Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The sense of smell

Yes.. the sense of smell. Today have been quite a smell-ey day for me. My morning was greeted with the F4's (freeloader 4) vomit. Someone must have fed them milk, causing them to puke not only milk and some funny shaped unidentified object but also tape worm again!! I was really angry la. They could have vomited somewhere else.. maybe in the drain or the person's house who gave them milk or somewhere else. The smell was so MILKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. After that, there's this fur kinda smell. cat's b.o and it's really really strong. Milk + fur smell.. Had to hold my breath to clean it. That's the back of my house. In front of my house (the garden) I can smell cat poop. Ahhh..it's making me think twice whether to see cats as pets or not. Don't make me catnip you guys!!

Just in case anyone is curious about how did I clean the vomit+fur smell.. I use Listerine, Vinegar and TOP detergent. *shivers* Somehow I can still smell the vomit although I've cleaned it thoroughly. Maybe it's because I was the one who clean it.

I don't mind them hanging around my house compound.. but pleaseeeee don't vomit tape worms and shit here.

I realize that I play the role of a worms/bugs/insect killer when Dad's not at home. Whenever mum or sis saw something related to those 3 categories mentioned earlier, the first thing they do is to call for me. Just now mummy saw a centipede and called for me. I wanted to sweep it and throw it outside but mummy insist that I should crush it. So I crushed it and you can hear *insert potato chips munching sound* and guess what my mum said? "Must be very crispy ah"

On a better note, I won a contest hahaha. A package which consists of Rilakkuma's snack and some other goods will be mailing to be straight from the Land of the Rising Sun. =)

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