Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Chii!

You know what's disturbing? *points at Live Traffic Feed* Seriously.. please opt the "Ignore my location" instead

Anyway.. Emily! Are u here? Leave something behind if you're reading this heee.

Today, I went to The Curve. My main aim was to check/fix my hard disk and to have lunch in IKEA. Sis and I wore high heels at first but brought our flip flops along in the car. When we reach there, we decided to opt for the latter instead. We are lazy people

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To Chii! IKEA's signature Daim cake..Notice that the front part of the cake was chip off? Thats because someone my sister can't wait to eat it and I not yet take picture!!

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Meatballs of course!

Took a couple of pictures with the deco in The Curve..but my eyes looks funny so no pictures! Hee and guess what was Ikano's Xmas theme? It's Christmas Underwater. Honestly, it's really forceful la. They had a Santa boat, lots of fishes there and umm thats all? I wonder who came up with the idea. Should have put a Santa in a swim suit or something like that right?(suggested by sis)

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I look like I'm on a vacation or something hahah

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