Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ryokou e ikimashou?

Mean chan! You came to my blog right? Hahaha

Have u guys ever wondered what do they promote about our country to tourists? 2 years ago when I was in Taiwan, my dad came up with this question while having dinner. "What do they serve to tourists in Malaysia?" I was quite curious about it and was thinking to join a 'tour' and find out.

Oh..oh! Who wants to go for a KL tour with me? I was reading Tropara magazine(?) and came across this article about "KL Hop on Hop Off" I know u must be wondering Why KL? I live so near to KL and I'm not even a tourist to begin with.
But there's just so many things about KL that I've not yet explore. I haven't been to Pavillion.. yes, I live in a cave Check out the site ok?? HERE

Tropara did a feature on Pasar Malam (Night market) as well. I personally think that the night market is a good place to begin with (for foreigners la). Although commodity is involved, it is not so commercialize. If I have any foreign friends coming to town, I'll definitely bring them to the SS2 night market. Cheap good food and so many other things to look at.

I think I'm in a travelling mood. Hahaha

My classmate ask what do I think about Kimura Takuya in Japanese class today. That question was really unexpected haha I was silently smiling in my heart Kakkoi to omoimasu! (I think he's cool) Hahaha and other students agreed on what I said. I wanted to say talented..but I don't wanna sound like I'm down grading him as I'm not exactly sure how to say talented in Japanese sainou ga aru? I really do think that he's the coolest person alive and respects him for that.

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