Friday, September 18, 2009

Shock is real Shock

First of all, Happy Birthday to another September baby, Bell! Why are there so many September babies huh? And so few June's.

Anyway, my day today? It was so out of plan. I've already planned everything, estimated the time of download and what time to come back so I can continue downloading my Wild Bunny. But it totally fail because of sudden interruption, it's like a news flash. And I ended up at Sunway Pyramid with RM 0 with me. I didn't bring my wallet out cause I thought that all I have to do is wait in the car for my sister to hand up her assignment and then go home. Then her friend texted, asking her to check something out. I was REALLY shock by the change of plans and couldn't get used to the environment in Pyramid. You know what people always say, 'Fail to plan, plan to fail'. Um mmm.. Not true at all.

My sister then told me that one of the engineering major student passed away. I was really stunned and shock when I heard that. He was banged by a car while crossing the road somewhere around Medan food court. Sources said that he suffered from a really bad head damage and the car that hit him was severely damaged too. Although I don't know him, I hope he rest in peace. I've been hearing so many head injuries related death lately and it made me feel really lucky. I had some really bad head injuries when I was younger and I did not go for check ups. It's been giving me a lot of migraine lately...

Thats why, If I win a million dollars, the first thing I would do is go for an fMRI scan! After watching Mr. Brain, I'm really curious what's going on inside my brain. So what would you do if you win a million dollars? Don't tell me donate to charity. This is not Miss World, so be realistic ;)

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