Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How do you draw the line?

Use a ruler? Nahh
How do you draw the line between Rights to Know and Rights to Privacy? This got to be one of the biggest dilemma in the journalistic field, the grayest zone of all.

I remember last semester, I presented on Ethical Journalism for my final assignment. I have to pick my stand and guess what I chose? "Rights to Privacy". At that moment, I pick that stand to sound a little more ethical. Duh.. I'm presenting on Ethical Journalism People throw me questions and I stood firm for it. Today, I've finally made up my mind. My decision four months ago was right.

It's true that everyone has the right to know. But I have to say certain news doesn't really concern most people or at least it won't really affect a person's life even if they were not alert about certain happenings. As for rights to privacy.. a person and his family's(the subject) life is being placed under the spot light. Imagine how much unwanted attention the family have to face and it might be traumatic for them.

So he made it to the American news, and I can't believe that they actually film his house!! He's a victim and it's harsh for his family too. Give him some space! Are the journalist practicing ethical journalism?I don't know. Thats why I never want to be a journalist though I'm a journalism student. I take privacy very seriously

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing Tsuyoshi

Tsuyoshi and CA4LA (pronounced Ka-Shi-La) collab-ed recently. CA4LA is a popular Tokyo-based Japanese hat brand with shops all over Japan. And today, they'll be releasing the very final hat from their Tsu4shi x CA4LA line. The shop only opens at 11am and there are actually people queuing up since 4pm! Imageshack is being uncooperative right now.. So I can't upload pics. Go check it out yourself here Tokyo I want one of those too!

Anyway... what did I do today? I did work on my assignment.. haha but still way behind scheduled. Dayum.. one week more till it dues. Ohh and I bake cupcakes! I have a 'KinKi Kids' and '2pm' cupcake! Gonna eat it tomorrow! heeeee

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Ear's Candy

This morning, I set a target for myself. 400 words is what I ask for. It's 9.07pm right now and guess what's my current progress? 0%! How lazy awesome can I be? Jeez.. I hate it when I'm defeated to my laziness! I don't wanna be like last semester..writing 1000 words in the last 3 days and getting only a Credit for it. :( Someone please remind me that this assignment takes up 60% of my final marks..

Ahh I don't know..are the words I say very hard to understand? or I can't seems to express myself well? or people just don't get me? Is it really because of culture background that affects the interpretation?

He's a bad boy I know, but here I go again oh no!

I hate this feeling la. Whenever I have a major assignment to be completed, I will be very very distracted over something else. Iish.. annoying annoying. Any secret remedies to make me stay focus? Someone help me!!

Anyway,I dyed my hair an hour ago. The result looks pretty okay but it's still to early to judge. This is my 3rd time coloring my hair but the first two times was done in Infinity at One Utama. This time, I decided to opt for a more economical option, which is to dye at home. It's surprisingly fast and easy and the dye I bought was really smell friendly too. I remember having headaches in the saloon due to the chemical smell of the dye. Another good thing about this dye is it comes with a leave on treatment so that your hair won't be damaged badly. In the saloon, the hairstylist will persuade you to go for treatment and it will burn another hole in your pocket.

Image Hosted by
Hoyu hair dye. My color's not here la~

On another note, I've reached the 800th tweet yesterday! Haha I just can't stop tweeting *sing's Ne-Yo's Closer* Actually it's because I've been spamming people's twitter with silly messages heh.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.
Nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout.
Strawberry Fields forever.
Back then in high school, my friends and I always make fun of this biscuit
Image Hosted by

Why? Cause we find the name very funny unique. Haha I remember Jackie and I bought it and secretly place it inside Kim's bag.
At first I thought it was some European name. After Googling it, I found out that it's actually from Indonesia. and Slai means jam in Indonesian I think?

And yesterday in Isetan, I found the English version of Slai o Lai, Jam o Jam
Image Hosted by

Slai O Lai's actually quite nice. The strawberry jam filling is a little sweet though. I can get it easily from my university's vending machine and it's cheap hehe. So if anyone wants it, I can buy for you.

But, if you feel like getting a higher class Slai O lai, IKEA has something to offer you.
Image Hosted by
Singoalla, jam filling biscuits!
I wanted to get this, but my sister bought "Ballerina" instead which is a Hazelnut filling biscuit. Kim told me that it's good! Shall go get it next time

Image Hosted by
See this choux cream puff? It cost me Rm4.50 you know! It looks so way better in 3D and my phone camera did not do justice for it. I bought it from KLCC's Isetan's Sun Moulin. It taste really good! I like that they use 2 different types of filling inside the puff. It has fresh cream and custard in it! *yum yum* If only they have it in 1utama's Sun Moulin.

Hmm what's with the strawberry post? I like strawberries, but not a HUGE fan of it. But I do like The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever.

On a random note,
3 months ago, it was my birthday! still June, middle of the year
3 months alter, it will be Taec's birthday December, end of the year!
Can you believe that the year is ending in 3 months and a couple of days time? Time really do flies.

Friday, September 25, 2009

One Drop

Around 11.45, a phone call came in. "Hello, have you all eaten your lunch?" That sounds like heaven to my sister and I. It will sound like a good deal to anyone who plans to eat Indomee for lunch. So Dad picked us up around 12, then went to Mum's office and pick her up and off to KL we go!

I hardly make trips to KL! Not even to Taman Tun which is 10 minutes away from my house. So it was quite an exciting and eye opening experience for me. I shall let the pichas do the talking! Sorry for the low quality pics, it was taken using my phone's camera

Image Hosted by

In the car, on the way to town

Image Hosted by
Big Ben? Haha Dataran Merdeka

Image Hosted by
Jalur Gemilang

Image Hosted by
"Berkereta jenama negara"

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
The Bar council with a "Teoh Beng Hock dalam kenangan" banner

Image Hosted by
A bus that parked half of it's wheel on the walkway

Image Hosted by
Awesome beef ball noodles for lunch!

Image Hosted by
Large one for Papa.. and they serve their chili sauce in beer mug haha

Image Hosted by
If you're wondering where's the beef balls..its at Jalan Yap Ah Loy

There are more pics la..But I'm lazy to upload em all. So I'll stop here. and if you're interested, check my Facebook la. I've upload all of it there.

One last pic to end my KL trip,
Image Hosted by

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's the hottest time of the day

You guys can ignore the Postcode lottery post. Quite a few people told me that they do not understand it at all. I'm so sorry for posting something so umm un-understandable! My bad for not expressing my thoughts well. It's nothing deep or hard to understand. I guess you have to read that feature to get the point of it. When my self winsing watch strikes 12, I'm still not at the journalism lab yet. "Oh no!I'm late!" Quickly, I open the door and was shocked to found out that I was the first. I put down my belongings, march to the washroom, came back and found another class mate in there. By the end of the day, only 7 turned up!! Out of 26 I think.

Yes, today 2pm, officially marks the beggining of my semester break! 2.15pm actually, cause I stayed back and listened to my lecturer's comments on my group's feature on the Penan incident. I hope you guys are aware of what happend in Penan! We were rushing to complete it hence, the flow of it was quite badly done haha.

I realize I play my hair a lot when I'm doing work. Haha it became so messy that my lecturer thought that I was very stressed out. Must be my frowning face la. Some friends complained that I look too serious when they first met me. Anyway, I might go for a hair cut tomorrow! Gonna try another saloon! Hope it turns out well

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Postcode Lottery?

Today in Journalism lecture, we were reading about how geography can change a person's life. There was this 2 brothers, one chose to live in Washington or was it Hartford and the other decide to leave their troubled family and live in another place. The one who stayed behind end up in jail while the one who chose to left is leading a good life right now.

There was a man, he's a very nice and responsible man who happens to live in Washington or was it Hartford. And his fate? He was attacked, robbed and killed by that guy I mention earlier on.
Actually the story is a whole lot longer..but I'm lazy hehe

Then, my lecturer introduced us this term 'postcode lottery'. It means something like does the area you live in determine your fate?

If that postcode lottery really exist, I wonder what does 47400 have in store for me? Haha actually, I don't really trust this postcode lottery thing. There's a chinese popular saying "The Lotus remain unpolluted even though it came from the mud". It's about the possible consequences from a decision made. What do u guys think?
I'm guessing you all don't get what I'm trying to say. Hahah cause I don't see the point of it yet wanna blog about it cause I think the term Postcode Lottery is intresting haha.

Question of the day: Anyone know where to get really goos dried mangoes?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have no idea why conspiracy's in caps in the title.
Anyway, there's just so many conspiracy going on that I don't know who/what source to trust. Ohh conspiracy free credibility, where have you been? Even in F1 driving, conspiracy's not unusual. Hats off to Kristy for blogging about the Renault F1 team. Why is conspiracies taking over the world? I'm guessing it's because of capitalism. Better stop talking about capitalism before I go into Critical Political Economy (CPE). I'm a communication student afterall

On a lighter note, I went to IKEA today! My main aim was to get a laptop stand/table?/something to put on your lap below ur laptop so that the heat of the laptop won't burn u. Something along that line la. But I totally forgot about it and end up buying hangers. I don't even know whether I need it or not. It's cheap! thats why I bought it.

One thing that I don't like about IKEA is the journey is so long!! I'm not impatient, its just that I don't have a passion for furnitures. The only thing I'm interested in IKEA is their wall pictures. Wanna buy some of it to decorate my house! I love wall pictures, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm not good in art? Thats why I appriciate art? Hmm no idea. Good thing that I only visit IKEA once in a blue moon. more thing that makes IKEA an amazing place to go is thier food! Their ice cream is cheaper and better than McD's cone sundae! Not forgetting the curry puffs! Meat balls are umm okay la but today's Salmon was quite a let down. So what's my stand? No idea

Feel like getting a name plated ring. But so expensive laaa

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is the moon outside really rounder?

I don't know. I've not live in other countries besides Malaysia. Is our country that bad? A couple of days ago, someone ask me whether will the word MALAYSIA be printed on our graduation scroll/cert. I said "Maybe", after all we're the Malaysian Monash campus. And that person's reply? "Har.. Don't want la.. spoil the cert only."
I was like whattt?? If you don't like it, just go to Australia laaa.

Image Hosted by

Anyway, I'm soooooooo looking forward for The Biggest Loser Asia! The Biggest Loser is definitely one of the best reality tv program ever for me It's so inspring especially the last episode. I remember I almost cried watching the finale for the American's one (2nd season). I felt so touched seeing how hard people work to achieve their goal. At the same time, it made me feel really guilty. So much determination and hard work in them in making a change as for me, WAITING for a change and not taking any action.

Question of the day! How do you pronounce enyce? Any-see or N-Y-C? I came across this brand in a branded warehouse sale this afternoon.

It's actually [en-ne-che] acording to Wikipedia.

Okay..that was really random. Why is my blogging style so random? Haha I have no idea.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cogito ergo sum

7-1= 0
That Maths equation totally made me like a Maths failure. But I did fail Add Maths twiceor maybe more so yeahh it's partially true. I remember tweeting something like that "Sorry, I'm not very clever in Maths, I'm the type that thinks with my heart and not my head"

But actually.. I'm the latter and not a heart thinker. Maybe that's why I'm still walking in circles and never achieve anything big in life so far. What about you? Heart or Brain?

In case anyone's wondering about the title, it means "I think therefore I am" a famous statement by Rene Descartes, a French philosopher. He's a Rationalist and argued that "the way to knowledge is through reason and thought; mind actively transforms sensory information". Learned that from Psychology last semester heh.

Why am I talking about philosophy huh? Anywayyyyy
SELAMAT HARI RAYA! A happy happy Raya to all Muslims and non Muslims who celebrates Raya! I went and visit my relatives and the rendang was definitely the best thing after slice bread for today

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Firstly, I would like to wish a Selamat Hari Raya to every Muslims out there! I'll be visiting some of my Malay relatives tomorrow! Can't wait for the rendang, lemang, cookies and moreeeee

Met up with Clair this morning and off we went to Neway for our karaoke session. It's very nice of Neway to give us an extra hour of karaoke. I was so happy that they actually had KinKi Kids' Secret Code. I loveeeeee that song and the PV very muchie. Heee. A little trivia about Karaoke. Do you know that Karaoke actually means empty orchestra in Japanese? Kara means empty while oke stands for orchestra (okesutora) . I guess Asian Music lectures are quite useful afterall eh?

Walk around 1utama, Clair bought tixs for Arthurs Day and baby gifts and went phone checking. We stop by Gelatissimo after that. And took this picture. Do you know by taking a picture from an UP angle, it will make the subject looks weaker/sad/helpless. Conversely, it will make the subject looks proud/arrogant if it was taken from a DOWN angle. Clair got the right angle this time! and my eyes looks really horrible.
Image Hosted by

Talking about photography, maybe I should pick it up again during the long holidays. Last time, a boy from my Japanese class said that I look like a photography person cause they way I describe and look at things seems different. It made me happy..but the truth is, I'm not that deep. Besides,I'm very very bad in taking pictures of human! I just can't get the right angle and estimate how much head room and nose room is neccesary. And one day later, If I'm really into photography, I would like to own this
Image Hosted by
don't you think it looks so gorgeous?

But for now, I want an iTouch.. or a miracle for my iPod :(

Ohh and lastly, anyone visiting the States anytime soon? Please get me a pack of dried mangoes! Thankiewww
Image Hosted by

Fashion Terrorist #2

Image Hosted by

Shouldn't have posed that way.. it made my legs looks short despite wearing that killer heels. Anyway, I love that vest a lot! Actually, it was a gift for my sister from me..haha but I think I wore it more than her. I wore that to One U this morning, but with Converse instead of heels. Checked top and stockings bought from Australia, Accesories from Bali, Vest from an online butique and shoes from Atria.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Is it really okay?

I'm bring up this question again. How far would you go for your idol? Please answer it.

Something for me to wonder.. is this really okay?

Shock is real Shock

First of all, Happy Birthday to another September baby, Bell! Why are there so many September babies huh? And so few June's.

Anyway, my day today? It was so out of plan. I've already planned everything, estimated the time of download and what time to come back so I can continue downloading my Wild Bunny. But it totally fail because of sudden interruption, it's like a news flash. And I ended up at Sunway Pyramid with RM 0 with me. I didn't bring my wallet out cause I thought that all I have to do is wait in the car for my sister to hand up her assignment and then go home. Then her friend texted, asking her to check something out. I was REALLY shock by the change of plans and couldn't get used to the environment in Pyramid. You know what people always say, 'Fail to plan, plan to fail'. Um mmm.. Not true at all.

My sister then told me that one of the engineering major student passed away. I was really stunned and shock when I heard that. He was banged by a car while crossing the road somewhere around Medan food court. Sources said that he suffered from a really bad head damage and the car that hit him was severely damaged too. Although I don't know him, I hope he rest in peace. I've been hearing so many head injuries related death lately and it made me feel really lucky. I had some really bad head injuries when I was younger and I did not go for check ups. It's been giving me a lot of migraine lately...

Thats why, If I win a million dollars, the first thing I would do is go for an fMRI scan! After watching Mr. Brain, I'm really curious what's going on inside my brain. So what would you do if you win a million dollars? Don't tell me donate to charity. This is not Miss World, so be realistic ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We will move the clouds to brighter days :)

How far would a fan go for their idols? Answer me! This might be my major issue assignment topic.

Anyway, today's an okay day for me. Maybe it's because I did not eat well today, that's why I'm not feeling good. I had really late lunch, thanks to the rain that caused the slow traffic. Was SOOOOOOOO hungry you know! I had Subway, which was good. But I felt bloated after that, which was pretty unusual. Usually I can gulp down another ice cream after a 6 inch. And then dinner, dad attended some friend's dinner, sis went out with her church friends and I ta pao-ed subway for my mum. What about me? I'm not gonna eat maggie! It's unhealthyI'm lazy to cook, can't call or go out cause of the RAIN, so I ate layer cake which I've been eating for the pass few days.

Why do I rant so much? I have no idea. Perhaps the weather? I'm never found of rainy days. It makes me feel sentimental. *sings The Carpenters' Rainy Days and Mondays*

I hope people will stop disturbing him and invading his privacy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Omoide wa itsu no hi mo ame

Yet another Birthday.. Happy Birthday Malaysia!! It's been 46 years! Although today is not celebrated in the Peninsula, but I think it's a day worth mentioning.

A usual 20 minutes trip back home from Monash took me an hour and 10 minutes. Thanks to the rain. Geez, the raining season is back. I can see endless jams waiting for me for the next following weeks. Good thing that the Puasa month will be over by then.. so not so bad la I guess?

Talking about Puasa.. I really think that our education system can be a failure some times. I was so pissed when I overheard middle school girls talking about Puasa. "What's the point of Puasa? You fast, then you eat so much after that?No difference also" "It's so easy, I can do that also la"

I was so angry at them when I heard it. Puasa is not about dieting or losing weight or anything around that line. It has a Holy purpose. It is a test, whether people are strong enough to stand temptations. By fasting, whether during Ramadan or other times, a Muslim draws closer to Allah by abandoning body pleasures, such as food, drink. This makes the sincerity of their faith and their devotion to God. It really made me question what they learn in school. I guess I should stop ear dropping people's conversations.. make my life so angry only

I can't wait for this weekend!

Btw the title "Omoide wa itsu no hi mo ame" translates to in my memories , it's always raining everyday in English. Yes..I hate it when it rains

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Again & Again

Happy birthday to another September born, Ashton! Hope that Russia's treating you well and take care okay! Haha hopefully by the time you come back, the Wonder Girls or SJ will come up with some new catchy song.

This morning, I woke up with a very weird yet realistic dream. In fact, I've been having related dreams for 3 days already. You know, people often say that dreams are the reverse of reality? From my personal experience, I think so too. I won't story about it cause it will be very long. Anyway, I'm hoping that the opposite theory works this time too. If not, a whole lotta people will feel very sad. Even I woke up feeling a little blue and it's Tuesday. The day that I like least in the entire week.

Anyway..short entry today. and the title is not related to today's entry

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Love..

..never knew what I was missing
I'm so addicted to this song called LOVE originally by Keyshia Cole. Cole's version's good but I prefer the one by Jay, Khun and the Jun Brothers. Their vocals might not be as powerful as Cole, but they add layer to the song

Anyway.. I don't really remember what I wanted to blog about. So I'll just talk about something that I'm proud of recently.

I've not switch on the air cond for more that A month! I know its nothing big but I'm so proud of myself to be able to withstand the temptation to switch it on when I sleep. It's not that bad to just rely on the fan. The fan keeps the moisture and it's better for your skin too! Besides that, our love for air con is making the world hotter you know. We need to do something to slow down global warming instead of waiting for the States to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Little actions at home makes a big affect to the world. So cut down the usage of air cons!

Oh yaaa... last Saturday, I bought 2 pairs of heels! Not entirely mine la, sharing it with mum and sis. It's definitely the highest heel shoes I ever bought. You'll get to see it in future Fashion Terrorist post ya~

I hardly buy high heels cause my mum disapprove the idea of me wearing high heels. I do have heels.. but it's not very high. And the reason behind the disapproval is because I'm soooooooo clutzy that anything can happen on me. I can even trip over my flip flops. Yes.. that's how clumsy I can be. But this time, I'll be careful! heeee

Happy Happy Greeting!

It's September 14! Two of my friend's birthday falls on today.

First of all can't break this habit eh? A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristy! It's been another year! Haha how many birthday's have we went through? I believe it's the 6th one?
毎年も"泣きそうなときは思い出して,ちゃんと私がいるから" をはなして、
まあ。。これからも よろしくお願いしますね! ^^

And to Carmen!
Yo girl lady. One year older..but still looks so young. Reverse aging ke? Anyway don't forget you have the right to vote! So make the right decision. Haha Happy Birthday la okay. I won't mention about this voting thing anymore~ Hope you'll have a blasting one.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Terrorist #1

Inspired by Okcat, who openly admits he's a fashion terror, I decided to start a collumn(?) on clothes that I like and clothes that I bought but don't dare to wear out. In another words, impulse buying and lalaism.

Anyway, I've always like the preppy look, but sadly, does not belong to the preps. Inspired by the Johnny boys such as Nakamaru Yuichi and Okamoto Keito who looks really good in preppy costume, I decided to try the prep look too! No harm trying right?

Image Hosted by
That's my favorite Argyle sweater from Shopaholics Unite, and did I mention that Argyle patterns are LOVE! Kim likes that pattern too! I wanna get more argyle patterned clothes but it's not cheap. Whenver I see argyle patterns, I'll call it Nakamaru pattern to pay homemage to him. Inside, I wore a sleeveless purple Ralph Lauren polo top bought from Bangkok I think. Addidas tennis skirt from the morning market why do I buy so many fake goods? and socks from socks world

I wore that to 1u yesterday minus the socks la. cause it was too tight. All I need is a pair of fake nerdy glasses.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A heartbeat away

One of my main aim to set up TRR v2 is to blog about my daily life. Yet, there are no post about it. So today I'll be blogging about my Friday today!

So today started off with my dreadingggggggg to go to 1Utama, so bad that last night I prayed to God "Please make my trip to 1u worth it! Please make it a good choice" I had to go and buy drinks because there will be some guest coming over to my house later. (actually they're here already) and I have to go and 'rescue' my iPod. One reason to dread my trip is I have to drive back alone from 1U because my sister's meeting her friend there at 2pm. I know 1U is not far from my house, but when I'm driving alone, the chance of getting lost is VERY high. I got lost once driving back from Sunway Pyramid. I end up at PJU and wasted money to pay toll. But I cleverly found my way back haha. My parents was so amazed that I got lost cause I drive to Sunway almost everyday.

So how was my day? Thank God I went to 1U. Haha As usual, the first place that I go when I'm in 1u is Etude House! Actually its because I saw Lee Min Ho's folder on the display.The same girl greeted us with new products and we bought this and that but there's no sign of the girl puting the Min Ho's folder into our shopping back. So I thick skin-ly ask the girl in Chinese

R: Um.. are u all giving out that file?
G: Ah.. that file ya. Sorry ya no more stock.
R: no more? ahh ok lo.
G: *turns to another staff* Itu lee min ho ada lagi tak?
G2: Tak ada la
G: Sorry ah.. finish already
R: Its ok hee
*silently singing A Heartbeat Away in my heart*

I left and went Kitschen which is opposite Etude House and 2 minutes later, I saw that Etude house girl coming over to Kitschen with that file. "This is a display set, I hope you don't mind" I was sooooooo touched at that moment when she hand me the file. I was so touched that I almost cried! Not that I'm a big fan of Min Ho or what, I just feel very happy haha. Maybe she decided to give the last one to me cause I'm a regular?Hmm case you're wondering I manage to reach home safe and sound without getting lost.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My inspiration is gone, but its okay :)

Feel free to skip this post :)

Was suppose to blog about it on Tuesday but I was really occupied and yesterday was Migraine day. This post's 2 days late. Hee I know someone's waiting for me to blog about this

Image Hosted by

..I hope for the best for your future and please stop feeling so guilty. Yes, you did something wrong, but its because you're still young,living in a harsh environment, but the most important part of all, you've changed,changed to a better and responsible person. No one else could have done a better job in leading the group. So please stop lowering your head and bow and then say that you're sorry. You don't have to apologize to those who cannot forgive and move on. It aches hottest a lot to see that scene. Lift it up, and live the path that you've chosen. It would be different to see only 6 of them to be on stage, but we'll get used to it. Hottest standbys you no matter what's your decision.
Love & Respect to Jay Park.

Jay is someone who I look up very much. He's very young (my sister's age), he dances and sings really well, yet he's very humble. You know how some people who dances very well can be quite a show off when they're dancing? Not gonna name anyone Jay's not like that at all. I even have his solo part in Again & Again as my ring tone!
But some people, they just wanna pick on him and crush his hard work. There were also people who started a petition, wanting him to commit suicide.

He's now back in Seattle with his family and friends. Probably a warmer place to be where freedom of speech is practiced then a place where he worked so hard and yet being attacked by a bunch of nethizens.get a life people! I'm touched to see so many people,not only from Hottest, but also other celebrities who stood up for Jay

In a nut shell~ I shall end this post with 2 videos~

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I want nobody nobody but chuu

I came across an interesting news just now. Hats off to Jessica for the link.

Basically its about A man was killed because he did not know the song Nobody by Wonder Girls. This is crazy!!! Ok, that was not the first thought that came to my mind. Honestly the first thing that came to my mind was "Thank God I know the song!!" then only "This is crazy!"

2 months ago (June 28th), Kim, Ashton and I were happily singing to this song in Neway. And at that moment, I regretted a little bit for introducing the song to them cause it's on repeat mode thanks to Ashton. Now, I actually felt a little relief that I did select that song.

Anyway, back to the main point.. I'm really shocked that someone, in this case 4 person would perform brutal acts on another individual because of a song. Either that song is so powerful or they're mentally weak. I'll go with the latter as I didn't even show any violent face when my friends didn't know the song.

I'm disgusted and sick by this sort of behaviour. Hard core fans seriously needs to tone down a little. Shall save that article and use it on my research essay in the near future.Haha I'm planning to do a research on fandom. Not an offiicial research la, just for my own collection hee.

A lil trivia about the Wonder Girls~
They are currently touring the States with the Jonas Brothers. And their boss, JYP, plays ping pong with Nick everyday.

Are you a techno slave?

*points to technology and sings Birtney's "I'm a slave for you"

I wanted to blog about newspapers but decided it might be a boring topic. Before boring everyone to death, I should just blog about something people can relate to.

Back to tech talk.. Sad to say, I'm partially a techno slave. No, I'm not refering to techno music fans but people who relies on technology HIGHLY.

Can you live without your hand phone?
Can you live without the internet?

If you're answers are No for both questions... you're probably one of us too.

As for me, I can live without my hand phone if I'm equipped with the internet or I can live without the internet when I'm having my phone. Either one of it have to exist for me. I've tried not switching on my phone for a day? or more and the only messages I receive was from Hotlink. I know I got no friends la And I've tried not going online for weeks and I'm still perfectly fine. But texted a whole lotta smses

But one habit that I can't break is if I'm in front of the pc, I'll check my mail about every 10 minutes. this is one characteristic of a techno slave I check my email very very often! Even more often then checking my sms-es. So If you can't get me, just email me.

Technology is definitely one of the best thing since sliced bread. Does the technolgy bring you closer or further to other people? Yes, it indeed brought further people closer to you. I can interact with people on the other side of the globe..but what about people around you? It has definitely build a transparent wall in between people around you. For example, on the train or when you're waiting for someone, you'll take out your iPod, listen to it and "pretend" to look buzy. Then people will just ignore you. Yes I do that a lot

Besides that, I've also seen people who rather interact using Msn or sms then talking to face to face when they're living under the same roof, just that they're in different rooms. Lazy lazy lazy! Technolog's turning us lazy.. including me Where's the human touch? Seriously, We need to stop taking advantage on convenience.. If not we'll end up like Wall-E. I didn't watch that show but I heard it has a pretty good picture of techno slaves there. Maybe I should check it out someday later.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is it by probability or??

Just now, I came across this freakishly accurate game on Kristy's blog
At first I was thinking about Ko chan
Image Hosted by

and when they start asking the nationality questions.. I decided to switch to someone that does not belong to the Japan/Korea region

After a strings of questions and then "Can he speak Mandrin?" "Is he a citizen of US?" and "Is he a Thai?" appeared.. I was like Shit!! How did he know that I was thinking about Khun??
Image Hosted by

actually I tried again..and then Han Kyung appeared instead

Shall go play again with other characters

Hahah.. the trick manage to happen once only! I tried on another person and it was wrong. But you know the feeling at the first trial was really exciting.. so go give it a try

Friday, September 4, 2009

I bruise easily

So easily that I'll look like a domestic violence victim if I show this face
Image Hosted by

Do I have thin skin or what?Hmm makes me wonder. Anyway, dont you think that this eyebrow cat looks so cute right? Here's a video of it.

Image Hosted by

Anywayyyy Happy birthday to my favorite beat boxer, Nakamaru Yuichi! Yes, I honestly think that you have a nice voice and you suits the prep look more than anyone else and also it's not wrong having a big nose

Image Hosted by

And also to 2pm! I don't really follow their music.. but their reality show is really good! Go check it out when you're's called Wild Bunny by the way.

Gotta run now.. so I'll blog more later at night~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No news is good news

You know what's the best story book ever?
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Newspapers! It's kinda funny that I only started reading the newspaper when I'm taking the Feature Writing course. Last semester, I took Newsroom Practice, which requires knowledge on current issue..but I didn't bother flipping the newspapers.

Why is the newspaper the best source for stories ever?
  • It has a sense of reality
  • You'll gain very useful general knowledge..both international and local
  • The pictures in the sports section is very entertaining
Many people complain that the newspaper reports mostly political news..which is boring. But which country doesn't have thier own political problems? Politics can be quite interesting too. I'm a fan of crime fics hence everyday, I check the newspaper, hoping for new infos about Teoh Beng Hock's case. Anyone else who follows that case?
For those who don't know what is it about, basically it's about a groom and father-to-be died on the day before his marriage under custody. People said that he commited suicide but there's just wayyyyyyyy to many conspiracy. A little trivia.. since 2003, there are 1804 people who died under custody. I don't wanna mention much about it if you're interested, just google it ya?

There are other news that I follow such as the recent Temple issue in Shah Alam which created a big hu-ha lately. It's becoming a serious racial issue. This news is about Muslim residents of Section 23 apposed the building of a Hindu mosque in their area. "It's too noisy","It's too near to the playground", "It will cause traffic jam", "It will lower the value of our house". So they had a demonstration with a chopped off cow head, warning that there might be blood shed. If you're wondering why a cow head.. It's because to Hindus, cows are seen as something sacred. Don't you think they're going too a little too far?

I have more news to share.. but I don't wanna bore you all out.. So some other time ya!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You Don't Miss your Water..till the well runs dry

Urghhh! I really hate it when this friend of mine did not turn up in lecture and ask me to sign her attendance! "Oh, please sign for my friend too!" I'm so pissed when I read her sms. This is her 4th week missing in action.. second time requesting me to do so. But I didn't bother signing for her anyway. Haha sounds like some super kiasu kid.. but I think its unnecessary for me to compliment her laziness. Jeez, I'm not a welfare center you know! Maybe I should tell her off next time.

Ahh.. I really should go video hopping on youtube more often. There are soooooooo many interesting videos that I'm not aware off! Makes me feel like a frog living under the well. Anyway, I'm really tired today so I'll end here with a Merdeka video which I find really inspiring. Enjoy watching!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blame the swines?

So I was browsing some random forums..and came across the news about Yamashita Tomohisa (Pi) and Nishikido Ryo (Ryo) is reported to be down with Influenza A. However, It's not confirm yet but it is possible that they might have the H1N1 strand in them.

Thank goodness it is not possible to spread via television. If not so many people will be getting it. Including me who is watching borth their dramas currently. *touch wood*

Anyway..this flu is not something to be taken lightly. How many people are REALLY aware of this virus. Most of our knowledge about it stops at "The swines caused it". It's not until today that I realize that H1N1 is actually NOT Influenza A but a subtype of flu of it.

But before poiting fingers to the pigs, what have we done to prevent it? How many people actually wears the mask to public places? When you're down with flu/fever.. Whats the first thing you'll think of? "Aiyah.. it won't be H1n1 la.. I'll recover soon, just give me a couple of days."

Me! Haha I don't wear mask when I'm out.. and when I'm down with fever, I rule out the H1N1 possibility. I bought hand sanitizer but hardly use it cause I hate that gel-like texture thing on my hand. I do wash my hands very often..but is it really clean?? You know.. I actually drink Yakult everyday cause I think it can help prevent the flu. Hahaha

I'm sure there are lots of 'me' out there too. It's time to make unconvenient as a habit. Go get your mask and hand sanitizers!

Make sure you have extra masks with you.. Cause if your mask is wet (from all the sweating or breath or maybe saliva), it is easier for the bacteria to come to you. The bacs love moisture!