Saturday, September 19, 2009


Firstly, I would like to wish a Selamat Hari Raya to every Muslims out there! I'll be visiting some of my Malay relatives tomorrow! Can't wait for the rendang, lemang, cookies and moreeeee

Met up with Clair this morning and off we went to Neway for our karaoke session. It's very nice of Neway to give us an extra hour of karaoke. I was so happy that they actually had KinKi Kids' Secret Code. I loveeeeee that song and the PV very muchie. Heee. A little trivia about Karaoke. Do you know that Karaoke actually means empty orchestra in Japanese? Kara means empty while oke stands for orchestra (okesutora) . I guess Asian Music lectures are quite useful afterall eh?

Walk around 1utama, Clair bought tixs for Arthurs Day and baby gifts and went phone checking. We stop by Gelatissimo after that. And took this picture. Do you know by taking a picture from an UP angle, it will make the subject looks weaker/sad/helpless. Conversely, it will make the subject looks proud/arrogant if it was taken from a DOWN angle. Clair got the right angle this time! and my eyes looks really horrible.
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Talking about photography, maybe I should pick it up again during the long holidays. Last time, a boy from my Japanese class said that I look like a photography person cause they way I describe and look at things seems different. It made me happy..but the truth is, I'm not that deep. Besides,I'm very very bad in taking pictures of human! I just can't get the right angle and estimate how much head room and nose room is neccesary. And one day later, If I'm really into photography, I would like to own this
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don't you think it looks so gorgeous?

But for now, I want an iTouch.. or a miracle for my iPod :(

Ohh and lastly, anyone visiting the States anytime soon? Please get me a pack of dried mangoes! Thankiewww
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