Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only You

Sorry for not updating for a couple of days. I was occupied with assignments, tests and lab reports. But I never fail to update my twitter huh? Haha I'm pretty much addicted to twitter la. But it can be really annoying when someone u follow updates like every 3 minutes. That's why now I'm trying to control myself from tweeting.

And now..more decisions to be made. What should I pick as my major? I couldn't really decide between Journalism or Writing.. Hmmm.. Journalism definitely has more opportunities after graduating but I really don't like going out and interview people. Ahh.. I don't know

Anyway~ I really like this song and I'm dedicating it to anyone reading this

I doubt u guys will even click it haha but it's alright la ya. Just remember that I dedicated a song to u!

On another note, my friend,Jessica said that I should post about my obsession with observing people. Maybe I should start a column for that (like fashion terrorist) haha.. next time la. .Not only observing, I also like to try figuring out what are they thinking.The way they walk, the way they dress, the way they behave....I observe them all! Haha I have no idea why I observe people so much. Is it because I used to be a science student? Or because of the sudden boom in detective dramas/novels that I've been watching over these couple of years? I'm guessing it's the latter.. Too bad I'm not interested to further my Psychology studies.Even invirtual world.. When someone unexpected followed me on twitter, I'll be like Why? How? Who?What? I think it's more like analyzing then observing hor? Haha

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