Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Chii!

You know what's disturbing? *points at Live Traffic Feed* Seriously.. please opt the "Ignore my location" instead

Anyway.. Emily! Are u here? Leave something behind if you're reading this heee.

Today, I went to The Curve. My main aim was to check/fix my hard disk and to have lunch in IKEA. Sis and I wore high heels at first but brought our flip flops along in the car. When we reach there, we decided to opt for the latter instead. We are lazy people

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To Chii! IKEA's signature Daim cake..Notice that the front part of the cake was chip off? Thats because someone my sister can't wait to eat it and I not yet take picture!!

Image Hosted by
Meatballs of course!

Took a couple of pictures with the deco in The Curve..but my eyes looks funny so no pictures! Hee and guess what was Ikano's Xmas theme? It's Christmas Underwater. Honestly, it's really forceful la. They had a Santa boat, lots of fishes there and umm thats all? I wonder who came up with the idea. Should have put a Santa in a swim suit or something like that right?(suggested by sis)

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I look like I'm on a vacation or something hahah

Music Monday #2 #3

Hello! It's time for another Music Monday. There weren't any entries last Monday so I'll have 2 today.

Firstly, it's "Everybody Knows" by John Legend. I first heard this song on the radio, on my way to Kayu for breakfast best Roti Canai in town! It's quite early in the morning so I was half awake. Half awake-ly, I was trying to catch the lyrics of the song in case I couldn't catch the singer's name later on. I manage to catch only 3 lines. "‘Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows","I wish you the best, I guess." "I wish we gave it one more try"
I guess why the lyrics really got my attention is because that time(when I heard this song) was during the earlier days of Jay's withdrawal. And that time, everyone's finding the right words to say..

For the lyrics, click here

Next, my second song is a Korean song entitled "Sarang Bi" (Love Rain) by Kim Tae Woo.First heard this song on TV but it didn't really catch my attention until I heard it on "Invincible Youth" I think? Kim Tae Woo is also the best R&B singer of the year in Korea. I think his voice is really nice.

Here's a short preview of the song

For the full song, click here and for the lyrics/translation, HERE

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brown Vintage Boston Bag

Happy birthday Junno! Please continue entertaining us with your silly puns. Tomorrow will be Chii's birthday. Hee will be going to IKEA and celebrate and makan.

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Yesterday! It rained so heavily during 4PM which is the time my Japanese class ends. To get to my mum's car, I have to cross a road then cross an overhead bridge then only to her car. She usually waits the other side cause its more convenient and lesser cars over there. Before my class ended, I receive a message from mum "You guys have to run under the rain, lazy to drive over there." So my sister and I ran and my flip flops came off.. have to run back and wear and run again. I bet the guy sitting there was laughing at me.. Haiyohhhh.. no need to remind me why I don't like it when it rains ok?

Ohh! I had dinner with Clair and Carmen last night too. It's been 5 months since I last saw Carmen haha. We talked a lot..especially about the color Pink and Carmen's Internet Adventure. It was suppose to be a very casual gathering.. no idea why Carmen dressed up so nicely. High maintenance ah Went into a couple of boutique and I saw this really really beautiful vintage brown Boston bag!!! Ahh I think I'll go back and get it haha. Before making a move, we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream and we get to watch "Carmen's Ice Cream Adventure". One bad thing about taking pics after meal/ice cream is I'll have very yellow teeth! Have to photoshop somemore.. Sighhhh

Image Hosted by

That's me playing with Clair's new toy, Samsung Corby nobody told me that something was stuck on my teeth!!

Image Hosted by

Three of us

Image Hosted by

I prefer this picture..but Clair la..heiyer.

A week more to my Japanese Language Proficiency Test!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Koe wo Kikasete

Do you know that Baked Beans in Malay is Kacang Panggang? Haha I found out about this in Kedah and found it really amusing. I guess its because the first thing that came across my mind when I see the 'panggang' word is grill. Grilled beans? Hmmmm

Today, I went down to Klang and came across tire factory ,XXX Kilang Tayar Celup. And guess what was the first thing that I thought of? Woah.. they manufacture fake tires. I really need to work on my Malay haha.

Oh ya.. I went to Klang with my Dad, Grandma and maid to visit and have lunch with my uncle. The food there was really good. Not talking about Bak Kut Teh but those Chinese dishes served at every other Chinese restaurant.

On the way back, my grandma keep talking and talking that I fell asleep. She blab and blab and blad and didn't stop at all throughout the entire journey.

One random funny thing about my mum. She likes to save people's name in her contact book based on their job. For example Henry Filter, Ali Roofman, Tan Earcandling etc etc.. and guess who she receive a message from today? Fishball. Hahaha

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So today was the 2nd day of Jusco's member's day. 8.30am, I left home to Jusco, expecting a very small crowd. I was wrong la. Looks like Malaysian consumers are getting more and more competitive. This member's bonanza only begins at 9am, so my sis and I went for breakfast at McD haha.. the guy did charged only 90 cents for my sausage mcmuffin! Manage to buy quite a lot of stuff..mainly groceries that mummy told us to get.

The crowd was actually quite okay only compare to last year's one. I remember bumping into Yvonne last year haha. Maybe it's the 2nd day? Or it's still early? Or maybe Robinson also had their member's day today. Mid Valley's probably the busiest mall today. My mum went there at 11am and couldn't find any parking at all.

I was searching for a pack of Xmas cards.. but it's either too expensive or not so impressing design. I couldn't find a proper pack to the point that my sister told me to draw and photocopy it. Knowing my drawing ability..this is probably not a good idea. Good thing I manage to find a quite okay pack of cards. Gonna start writing it soon! Hee I've also gotten some Xmas gifts. Hohohohoho

Another day closer to the release of results..

I've already decided what to post on next Music Monday! heee and hopefully tomorrow I'll work a little on fashion terrorist as well

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Up North

Sorry for not updating over the weekend. I went up North to Kedah on Sunday and just step on Selangor soil this afternoon. Hence, no Music Monday for this week. Sorry ah! hehe

On our way to Sg. Petani, we "passed by" 2 road accidents. One was quite fatal with 2 deaths and the other was a "I bang you, you bang him" the dominoes effect type of accident. I'm guessing that first accident was probably due to hydroplaning. The vehicle skidded and turn turtle. It's important to get your tire checked before going on a trip!

Like the name "Land of the Paddy Fields", you'll never feel hungry in Kedah. I don't mean that they have lots of rice here but you can get food everywhere at very very very reasonable price and they're as good as Penang! Actually..I've never had a meal in Penang..I think haha

Not much pictures taken cause I was usual
Firstly.. we went to this place which has lots of ice kacang stall. We pick the one with the "Ho Chiak" (means Tasty in the Hokkien dialect) sticker and ordered Ice Kacang, Cendol and Ice blended peanut.

Image Hosted by
Tan Hoi Chang stall..sorry for the lousy picture.. I have no idea what was I doing

Image Hosted by
If u can't see..It says Minuman Idolaku (My idol drink) in American Idol's font and logo.. I wonder did they pay AI for that? Probably no ahha

Image Hosted by
Pa and Ma with desserts that match their clothes. Ice kacang and cendol..not bad la. But I prefer the Indian's cendol.. more lemak coconut milk

Image Hosted by
This is the Ice blended peanut. It's VERY VERY nutty and filling. Even nuttier than peanut butter. See the Milo powder on it? I don't know whether it's suppose to be there or the guy specially added it. I wanted to order Ice blended Milo at first but my family was like "That's so common! get something else" Maybe he overheard our conversation hahaha

Image Hosted by
Fruits Rojak.. which is not bad also..but the one outside of Atria is better. More prawn crackers hehehe

Image Hosted by
My sister enjoying the peanut drink

Image Hosted by
I don't like laksa.. so thats me fake eating Laksa. Haha convincing or not?

Not only they have lots of Ice kacang stall there.. that area has a total of 7 barbers on the same street. Seems like a competitive place eh? haha No pictures of Barbers..sorry!

Oh..the Etude House in Sg Petani still have Jang Gun Suk's picture there haha and I finally watched UP.. which was a pretty good movie.

and one last picture
Image Hosted by
Me at some landscaping/nursery

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's gonna rain

I'm not gonna play Wii Sport's boxing anymore. It's really a good exercise but a bit extreme for me. It's suppose to be a punch punch punch game but for me, its a punch punch head bang kick game. The thing about me when playing games is I always add unnecessary actions while playing. like a whole body work out . I head banged so hard and frequent as if I'm in some rock concert that I felt dizzy after 2 rounds of matches. I even elbowed my tummy while boxing..Ganas!It lasted for a while.. stopped and then migraine at night. According to my sister, I looked like a crazy woman while punching. I guess I should just stick to tennis next time.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bling Bling Ball

I'm never a fan of Velvet. It gives me shivers whenever I touch it. However, there are exceptions when it comes to the song "Velvet Rain" and of course Velvet Dream.

Velvet Dream is a newly launch blogshop selling the most unique and quality accessories at a price we all afford to pay for!
Apart from the bargains we are providing, we do update our stocks from time to time, and there will be lucky draw every two weeks for u girls to win fabulous prices!

Check them out HERE

Their items are really cute and the price are quite reasonable as well. They're quite new and yet they already have 3 pages of accessories for sale. I personally like the "Belt Affair" ring the best.
Image Hosted by

And the Chanel inspired chain as well.
Image Hosted by

If you're still clueless in what to get for your sisters this Xmas, why not drop by Velvet Dream? You might find something pretty for them and yourself. It's not wrong to accessories like an Xmas tree, especially during this festive season. It's only a click away HERE

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If you're on twitter.. you'll probably notice that #deadfisheyes is was a trending topic today for quite some time.
Here's a print screen of it if you missed it
Image Hosted by

What are #deadfisheyes you wonder? It's actually Yamapi's eyes haha.It's very very obvious in his younger pictures. Not still got la..but not so fisheyy. His fans are inspired by the trending topics created by Kpop fans and decided to make one for him too. I contributed too! haha Too bad it didn't reach the peak of the trending topics.. It's just too hard to beat New Moon. But no worries! His single made it into the first spot of the daily Oricon chart. was announced that there will be a Code Blue season 2 next Winter! Awesome possum.

So boring la these few days. Nothing much going on. Just catching up with some videos, study Japanese and thats all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Monday #1

To encourage more posting in this blog, I decided to start Music Monday. If you're on Twitter, you'll probably realize that #MusicMonday is a trending topic every Monday. Anyway, every Monday, I'll be posting a song/YouTube link here la.

This week's song of the week is "Futatsu no Kuchibi" by EXILE. EXILE is a 14 membered Japanese band. Though the figure make it sounds like a big group, there are only 2 main vocalist. The others are dancers/performers and another 2 vocalist+performer. This song was from their latest single "The Generation ~Futatsu no Kuchibiru~" which was released on the 11th of November. It's also the theme song for Tokyo Dogs, which I think is the most promising drama this season. So far I've only watched one episode..but what can go wrong with Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro? The ratings proved that these 2 guys are unbeatable

Here's a 30 seconds sneak preview of the song.

If you like it, feel free to load the long version which is really long or request for a link

Every December, there will be a whole lot of huge concerts/performance going on. Just to name a few..M-Sta Xmas special, Best Artist, Kohaku uta sen etc. EXILE's always on these performance and I really hope to see them perform "Futatsu no Kuchibiru" this year in these live performances.

And if you like this song, I highly recommend their Lovers Again. That's my favorite song by EXILE.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ryokou e ikimashou?

Mean chan! You came to my blog right? Hahaha

Have u guys ever wondered what do they promote about our country to tourists? 2 years ago when I was in Taiwan, my dad came up with this question while having dinner. "What do they serve to tourists in Malaysia?" I was quite curious about it and was thinking to join a 'tour' and find out.

Oh..oh! Who wants to go for a KL tour with me? I was reading Tropara magazine(?) and came across this article about "KL Hop on Hop Off" I know u must be wondering Why KL? I live so near to KL and I'm not even a tourist to begin with.
But there's just so many things about KL that I've not yet explore. I haven't been to Pavillion.. yes, I live in a cave Check out the site ok?? HERE

Tropara did a feature on Pasar Malam (Night market) as well. I personally think that the night market is a good place to begin with (for foreigners la). Although commodity is involved, it is not so commercialize. If I have any foreign friends coming to town, I'll definitely bring them to the SS2 night market. Cheap good food and so many other things to look at.

I think I'm in a travelling mood. Hahaha

My classmate ask what do I think about Kimura Takuya in Japanese class today. That question was really unexpected haha I was silently smiling in my heart Kakkoi to omoimasu! (I think he's cool) Hahaha and other students agreed on what I said. I wanted to say talented..but I don't wanna sound like I'm down grading him as I'm not exactly sure how to say talented in Japanese sainou ga aru? I really do think that he's the coolest person alive and respects him for that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Can u hear my heartbeat? It's beating for u

My answer? No.
They don't have a heart, the heart is missing. Just look at the entire concept.. It's so dark and joker-ish bee pollen and hollowed eyes.

You can ignore the top part of this entry ahha. It's a song I heard recently entitled "Heartbeat". Wanted to write a song/music video review on it. But blehhhh tak payah la. I'll probably end up criticizing it a lot although it's not that baddd.

Christmas songs.. they're always that few same songs, just a little improvised as it's being performed by different people. One of my all time favorite song is Christmas Eve by Yamashita Tatsuro. It's actually quite cool for the Japanese to have their very own Xmas song don't you think so? I mean, all along, we're only singing other people's song..when will we have our very own "Selamat Hari Natal" or even an original Xmas song?

If u find the name Yamashita Tatsuro familiar but couldn't recall who he is.. He's the one who composed Garasu no Shounen, Kiss Kara Hajimaru Mystery, Jetcoaster Romance and Happy Happy Greeting. And a more recent one, he composed "Snow Express" for NEWS.

I first heard the English version of "Christmas Eve" on SC performed by Jimmy Mackey. I wonder what's he doing right now


Japanese version

English version

The song was released in 1983 in case you're wondering whats up with his voice and if anyone wants the mp3 of the Japanese version, let me know ya! I'll upload it

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Meet Maki the cat who's alter ego is Khun, the winking machine
Image Hosted by

It's surprisingly hard to find a picture of Khun winking although he winks so often.His winks are so fast that people couldn't make a cap of it eh?

Image Hosted by
Jun Ho? Korean cat? Haha so cute la

Image Hosted by

..but I'm not over the fact that they vomited behind my house!! Don't think you'll be forgiven just because ur eyes resembles Khun or Junho

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The sense of smell

Yes.. the sense of smell. Today have been quite a smell-ey day for me. My morning was greeted with the F4's (freeloader 4) vomit. Someone must have fed them milk, causing them to puke not only milk and some funny shaped unidentified object but also tape worm again!! I was really angry la. They could have vomited somewhere else.. maybe in the drain or the person's house who gave them milk or somewhere else. The smell was so MILKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. After that, there's this fur kinda smell. cat's b.o and it's really really strong. Milk + fur smell.. Had to hold my breath to clean it. That's the back of my house. In front of my house (the garden) I can smell cat poop.'s making me think twice whether to see cats as pets or not. Don't make me catnip you guys!!

Just in case anyone is curious about how did I clean the vomit+fur smell.. I use Listerine, Vinegar and TOP detergent. *shivers* Somehow I can still smell the vomit although I've cleaned it thoroughly. Maybe it's because I was the one who clean it.

I don't mind them hanging around my house compound.. but pleaseeeee don't vomit tape worms and shit here.

I realize that I play the role of a worms/bugs/insect killer when Dad's not at home. Whenever mum or sis saw something related to those 3 categories mentioned earlier, the first thing they do is to call for me. Just now mummy saw a centipede and called for me. I wanted to sweep it and throw it outside but mummy insist that I should crush it. So I crushed it and you can hear *insert potato chips munching sound* and guess what my mum said? "Must be very crispy ah"

On a better note, I won a contest hahaha. A package which consists of Rilakkuma's snack and some other goods will be mailing to be straight from the Land of the Rising Sun. =)

Monday, November 9, 2009

There is nothing permanant but change

The thing about being on break is you have all the time to update your blog but there's nothing to blog about.

I've been watching quite some shows related to "Life" lately. Is the topic of Life a new boom among audiences lately? Hmm..I guess people just like to watch about things that they can relate to or things that might happened to them some day later. Among all these 'slice of life' type of drama, I like "Tengoku de kimi ni aetara" (If I can meet you in heaven) the best. It's not the average lead actor was diagnosed with cancer and die in the end type of story cause it was narrated from the psychiatrist's point of view.

Honestly after taking Communication, I look at technology differently. There was this topic on fandom about why people are so emotionally disturbed when their favorite celebrities passed away or when something happened to them. One reason is of course It's because you like them. But why do u like them? It's because technology have created a para-social relationship between your favorite celebrity and you. It feels like you're having a face to face interaction with them and you'll feel like they're your friend. See how technology alters our emotion. The explanation is a whole lot longer..but I'm lazy to explain further and it will be boring haha. But if you're interested to know..u can leave a comment and I'll blog about it next time.

Maybe I should get a part time job at Etude House instead of sitting behind technology. Haha My semester break is till next March. I have some plans but I don't think it's sufficient to last me till next year. Ahh

Friday, November 6, 2009

Everybody knows but no one really know

Officially on semester break... Officially hired as a full time free loader! But I still have to study for my upcoming Japanese proficiency test which will take place worldwide I'm glad and relief but worry at the same time. My communication paper was alright.. but the assignment portion is really driving me nuts. But I shall put it aside first and think about it some other time.

Came home.. and the first thing I did was to load "You're Beautiful" online. Even my sister agrees that it's better than Boys Over Flower! I don't regret watching it at all.

Did I mention that I have a heart shaped bruise on my leg a couple of days ago?

Sigh.. Suddenly I don't remember what I wanted to blog about. There's so many things that I wanna update but just can't seems to recall and I don't wanna end up blogging about the weather which will bore all of u out. So I'll stop here for today. Nights!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Got Married

Firstly.. I'm sorry if you find the twitter pop up asking for your username and password annoying. This is because some britney spam guy/girl keep following my twitter even though I've blocked them like n times. So I decided to lock my tweets. But I'll unlock it soon so no worries about it? Haha

Remeber Maki the cat? It's very naughty and playful Haha. He likes to peep in from the corner and see what are we doing in the kitchen. And always attempt to sneak into the house. When I serve them food, he'll rush to the bowl with Mikan while the other 2 kittens just hide behind the pots watching them. So cute la he

Watched 'We Got Married' to take a break from Communication just now. It's a Korean reality show which features top stars fakely getting married. I didn't really like the idea of this show and refuse to watch it initially. But when diva Kwon's in it, you know you wanna watch it! I don't regret it la cause Kwon's really funny! With a macho tough wife like Ga In, he still manage to take the lead despite he's younger than her.

It's Wednesday! Haha the day You're Beautiful go on air. Tomorrow too

Image Hosted by

And yes.. I'm a day closer to Friday! I've been accumulating lots of videos for my days after Friday. Can't wait for it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A month of fame

Haha guess who made it into the November's issue of どりあんなび (Durian Navi) magazine? It feels even better when you have a copy delivered to your house.

Actually.. it was just a tiny picture of my sister and I actually the entire Japanese class was featured in Nishio sensei's (My Japanese teacher)column. It was about her mum and friend's trip to Malaysia. One of the main attraction of the trip is to visit our class haha.

And..the magazine was delivered to my house because I subscribe to it. Haha Why am I excited over a small fry. Makes me look attention seeking only. I'll make a scan of it later

Hmm I don't know whats wrong with my nose today. For a sec, I can smell grass. Then, pond and the next sec, I smell cat poop.

will update more later la

Lastly, Happy Birthday, Ryo! Our favorite Osaka man haha
EDIT with pics!
Image Hosted by
The page

Image Hosted by
Yes, it was that small haha

and another random pic
Image Hosted by
Introducing F4
F4 as in Freeloaders 4..The 4 cats who freeloads behind my house
The mummy cat's name is Mikan, kissing mummy cat is Maki, next to Mikan is Tatsu and the other orange cat is Ji Hoo.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Fruit of Midsummer

Happy 11th birthday to Kenshiro. It must have been really hard for a dog at such age to play around and be active like it used to be. Your owner really cherishes you, you lucky dog!

I'm way behind my study schedule and I really need to stop listening to those power house vocals emo songs! Oh

You know what.. There are 2 things that I really regret not buying from Taiwan 2 years ago! whats with the sudden change of topic? I think I've mentioned this before in the old blog, but will blog about it again cause I'm feeling the regret-ness now. Dayum! I should have bought the Seishun Amigo single. It's dirt cheap and I hesitated? Whats wrong with me?? And the second item.. Southern All Star's (SAS)album! I was holding it, preparing to buy it but why did I put it back?!?! Bodoh! They're a little old but their songs are really good! I personally love Tsunami and Manatsu no Kajitsu (The fruit of Midsummer) the most! My Japanese teacher loves SAS too!

There were a couple of remakes of Manatsu no Kajitsu..but no one beats Kuwata Keisuke (lead singer of SAS). EXILE's version was really beautiful but not enough emotions/spirit inside and their vocal range is not as big as Kuwata. Jackie Cheung's one is alright and so is Bonnie Pink. The worst was this group called A.G.E Not only they didn't do justice for the song..but totally killed it. SAS songs are very very hard to sing because of the octaves! But I really wish to see Tsuyoshi performing a SAS song. He definitely have the amount of emotions to sing it! He totally pwn the song Shirushi, a very emotional song (in my opinion) originally by Mr. Children.

I also enjoy SAS' collaboration with Mr. Children! Mr. Children are really good musicians and they're on my MUST BUY list when I go to Taiwan again next time which I don't know when So many CDs and DVDs to buy when I visit Taiwan. They'll probably mistaken me as a DVD seller or something.

Wow.. I actually did a Music entry.. how rare.Haha I usually try to avoid writing something music-ey cause I'm not so much of a music junkie and I don't know much about music. Though I took American Music and Asian Music in Uni Talking about Asian music, SAS was mentioned in my Asian Music unit book heh.

There were people who ask me "Did u listen to SAS because of Yamapi?" The answer is No. The person who intro-ed SAS to me was actually Yun Ho. He listed Tsunami as one of his "currently addicted song" years ago. I find it foreign, so went and Youtube it and really really liked that song.

Haha do you know this song is actually an insert song for Tsuyoshi's drama "Moto Kare"? When I heard it in that show..I was like OOOHH!!

I'll be blogging on another Japanese musician some time soon! Look forward to it

Oh my.. just re read this entry and finds the flow really bad! Sorry bout it! haha too lazy to edit it

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Excuse me for the fan girl moment! But it's November already!! The month when my Number 1 is gonna release his 2nd solo single. *points at the calender which had November 18th circled* I'm so excited! It's been so long!! Looks like I can put Daite Senorita aside and start playing Loveless! and his Mola routine's really nice! I wanna learn!

Wonder of the day..
Yesterday, I called Clair and asked her something
C: Clair R: Rene

R: Why is Honggi's voice so powerful? I mean how he train huh?
C: I heard from my cousin la that he used to sing in a choir
R: I used to sing in a choir also what. 4 years somemore. But why no power at all? Not even 1/10 of him.
C: How come your voice like that huh?
R: Got 2nd place in some Choir competition you know

Haha yeahh makes me wonder what did I learn from 4 years of Choir. I remember my choir teacher said that I have very good expression. So all along I've only been working on the expression? Sigh..I really wish that my singing voice is a little bit bit more powerful and higher..Don't have to be like the Wonder Girls, BoA or even Mariah Carey..just a lil bit stronger. I don't wanna sound like a cat.

Something's gonna happen tomorrow 2PM KST. It's time to face reality... I'm not asking for a good news.I'm just hoping for something positive, please.