Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Postcode Lottery?

Today in Journalism lecture, we were reading about how geography can change a person's life. There was this 2 brothers, one chose to live in Washington or was it Hartford and the other decide to leave their troubled family and live in another place. The one who stayed behind end up in jail while the one who chose to left is leading a good life right now.

There was a man, he's a very nice and responsible man who happens to live in Washington or was it Hartford. And his fate? He was attacked, robbed and killed by that guy I mention earlier on.
Actually the story is a whole lot longer..but I'm lazy hehe

Then, my lecturer introduced us this term 'postcode lottery'. It means something like does the area you live in determine your fate?

If that postcode lottery really exist, I wonder what does 47400 have in store for me? Haha actually, I don't really trust this postcode lottery thing. There's a chinese popular saying "The Lotus remain unpolluted even though it came from the mud". It's about the possible consequences from a decision made. What do u guys think?
I'm guessing you all don't get what I'm trying to say. Hahah cause I don't see the point of it yet wanna blog about it cause I think the term Postcode Lottery is intresting haha.

Question of the day: Anyone know where to get really goos dried mangoes?

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