Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now that's two different dreams

Last night/this morning I had two very funny dreams. So interesting that I force myself to wake up, write it down so I won't forget the content of it and then back to sleep.

The first one was about Kim, Ashton and I went on some 'Sweets' marathon. We started with gelato, then custard pudding, baumkuchen. We visited a chocolatier and there were some professionals tempering chocolates. After chocolates, we head to this Japanese style cafe named Giants for some pound cake, short cake and tea. The waiters and waitresses of Giants are dressed in Yomiuri Giants pro baseball uniform, not the Giant super market ya. I probably got the Giants idea from the book that I've just finished yesterday. And guess what was the custard pudding's shop's name? BATA! Yes as in Bata, the shoe shop. But there's no shoes involved in the dream haha.

Mi Amigos!

I guess I've been watching way too many patissier related shows lately. I finish 63 episodes of Yumeiro Patissiere (anime) in less then 2 weeks. And there's Chonmage Purin, a movie about a samurai who time traveled to current Tokyo and found out that he's actually quite skillful at pastry making.

The next dream was a medley of scenes from a collection of Japanese movies and dramas. Some scenes that appeared in my dream did not exist in real TV world. But most of it does la. One image that appeared several times was the Zen statue (?) that appeared in Chonmage Purin. I don't know why it appeared so many times. I woke up, opened my eyes and I saw the statue's head right in front of my eyes. I close eyes and open it again and it's still there. Quickly close my eyes again and I was like Shit! What is that??? Open my eyes but this time a little calmer and realize that the 'head' is actually the ear of the plush toy Rilakkuma I'm hugging.


This is what I saw la. But it was really dark that time so the color sort of looked like the Emperor Qin's Terracotta Army. It was really scary la. Felt so stupid when I realize it's just the bear's ear.

It reminded me of the time when I got scared by my vintage sling bag. It was a Friday night and I was watching this Korean variety program called 1 Night 2 Days. Best TV program ever! Anyway, the director told them that if they manage to capture a UFO on an analog camera, they'll be given like 1 Million dollars worth of lunch money. They really wanted the money, one person threw a bottle cap up while someone distract the director, another one took the picture and others try to block the director's view.

The "I saw the UFO" expression of one of the guys was so convincing that I kept thinking about UFO that night. When I hop on to my bed, I realize that my bag was standing on my study table, facing me directly. I was like "What if it's UFO?". Couldn't sleep and had to hide the bag inside the wardrobe. Told my sister about it the next morning and she was like stupid la you. hahaha

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sometimes my determination scares me. 3 hours non stop of Bejeweled Blitz.. seriously??

Monday, February 21, 2011

Diggin' those books

My very final week of semester break is finally here! Am I ready to go back to uni? Hmm.. maybe.

Last week, I told my sister about my plans for this week. "I'm going to revise for the upcoming semester and study for Saturday's Japanese test". And she gave me that "Unbelievable SK-II" face. After fixing that dropped jaw, she said " But you don't even study for JLPT!" or was it "But you usually study last minute..." Sorry that I have a lazy face. haha

Sunday, February 13, 2011

And the answer

Jeng jeng! Lazy to take a picture of it so I'll just Google that 'tool' heh.

Eye glass/mask(?) chocolate!

Guess who visited my house the other day?

Hello! Hope you had fun

Can someone teach me how to arrange things nicely? I manage to transform this

to this

But I still feel its messy. Anyone have a good way of storing CDs and DVDs that comes in different thickness??

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Last night, SOMEONE said that I'm a lazy bum hmph! But it's true la haha I admit that. The lazy side of me is my biggest rival ever. IIsh.

Anyway, this morning while I was brushing my teeth, I notice some water droplets on my hand and suddenly thought about this. What color is water? Is it colorless? If its colorless, why is it visible to the eye? Air is colorless as well but why we can't see it? Because it's less dense and lighter? But it's more abundant right? Hmmm.. the lazy side of me decided not to go and Google it. haha

On a different note.. quiz time! haha

Guess how was this photo taken! no prizes for that hehe

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Haha these couple of days have been pretty good. Yesterday. I finally went to the post office to send out long due parcel, photos and post cards. Hopefully it reaches who it should reach soon and safely! Went to the bank and banked in my angpau money. Read about 30+ pages of the book I bought from Tokyo. And today, I finish off my Japanese homework (I usually do it a day before class), cleaned and rearranged my wardrobe. It is now color coordinated haha. Surprisingly I actually have quite a lot of blue clothes. Hmm.. And I manage to finish off whatever that I plan to do. Whoo! I even had the time to watch TV.. not bad haha.

Tomorrow's mission is to rearrange by CD shelf! It's like a metropolis in there. Poor CDs trapped in a shelf as if it's a train during the rush hour. Must use space efficiently!

If only everyday is efficient day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tokyo Trip part 3

The fifth day in Tokyo was a Saturday and knowing that I’m interested in picking up some Edo facts, my host family brought me down town to Asakusa and Ryougoku! There are about 20 images here, so I’ll resize it at 240x320 ya.

I like this picture! It tells you the place ‘Edo dori’ (Edo street), you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree and the gold object. As a fan of KinKi Kids, there’s only one thing that I can think of when I see that gold object. Four letters, it begins with a ‘u’ and ends with an ‘o’ Sigh....

Hello Asakusa!

The infamous Kaminarimon with my host mother. It was quite crowded that day as it was a Saturday. Everyone was so busy taking pictures of the Thunder Gate haha.


Walk pass the Kaminarimon and you’ll see stores selling all sorts of stuff from key chains, maneki neko, tea pots, tengu’s mask, swords and even wigs!

Masks! Tengu’s (red long nose) my favorite one.

Did someone say that Domoto Koichi was here?

Need some motivation? Get a daruma doll

Maneki neko

Try spotting the mannequin in a chonmage on top of the roof. Come to think about it, I should have bought a chonmage back haha

Not a rare sight in Asakusa

This is taken in front of Sensouji with my host father and host brother. Nihongo is really complicated eh? 浅草 is pronounced as Asakusa and if it’s 浅草寺, it’s pronounced as Sensouji. The wonders of Kanji!


Everyone was totally inhaling the smoke and some was brushing it on their hair. The smoke is believed to bring you luck and those unwell will feel better after inhaling it. I don’t quite believe in it but did so anyway cause I was really desperate to get better.
Good luck smoke?

Time for some Omikuji! Put in 100-en and shake the container, invert it upside down and a chopstick-like object with a number on it will fall out from the hole. My number was 78.

“I wonder what does 78 says”

Open the drawer with the number 78 written on it and take a piece of paper inside the drawer.


Don’t understand what it says? They have the English translation printed at the back whooo!
“The highest, excellent fortune”

Okonomiyaki lunch was right after that. Was still feeling unwell so I didn’t really eat much. om nom nom
Sizzling hot okonomiyaki

Right after lunch, my host parents and I head over to the Edo Tokyo Museum located in Ryougoku.

Ironically very contemporary looking exterior

Opposite of the museum, there’s this school and in front of the school, there’s this statue. I’m not sure who is it but it kinda reminded me of Urashima Taro

Urashima Taro ka?

There were lots of things in the museum! I’ll probably dedicate an entry for that. In the mean time, just one picture haha. Back then during the Edo period, houses were built using wood thus when one caught a fire, it spreads like a wildfire. Edo was repeatedly devastated by fire and one of the most serious incident is the “Great Fire of Mireiki” which killed about 100,000 people.

Anyway, the tool I carried is known as the ‘Matoi’ It is used by firemen to notify people of a fire nearby or within a building.

It weighs 15 kilos if you’re wondering.

Okay, so when you’re in Ryougoku what is that something/someone that you MUST see? O-sumo san of course! The tickets were really expensive so you might want to settle with watching it on NHK.

O-sumo san tachi taking a stroll?

These are the Sumo nobori flags. Really colorful eh? By the way, Sumo wrestlers have really interesting names. If you want to learn Kanji, you can look into Sumo wrestler’s names.
Now wave your flag

After visiting Ryougoku, we went home. Guess what is for dinner? *cue sushi kuinee song* My host mother made the maki sushi while host father made the nigiri sushi. It was really really tasty!! On par as the restaurants we have here.

Maki sushi

Nigiri sushi

To be continue...