Monday, October 26, 2009


There's this Chinese idiom "当局者迷,旁观者清" which literally means Outsiders see more than the players(in the game). I find it really true. Sometimes our flaws were blinded by our own ego and self confidence. That's why we can't see what's wrong with ourself but others who were not involved directly can see our flaws easily. One classic example would be people who keep complaining that they're fat when they're damn thin. Urghh!

Of course you can argue that the statement above is paradoxical. How would the outsides see a clearer picture if they're not in the game? They don't know precisely what's going on. True...but I support the former's idea heh.

I use to think that my grammar is quite alright or at least passable. But after reading my peer's comments on my 2nd assignment, I realize that I made quite some grammatical mistakes here and there. It was an eye opener indeed.I reread my assignment and yes, it could have been avoided. I was too confident with my work. *shakes head* I hope they'll have more peer marking assignments in the future. Haha although the peer's comment were anonymous, but it's really obvious who said what. Honestly, I was a little crushed but it's alright. I was harsh at commenting too.

Oh ya! I won't be ordering my iTouch from Apple's website anymore cause the 16GB guy replied me. Will be COD-ing with him later in the evening.

In a nut shell, I'll end this post with a song. This is FT Island's latest Japanese song. I do notice that their Korean and Japanese songs somehow have different singing style and I actually prefer the latter over the former. The song's quite emo, but it's really good. I wanna learn this song during my sem break~

Wonder of the day
Why do I always have a title which is unrelated to my post?

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