Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Love..

..never knew what I was missing
I'm so addicted to this song called LOVE originally by Keyshia Cole. Cole's version's good but I prefer the one by Jay, Khun and the Jun Brothers. Their vocals might not be as powerful as Cole, but they add layer to the song

Anyway.. I don't really remember what I wanted to blog about. So I'll just talk about something that I'm proud of recently.

I've not switch on the air cond for more that A month! I know its nothing big but I'm so proud of myself to be able to withstand the temptation to switch it on when I sleep. It's not that bad to just rely on the fan. The fan keeps the moisture and it's better for your skin too! Besides that, our love for air con is making the world hotter you know. We need to do something to slow down global warming instead of waiting for the States to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Little actions at home makes a big affect to the world. So cut down the usage of air cons!

Oh yaaa... last Saturday, I bought 2 pairs of heels! Not entirely mine la, sharing it with mum and sis. It's definitely the highest heel shoes I ever bought. You'll get to see it in future Fashion Terrorist post ya~

I hardly buy high heels cause my mum disapprove the idea of me wearing high heels. I do have heels.. but it's not very high. And the reason behind the disapproval is because I'm soooooooo clutzy that anything can happen on me. I can even trip over my flip flops. Yes.. that's how clumsy I can be. But this time, I'll be careful! heeee

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