Saturday, October 17, 2009

It came the wrong time

It was sudden, like a storm. I wasn't prepared.. I didn't see it coming. What is it you ask me? Sick la!! iish iish.. Why do I always fall sick at the wrong time?? Exams are around the corner (Asian Music paper next Tuesday), One last major assignment is about to due (on Friday) and now is really not the time to fall ill. And what's wrong with my immune system huh? Have been falling sick quite frequently this year.
I think it's because I'm overexposed to the heat of the laptop and weather..Sigh

Anyway.. Happy Deepavali!
Today, I wore my Indian outfit with a pair of not so skinnies. Totally regretted it cause it's SOOOOOOOOOOO hot!! For a hot weather lover to complain the heat.. Yes it was that bad over here. The last time I wore that Indian baju was 3 years ago in Korea town haha. My family and I brought my Grandma down to Klang for lunch. The food was not only cheap but really good too! Especially the steam fish and tofu dishes. Hot..the weather's too hot

I'm so sleepy.. I hope my download finishes before I go to bed

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