Friday, September 11, 2009

A heartbeat away

One of my main aim to set up TRR v2 is to blog about my daily life. Yet, there are no post about it. So today I'll be blogging about my Friday today!

So today started off with my dreadingggggggg to go to 1Utama, so bad that last night I prayed to God "Please make my trip to 1u worth it! Please make it a good choice" I had to go and buy drinks because there will be some guest coming over to my house later. (actually they're here already) and I have to go and 'rescue' my iPod. One reason to dread my trip is I have to drive back alone from 1U because my sister's meeting her friend there at 2pm. I know 1U is not far from my house, but when I'm driving alone, the chance of getting lost is VERY high. I got lost once driving back from Sunway Pyramid. I end up at PJU and wasted money to pay toll. But I cleverly found my way back haha. My parents was so amazed that I got lost cause I drive to Sunway almost everyday.

So how was my day? Thank God I went to 1U. Haha As usual, the first place that I go when I'm in 1u is Etude House! Actually its because I saw Lee Min Ho's folder on the display.The same girl greeted us with new products and we bought this and that but there's no sign of the girl puting the Min Ho's folder into our shopping back. So I thick skin-ly ask the girl in Chinese

R: Um.. are u all giving out that file?
G: Ah.. that file ya. Sorry ya no more stock.
R: no more? ahh ok lo.
G: *turns to another staff* Itu lee min ho ada lagi tak?
G2: Tak ada la
G: Sorry ah.. finish already
R: Its ok hee
*silently singing A Heartbeat Away in my heart*

I left and went Kitschen which is opposite Etude House and 2 minutes later, I saw that Etude house girl coming over to Kitschen with that file. "This is a display set, I hope you don't mind" I was sooooooo touched at that moment when she hand me the file. I was so touched that I almost cried! Not that I'm a big fan of Min Ho or what, I just feel very happy haha. Maybe she decided to give the last one to me cause I'm a regular?Hmm case you're wondering I manage to reach home safe and sound without getting lost.


  1. hahaha... I thought you like hyun joong... what la..

  2. I like that file cause it's FREEEE
    and I'm inneed of files