Sunday, September 6, 2009

I want nobody nobody but chuu

I came across an interesting news just now. Hats off to Jessica for the link.

Basically its about A man was killed because he did not know the song Nobody by Wonder Girls. This is crazy!!! Ok, that was not the first thought that came to my mind. Honestly the first thing that came to my mind was "Thank God I know the song!!" then only "This is crazy!"

2 months ago (June 28th), Kim, Ashton and I were happily singing to this song in Neway. And at that moment, I regretted a little bit for introducing the song to them cause it's on repeat mode thanks to Ashton. Now, I actually felt a little relief that I did select that song.

Anyway, back to the main point.. I'm really shocked that someone, in this case 4 person would perform brutal acts on another individual because of a song. Either that song is so powerful or they're mentally weak. I'll go with the latter as I didn't even show any violent face when my friends didn't know the song.

I'm disgusted and sick by this sort of behaviour. Hard core fans seriously needs to tone down a little. Shall save that article and use it on my research essay in the near future.Haha I'm planning to do a research on fandom. Not an offiicial research la, just for my own collection hee.

A lil trivia about the Wonder Girls~
They are currently touring the States with the Jonas Brothers. And their boss, JYP, plays ping pong with Nick everyday.

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