Tuesday, March 30, 2010

See u soon

I was so tired yesterday that I went to bed 2 hours earlier than my usual bed time. I really wanted to stay up later and work on my assignment but I couldn't move my fingers at all.

And now, after about 10 hours of sleep, I feel very much alive.

bought that shoes last week

Anyway, just wanna say that there might not be any updates this week. I have 2 assignments and a presentation to work on before Friday. Not fun at all..especially if your lecturer is always explaining things very vaguely.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Syok sendiri

Today in Communication tutorial, we were talking about the public sphere and the media bla bla bla. One of the question we discussed was:
What are Asian values? List them.
-Family oriented
-Sense of authority
Eat rice
Everyone agreed about eating rice haha.

Anyway, I had this really silly moment a couple of weeks ago. My sister and I were testing her car's emergency light. To switch it on, you're suppose to press on the button with a triangle symbol printed on top right? Guess which button did I press? The CD player's Eject button which also has a triangle symbol printed on it Haha I did that on purpose la okay? Sometimes little silly things makes people laugh. Or I syok sendiri?(entertaining myself).. hmm

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chirp Chirp

One problem that people who keeps fishes outside of their house have to worry about is bird problem. Birds will just fly past and grab a fish for lunch. But Mr. Birdie has a big appetite. So he went indoors and aim for a 30cm long koi. A little greedy eh? In the end, Mr. Birdie ended up...

Like that..

Ever since a child, we've been taught not to bite more than we can chew. But ironically, educational institutes are taking big bites. I understand that you wanna give more people the chance for education. But you have to understand that you have very limited facilities. We have parking problems everyday and the new car park will only be completed in 2 years time?? A quick solution please. Not something like "We're trying to upgrade things right now"

If Google can say no to China, why can't you? Remember what Mr. Birdie taught us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The big I

Welcome to another episode of Indecisive Rene! The part that I hate about myself the most. This episode is not about what should I eat for lunch or which bag should I get but which camera should I get???

I've always wanted a lomo camera and after discussing with a couple of parties involved, I finally got the green light to get one. Whoo! But the problem is.. which one?
If you're interested in the camera, click on their names to read more about it.

1. Ultra White Slim yellow

2.Ultra White Kumagin

3.Golden Half Chelsea Maika edition

4.Nico Digi

5.Diana Mini

Basically all of these minus the Nico Digi uses 35mm film. The Chelsea and Diana F is a half camera, meaning that u can double your shots (36 shots to 72 shots). But I don't wanna develop so many photos. Diana F can be switched to a half camera or a full camera. Hmmm.. what do u guys think?


Not mine but the Qing Ming festival (Mourning festival) is around the corner, the sky is always feeling so blue, as if its mourning the lost of someone important. It reminded me of this poem that I was forced to memorize back then in primary school.

清明時節雨紛紛 (Drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day)
路上行人欲斷魂 (The mourner's heart is breaking on his way.)
借問酒家何處有 (Where can a winehouse be found to drown his sadness?)
牧童遙指杏花村 (A cowherd points to Almond Flower (Xing Hua) Village in the distance.)

Anyway, this entry is not about the festival. I'll blog about it again next time after I've done my mourning. It's about how my stroll in the park ended up with me running and chasing after my dad's car.

It started with me asking my sister to go out for a walk/jog. I wore my Converse sneakers cause I wanna 'vintage-fied' it.

After only a round of walking, I had this feeling that it will rain anytime soon. "Let's go back" I told my sister and on the way back, it started raining. Not drizzling but not pouring. Mild rain.

Ran home, reached home and my parents were about to make a trip to the night market. The night market is just a couple of roads away but the sky there was fine. And when my sister and I was happily choosing our breakfast for tomorrow, BAM! it started raining so heavily as if we're at the Niagara falls.

Mum: Let's wait for Pa around the shop lots. Let's wait in front of the 1st shop so he don't need to drive in.
*Dad's car drove pass*

I have no idea why did I volunteered to run and chase after my dad's car. I think one of the bystander laughed at me. Why does it always rain on me, is it because I lied when I was seventeen? My poor Converse.. So much for wanting to vintage-fied it. =(

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's here! It's here

After 3 months of waiting, I've finally receive my JLPT level 4 results!

文字・語彙 (Writing, Vocabulary) -----96/100
聴解 (Listening) ------------------ 100/100
読解・文法 (Reading, Grammer) ------ 168/200
total: 364/400
= 91/100

My sister totally trashed me at the reading/grammer part but it's ok. I'm happy with my score. A couple of days ago, I actually dreamed that I scored 91 and I really did. It was a huge relief. Phewwww. To take the next level this year? I don't know I'm ready or not. Hmm

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ouch ouch

When I was a kid, I fall, trip, bang, hit, injured myself so much that my mum was so worried that there might be some loose screw in my brain. These injuries are so unexpected, not as dramatic as those you see on 'One Fine Day' but they're just so silly and could have been prevented.

And now, not even inhaled 20 years worth of oxygen, I'm feeling all these pain coming back to me. Almost every morning, I wake up in pain. It's always the leg or the back. Ok, maybe that's due to bad posture but can you imagine how I would be like when I'm 60? I'll probably have rheumatism as my bff. No!! I don't want that to happen. =(

On a very very different note, I'll be attending some Free Talk session organized by the language center I took my Japanese lesson from. There will be some Japanese exchange students and second home families etc. I'm actually quite worried and nervous about it. Should I speak in a casual or a formal way? What if I said something stupid? bad PR What if I ran out of things to ask? Anyway, I'm preparing a set of questions so if you guys have anything to ask, feel free to drop a comment and I'll add it into the list. Hopefully I get to interview some of them and write something out of it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is that a...?

It's Sunday and I've not fully recovered yet. But that doesn't stop my busy body-ness. I'm a mystery maniac journalism student after all haha. I think I became more paranoid alert after relocating to my new place. Whenever an unknown sound could be heard, I will look outside and try to find out what's going on. Currently, there's only 2 houses here and I believe the security guard will do a good job. But I think it's better to trust myself more than relying on someone else.

Last Thursday night, I heard some car engine sound while I was bejeweling doing my readings. I peeped out and saw a suspicious looking guy, trying to unlock the padlock that locks the open space behind my house. Basically this open space is being used to store building material for the 3rd house that is currently under construction.

I thought he wanted to steal sand or scrap or anything that's valuable. My sister told me to stop observing that person because he might take out a gun and start shooting at my direction. But I didn't really bother and took a picture of him trying to open the padlock and jotted down his car plate number. It was really dark and the flash from the camera might get his attention so I adjusted the camera's ISO to the max. The picture looks more like a paranormal shot thanks to my shaky hands.

I told my mum about it and she said it might be the 3rd house's owner. Apparently, he did not receive the right letters and documents to build the house, so its currently on hold. He probably came and collect some stuff. Future neighbor or not, I'm so sorry for making you sound like some suspicious criminal and even worse, making you look like a paranormal figure.

And on Friday night, I've learnt a lesson. Never ever drink if you're having a cold and you wanna stay up late. I can hear everyone saying DUH to me. But let me explain first ya?

Last Friday, my dad opened a bottle of Merlot and ask whether I wanna drink or not. So I said ok. Cause this wine is consider dilute for a red wine and I thought that I might recover from the cold that I caught if I drank a little of it. I had a blocked nose so I couldn't really taste anything so instead of drinking small sips, I drank quite a mouthful in one go.

Sick + a mouthful of wine =strength less and couldn't even lift up a finger

My will power was put on a test because I really wanted to stay up and watch my favorite TV show, 1 Night and 2 Days. My week will never be complete if I don't watch that show. And I did it! wheeeee I am so proud of myself haha.

And Happy White Day! Any chocolates for me?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It all started with...

the damn samosa I had for lunch yesterday. After gulping down one of it, I felt that it's stuck halfway in my trachea. No matter how hard I tried to swallow it, it just won't go down. "Shit, I'm falling sick!" And the worst part is, I ate 3 of it because I was really hungry. I drank my super Chinese herbal tea but it doesn't seems to work this time.

And now, I'm lying on my bed helplessly, sneezing my nose out, updating about my misfortune, worrying about tomorrow's jam packed schedule. I don't think I'm able to stay up and watch 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' tonight. =(

Anyway, something funny happened during Communication's tutorial just now. The lecturer was talking about the 'Nanny state' in Singapore and he then he asked the class, "What can't be found in Singapore?" I bet he was expecting an answer like political freedom or something along that line but guess what came to my mind? Chewing gum! Haha..as you can see, I'm not a very good Arts student. I don't have a critical mind at all.

Next week, I promise to update my Music Monday ok? heee

Ancora Imparo

Yesterday was my sister's convocation. We got up really early, get ready, had breakfast and off we head to Sunway Hotel and Resort. Good thing that I don't have any classes allocated on Wednesday. If not, I won't be able to attend the ceremony.

Monash's motto- Ancora Imparo which means 'I am still learning'

Before the convocation begin, I got bored and started taking pictures with the statues

Good old family picture. I can't wait to collect the photo we took in the set up studio.

This is what my sister received from us for graduating. Specially ordered sunflowers, a Rilakkuma plush toy and a 'graduation' scroll made by me using toilet roll.

I wanna graduate too! but that will be at least 2 years later

Mummy, please get me a Rilakkuma too next time when I graduate

PS: The chancellors were dressed up so scholar like that they look like they came from Hogwards

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I be illin'

I'm such a kiddo haha. When will I ever grow up? I really enjoy playing my scooter. But its even more exciting because it scares my grandmother. She told my Dad that "Someone just walked pass my room really fast!" My little revenge for her, not appreciating tissues. I know that tissues are not expensive, but that doesn't mean that its okay to finish up 1 box of tissue and 1 roll of toilet roll in 2 days time.

Yesterday's house warming was okay. I thought it would be a good good day for me cause I heard one of my favorite song on the radio. But..Bad weather + huge crowd = What Rene dislike the most.The house warming dinner is supposed to start around 7:30, but the sky started shooting water shots around 7:10. There goes the tables and chairs that we've set up.

It didn't turn out to be like what I've expected it to be like but thank God that Kim was here to listen to my rants. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot for coming! I really appreciate that!

And I saw something really funny while I was 'assigning' parking spots for the guest. A group of mums totally failed their parking test! One of the security guard told them to park straightly, as in vertically but they did a parallel parking instead.

And it took them really really long to adjust their parking. Sorry, I'm a little mean but I really need to find something to cheer myself up at that time cause I was really hungry and I had to smile to a hundred people who I don't even know

Rene's hospitality, totally failed! I ended up switching on the PC and facebooking after Kim left. AND my nephew had to come upstairs and "I want to play too!" Can I say no? Thank Mac for inventing iTouch.

The house warming ended with a boom. We have used so much power that some electrical appliances shut downed by itself. My sister and my room is 'safe' but parent's room had no lights at all while grandma's room's fan did not work. I laughed silently when I found out the fan failure hehe.

I'm glad that it's over.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One morning, my sister and I were talking about how I don't have a life my day ends after dinner. (It's stay at home time right after dinner) Then she calls me Densha Onna (Train Girl) because she thinks that I'm an Otaku. Not that Otaku that can be spotted easily in Akihabara but the otaku that is always at home 24/7.

R: Me, V: Sis

R: But I don't take the train
V: Wapala (my car) onna
R: ........

Yesterday during COM lecture, my lecturer talked about South Korean gamers who gamed too hard and their body gave up on them. When I heard that, I turn to my Korean friend and told her not to do that when she's back home. And she replied "You la, always play Bejeweled Blitz on facebook"

Seriously, do I spend that much time on Bejeweled Blitz?

In a nut shell... I need to go out and do something more productive than trying to beat my friend's score.

On a different note, remember that I said that I was looking forward to this Saturday's house warming? No, not anymore. I have a feeling that people who I hope will come won't be able to make it and people that I hope did not come will stay really long and be the last to go back. Sigh...=(
Dear God, there will be about 100+ guests, please give me the strength to smile to every guest. And please give me the will power to hold back my 'Get out of here' face. Double sigh

Currently.. I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A siren that says 'crazy, crazy, I'm going crazy' can't stop playing in my mind whenever she starts talking to me. It is so mentally exhausting to try to hack a stubborn mind of someone who lives in her own world. I think I need to go and Wii it out a little bit. My dear Wii remote control, sorry for abusing you. I'm sure you don't want me to go crazy and not play with you anymore. Triple sigh