the outsides see a clearer picture if they're not in the game? They don't know precisely what's going on. True...but I support the former's idea heh.

I use to think that my grammar is quite alright or at least passable. But after reading my peer's comments on my 2nd assignment, I realize that I made quite some grammatical mistakes here and there. It was an eye opener indeed.I reread my assignment and yes, it could have been avoided. I was too confident with my work. *shakes head* I hope they'll have more peer marking assignments in the future. Haha although the peer's comment were anonymous, but it's really obvious who said what. Honestly, I was a little crushed but it's alright. I was harsh at commenting too.

Oh ya! I won't be ordering my iTouch from Apple's website anymore cause the 16GB guy replied me. Will be COD-ing with him later in the evening.

In a nut shell, I'll end this post with a song. This is FT Island's latest Japanese song. I do notice that their Korean and Japanese songs somehow have different singing style and I actually prefer the latter over the former. The song's quite emo, but it's really good. I wanna learn this song during my sem break~

Wonder of the day
Why do I always have a title which is unrelated to my post?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The sense of Touch

I'm planning to get an iTouch after failing to rescue my iPod which is very sad. =( If I have the choice, I want my iPod back and not some canggih manggih iTouch. But you know the cost of repairing my iPod is equivalent to a brand new 32GB iTouch? Ridiculous right? Might as well get a new one.I might be selling my iPod as a faulty model too.

I PM-ed the guy on LYN for his 16GB iTouch at RM888 but there's no reply from him yet. If he still doesn't reply, I'll order an 8GB model online. Free shipping and I get to engrave my name on it for free heee. Any suggestions on what message should I engrave? "Show Must Go On" ,"Love & Respect", "I'll crush you" ,"It's a conspiracy"? It's an open question, so feel free to suggest some.

I'm thinking..with the wifi function, I'll probably tweet even more. Fellow followers, expect a whole lot more of tweets from me in the near future!

And.. my playlist is getting more and more emo. Johnny's! quickly release something happier to lift up the mood. I need to spring clean my playlist after my exams too. So many things to do after exam haha..Gonna cut one of my old jeans and make it to a pair of shorts.

On another note.. I've been thinking a lot about the future lately. Whats in store for me after my degree? I know it's still at least 2 years more to go for me to complete my degree.. But I just can't help but to wonder. I'm a wonder girl With the economy crisis and all.. it seems like the better option is to continue studying until the economy goes up again. It will be almost impossible to find a job now.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's right in front of you!

The switching from teinei kei to futsu kei in Japanese class is driving me crazy! And I thought things would be a lot easier when it comes to casual form. But I guess it will be better when I'm used to it.

I'm not so much of a movie junkie.. but after my exams, the cinema shall be one o my favorite hang out spot. I'm taking film studies next semester, so I should be actively watching films to be prepared for it. The show that I'm anticipating a lot is Fantastic Mr. Fox! Yup, it's the film adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel! Don't you just love books by Roald Dahl? I wanna watch A Christmas Carol too! and will have to watch New Moon with my sister.

Then December, there's Sherlock Holmes, Cirque Du Freak :The Vampire's Assistant (another film adaptation) and maybe treasure hunters?

And I heard Hachiko would be out next year too! A Hollywood adaptation this time. Totally anticipating it.

Haha there's this film entitled "Planet 51" and Case 39 but probably won't watch it cause it doesn't interest me.

I had a random discovery last night. When I first watch "You're Beautiful", I was like why is this main guy so familiar? I took out the free box of cotton Etude House gave me last year and to my surprise the main male and female character (Jang Guen Suk and Park Shin Hye) were the ambassadors of Etude House! Shin Hye is still doing for Etude House this year along with Lee Min Ho.

4 days more till the release of Swan Song! Can't wait to catch the duo in action again!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Greek Pocahontas

My One Utama trip went into a different direction. I end up buying nothing from Etude House haha they ran out of stock of what I'm looking for. To all Min Ho fans out there, if you buy above RM20, you'll receive a free poster of him. Maybe he'll be signing that this Sunday huh?

I went to Forever 21 to check out the jeans I saw the other day. Dayummmmm.. they don't have my size??? It's either too big or too small!! I wanna get some wife beaters too..but again, size problem. Went for lunch at Sushi Zanmai again! The yaki tamago with mentai sauce! Um Mm!

Oh Oh.. I bought 2 of this Pocahontas head band(?) Greek Goddess head band(?) whatever u call that la from Diva. They're having some below RM21 sales.

Image Hosted by
Two of these cost only RM13! Haha cheap right?

The Greek Pocahontas look is not only popular among girls but guys also. Tsuyoshi wore that 5 years ago during the countdown concert or was it Anniversary's Live? And G.D wore it during one of his performance with W-inds. Hehee mine will make its debut on Fashion Terrorist soon!

Incomplete post

Woah.. I have readers from the Philippines and Japan *points at Live Traffic Feed*. Well Hello hello! Do leave a message or comment so that I know what topic are you guys interested in ya? Thanks!

Yesterday, I was really really lost in doing my assignment. Suddenly, I couldn't find my direction and my style of writing seems unjustifiable. And also everyone else' topic is so controversial. Mine is like what? Fan culture? But it's ok, I'm proud of my work. I'm proud to say that I wrote about 2100 words in 2 days.

My progress so far? I'm out of words! I need about 100 words more and I'm thinking how to improve on my conclusion. Please let me finish soon so I can go and hand it up asap and then enjoy my sushi lunch at One Utama! Gonna go Etude House shopping again haha. Hope they have more Min Ho files this time

I'll update more later kay?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The picture I posted yesterday was actually on today's Chinese newspaper. And it's not about Kame looking good in jeans but skinny is the new 'in' thing instead of packs. Hmm.. I don't really have a stand to that statement. Some people looks better skinny while some looks good with muscles.

Ohh.. Happy 51st post by the way. 51 is one of my favorite numbers along with 2, 39,244 and 383.
No, this is not an entry telling you to buy a lotto number. Oh and I love my student ID number too. 21979707. I bet many KinKi Kids fans out there wants that number too haha

Why am I blogging about numbers? I think it's because I'm currently very conscious about the word count for my journalism major assignment. So far..I've written only about 450 words. I need to write a 1600 words feature and another 500 words self critique..and not forgetting the transcript. When is it due? Friday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Jeanist

Guess who's the Best Jeanist this year? The K's pwn it again and again! It's their 4th time winning it. Haha Yes! My favorite fashionista/fashion leader Kamenashi Kazuya and Koda Kumi. One year more and they'll join Kimura Takuya, Ayumi Hamasaki and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi in the Hall of Fame for "Forever Jeanist". Kame won it by a landslide victory and Ko chan was actually in the 10th place. They should create a jersey one and let's see who'll win

Image Hosted by
Kame! don't u know denim x denim just won't work


1. Kazuya Kamenashi - 25,913
2. Masaki Aiba - 8,556
3. Kiyoshi Hikawa - 7,220
4. Jin Akanishi - 2,528
5. Tomohisa Yamashita - 1,142
6. Koji Iwasawa - 931
7. Jun Matsumoto - 858
8. Masaharu Fukuyama - 668
9. Hiroki Uchi - 606
10. Koichi Domoto - 569


1. Kumi Koda - 7,021
2. aiko - 5,501
3. Becky - 5,287
4. Namie Amuro - 4,051
5. Karina - 2,244
6. Anna Tsuchiya - 2,050
7. Meisa Kuroki - 2,039
8. Yukie Nakama - 1,723
9. Keiko Kitagawa - 1,727
10. Yu Yamada - 1,147

Haha you don't need to have long slim legs to look good in Jeans! Congrats to Jerry Yan and Mrs. Hatoyama (Japan's First Lady) .. They won some Jeanist award too.

And Guess what I dreamed last night? I actually congratulated Kame for wining this award. And guess where were we? Atria!! I have no idea why my KAT-TUN related dreams are always in Atria.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How true can it be?

This is so true!!

Your Daily Horoscope: October 18, 2009

Many of the indications of the New Moon will be as strong today as they were yesterday, Cancer, but at some point, your attention will move towards having some fun. Just be careful with your spending in the process. The next couple of days you may be in a bit of an emotional funk, and use your entertainment to compensate, or rather, overcompensate. This could not be more untimely as far as your work situation is concerned, because just as more opportunities present themselves, you may feel less motivated about pursuing them.

Yes!! I feel demotivated.. and I've been over entertaining myself this weekend. Music exam on Tuesday, JRN major assignment due on Friday...Change, I need.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It came the wrong time

It was sudden, like a storm. I wasn't prepared.. I didn't see it coming. What is it you ask me? Sick la!! iish iish.. Why do I always fall sick at the wrong time?? Exams are around the corner (Asian Music paper next Tuesday), One last major assignment is about to due (on Friday) and now is really not the time to fall ill. And what's wrong with my immune system huh? Have been falling sick quite frequently this year.
I think it's because I'm overexposed to the heat of the laptop and weather..Sigh

Anyway.. Happy Deepavali!
Today, I wore my Indian outfit with a pair of not so skinnies. Totally regretted it cause it's SOOOOOOOOOOO hot!! For a hot weather lover to complain the heat.. Yes it was that bad over here. The last time I wore that Indian baju was 3 years ago in Korea town haha. My family and I brought my Grandma down to Klang for lunch. The food was not only cheap but really good too! Especially the steam fish and tofu dishes. Hot..the weather's too hot

I'm so sleepy.. I hope my download finishes before I go to bed

Friday, October 16, 2009

Delectable A.N.Jell

Fireworks have been going on since 2.30pm. It's almost 9pm now.. Did they rob a firework making factory or something?? It's really noisy la and I'm trying to revise for my Asian Music exam.

This morning/afternoon, I did something that I really regret. Shouldn't have started watching this Korean drama entitled "You're Beautiful". Shit la.. now I want more of it and no new episodes are coming out till next week. Wow..Rene is actually watching a Korean dramas? I was really interested in this drama when the news about it first came out. Cause it's a band drama and Lee Hong Gi is in it. I really really really like Hong Gi's voice!! That's what I call power man! If you're wondering, he's the one in blonde.

Image Hosted by
But he's the drummer laaaaa not the lead singer. I felt so conned! But it's alright cause the storyline made up for it haha. It's another crossdress drama like HanaKimi and from the character's'll know who will be fighting over the girl and who she'll end up with but I still can't help but watch it!

Talking about dramas.. this Autumn's dorama line ups are really worth looking forward to. They're so many comedy and mystery dramas this Autumn! Time to put on the thinking cap and solve crimes!

Oh ya.. My mum got us designer's cupcakes from Delectable by Su
Image Hosted by
Nice nice?? It's so my type of cupcake as it's not very sweet.. Haha but it's freaking expensive! RM28 for 3 of it.

Potong stim + Homestay

Sushi King's RM2 Bonanza was quite a let down. Can't complain much I guess.. cause it's cheap. But last time was okay The wrong time at the wrong place perhaps? While happily waiting for my Ebi tempura sushi and Inari to reach me, the electricity went off! It lasted for quite some time so my sister and I decided to leave with only 4 plates of Sushi being gulped down. And 3 plates are the same one. Now I'm thinking twice whether to renew my membership or not. If only Zanmai has some special membership card haha. But at least One card can be used in Zanmai. There was a Japanese food fair in One Utama too. Sis and I bought quite a lot of food from there! Can't wait to try the Soba! Not forgetting, We were given Shojikiya and Pasta Zanmai vouchers too!

2 days ago, I receive an Email from Titan Planet saying that they're having a Homestay in Japan this December (18th to 27th) It's so tempting BUT it's in Hokkaido! Yes, its true that I wish to visit Hokkaido.. but in December?? I will definitely fall sick. mentally Haha that is how much I dislike cold weather. Fyi, the temperature for Hokkaido in December can fall below negative.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only You

Sorry for not updating for a couple of days. I was occupied with assignments, tests and lab reports. But I never fail to update my twitter huh? Haha I'm pretty much addicted to twitter la. But it can be really annoying when someone u follow updates like every 3 minutes. That's why now I'm trying to control myself from tweeting.

And now..more decisions to be made. What should I pick as my major? I couldn't really decide between Journalism or Writing.. Hmmm.. Journalism definitely has more opportunities after graduating but I really don't like going out and interview people. Ahh.. I don't know

Anyway~ I really like this song and I'm dedicating it to anyone reading this

I doubt u guys will even click it haha but it's alright la ya. Just remember that I dedicated a song to u!

On another note, my friend,Jessica said that I should post about my obsession with observing people. Maybe I should start a column for that (like fashion terrorist) haha.. next time la. .Not only observing, I also like to try figuring out what are they thinking.The way they walk, the way they dress, the way they behave....I observe them all! Haha I have no idea why I observe people so much. Is it because I used to be a science student? Or because of the sudden boom in detective dramas/novels that I've been watching over these couple of years? I'm guessing it's the latter.. Too bad I'm not interested to further my Psychology studies.Even invirtual world.. When someone unexpected followed me on twitter, I'll be like Why? How? Who?What? I think it's more like analyzing then observing hor? Haha

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fashion Terrorist #3

This morning, my mum was tidying up her wardrobe and came across this top she bought 8 years ago. She ask me whether I wants it or not cause I use to wear it last time. So I said Yes! as I really liked it back then.

But! The top became really short cause I grew taller. And I don't have nice abs like the KARA girls.. so how?

Match it with high waist pants! And don't forget a belt
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Haha do you know the jeans shorts are super old too? I bought it when I was in primary school haha. But I didn't like mum took it. She wore it to market.. line dancing.. everywhere! and now it's back to me hahaha. As for shoes.. I tried with my 10 year old platform shoe..but it turn out pretty bad heh

AHHH... Can give euuuuu GATSBY!

No no, I'm not writing an advertorial for Gatsby. Yesterday, I came across a Gatsby commercial on Japan Probe and finds it quite interesting and felt bad for the guy at the same time.

Use Gatsby's face wash and you'll turn in to Kimura Takuya!

But I still likes this best hahaha. one else can pull it off like Takuya

Anyone wants the "I can give you Gatsby" background song?Haha I have it

Friday, October 9, 2009


Happy Birthday, Pa! Thanks for everything you've gave and done for us. And sorry for behaving badly at times and giving you a whole lotta avoidable trouble. And thanks for always being there for the family.

Happy belated birthday to Kristy's dad too! May you live a healthy and happy life~

Anyway.. this morning, Clair came over to my house to copy Wild Bunny. I've poisoned her again this time. *insert evil laugh* I copied Criminal Minds, Gossip Girls, Suit Life on Deck and some movies from her too~ Thanks yo!

I just came back from dinner at Sushi Tei @ Tropicana Mall. The food there's not bad! Especially the Mentai Salmon sushi. A really really generous portion of mentai on the salmon! Double or maybe triple of Sushi Zanmai! Their phoenix roll was really good too! A huge pieces of unagi, prawn and avocado! Avocado's been playing quite a huge role on fusion sushi nowadays. I like! <3

Ah.. back to burying my head into the pile of assignments after playing for a day.

Something I came interesting I came across from Reader's Digest

“I use far fewer calories than the average person. I am much more economically and environmentally sustainable. I exhale less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I use up less space. I have a little house”

Robert Reich in the NY times Magazine on the advantages of being short.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You're maa wild bunny

I reread my blog entries.. and finds it really boring and dull. Sorry to put u guys in such a situation. I'll try to make it as comical as possible. I doubt people will get my joke

Anyway..this few days, I feel like I'm being violated. More specifically, my brilliant ideas were 'plagiarized' Now I finally understand why university takes plagiarism seriously. And I'm so sorry that I once used to hate doing citations. I'm not asking u to cite nor credit me.. at least don't say it's YOUR idea laaaa. Iish iish.. annoying

I'm really hooked to the song 'Mad' by Ne-Yo.

And tomorrow Clair's coming over to copy Wild Bunny! Haha.
Image Hosted by

You cannot find a reason to not enjoy Wild Bunny..seriously. Even if you dislike them, you'll still find it entertaining to watch it. Cause we're human beings and humans just like to see people 'degrading' their image. Haha actually nola.. it's because u get to see celebrities are also human and they can me such a boy too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Again & Again.. I hate you

Happy birthday to Toma :)

It's week 11 of the semester already! 2 weeks more to go and then final exam. Haha I realize that I don't really blog about my uni life huh? My favorite place of Monash got to be the Journalism Lab cause of the Macs there. And thanks to it, I have a chance to learn how to use a Mac! And people are asking for help from me when they don't know how to operate a Mac proud Besides that, I also like this open area with tables and chairs situated behind the book shop. I'm not sure what is it called..but I usually refer to it as Sandwich Bar cause it looks like a good place to eat sandwich. I usually hangs out with Emily, who shares the same birthday as me!! and Jessica who coincidentally enrolled in the same classes as me in every classes~ I can't wait for my semester break and we'll go for a trip.. Baggan Lalang! heee

I'm so sleepy *yawns*. Oh ya~~ the Samantha Thavasa bags that I ordered finally arrived! heee I'm happy happy and finally I can sleep in peace without worrying about it

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Secret Code

Happy birthday to Kim!! Woah.. Finally 18 years old already. Don't so naughty naughty okay? and be good to the elders.

Since Estee reminded me about it..I'll upload it now.
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
My retro looking 9cm heels. Somehow don't look very high here hor.

And Mid Autumn Festival..
Image Hosted by

But the flash was such a killer and there are so many 'lights' around.. so I decided to take some slow shutter shots which ate a whole lotta battery
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I use to like slow shutter a lot.. but got bored of it after that..and still bored of it. And my attempt always fail
Image Hosted by
I was trying to draw a HEART.. and turned out to be a fierce looking M. I think I have some really serious drawing issue.

Today, Jessica gave me a 2PM Cd folder/Case, a gift from Singapore. Was really shocked when I open the plastic and say it haha THanks a lot! It's really lovely <3

Monday, October 5, 2009

Buzz Buzz Buzzer Beat's been 3 days since I've updated. Don't you guys miss me? Anyway.. I've been having some internet issue the past few days. And it turned out to be the extension cord's problem. Chehhhh.. I could have reached my 1000th tweet 2 days ago.. But it's alright. Thanks to the internet hiatus, I manage to finish watching my long awaited and anticipated drama, Buzzer Beat! Will blog more about it some other time ya

Last Saturday was Mid Autumn Festival. A belated Mid Autumn Festival to everyone out there! This year was a little different for me. My relatives came together and we had steamboat in my uncle's house. Went to the field with my nephews after meal. I wanted to take more pictures but the flash was a killer to the eyes! So I took some slow shutter shots.. which will be uploaded next time. It's still in the camera.

On Sunday, the lappie manage to detach some wireless nearby. The signal was so faint and weak that it can only get connected for like 2 minutes and it's so hard to detach it again. But I was so lucky cause I manage to send out 2 or was it 3 tweets. I'm a twitter slave! and one of them is to J. I tweet to J everyday I'm such a dedicated fan haha. If only KinKi Kids or Pi has twitter too.

I got back my communication and psychology assignment this morning and I did really badly for my Comm assignment. It's really annoying when people who did not work hard for it gets better grade then me! Jeez. My uni friend Emily, shared the same fate as me too. We got the same marks for both assignment.. and we both share the same birthday too haha.. Seriously.. My lecturer should have gave us back our assignments earlier so I know what should I work on for my 2nd assignment. My 2nd assignment weights 40% of my course you knowwww.

I have so many things to blog..but I can't seem to remember what I wanna blog

and lastly, a big shout out to Jackie! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYY! Big girl already.. don't so jahat okay. Be nice to people and don't show that ganas face.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Going to bed Mad At You, Going to bed Mad at Me

My original plan for today is to visit Japan Foundation's Library to renew my membership and to borrow some JLPT books. However, I was a little lazy.. and don't see why I should be investing my membership fee when I hardly borrow books, somemore Mid Valley's kinda far from me, plus I can download the JLPT stuff online.. and my sister was craving for meat balls. So where did we go? IKEA! The place that I hate and love at the same time.

To make my day more challenging,I wore my brand new retro looking high heels. I manage to survive for 3 hours only!! It's too painful?tiring? I don't know... I don't know what kind of sensation was that. The moment I switch to my flops, my feet felt really really weird ahha. Not bad la.. for a first timer. I walk around The Curve, twice around IKEA just to find the laptop support , Ikano and Tesco! Next challenge is to dance in that pair of heels! Haha why am I fighting against gravity? Haha anyway will take a pic of my heels next time

I bought my laptop supporter, hangers again!,Singaolla biscuits, marker pens for Clair and Ballerina biscuits for Emily. I should charge them extra for being their runner haha

Yesterday, my sister bought me Mow's Kyoho flavored ice cream. It was quite disappointing haha. I still like the coffee one best.

In case anyone's wondering about the title.. it's from Ne-Yo's Mad. It's a nice song..go check it out

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Words.. Don't Come Easy

My progress so far.. 25% done. It's Thursday already, I should be having 25% left. Ahh and the 500 words I wrote, it's only from 1 source. I need at least 6 different sources. But It's okay.. at least I'm progressing. Gotta do more research! It makes me wonder how did I manage to write 1000 words in less than a day last semester. Must have been really desperate. Haha

Why do I like to add Haha or Hee at the end of my sentence? Hmmm. Something for me to wonder.So many questions for me to wonder.. Will I turn into a wonder girl? Haha


Nya nya~
Cats just love to hang out around my house. I have no idea why.. Cats overload!

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I like this the most

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What is it trying to do? haha

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Cat in a frame..Nya~

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There are more pics la.. But Imageshack is not very corporative again. So that's all for today