Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Up North

Sorry for not updating over the weekend. I went up North to Kedah on Sunday and just step on Selangor soil this afternoon. Hence, no Music Monday for this week. Sorry ah! hehe

On our way to Sg. Petani, we "passed by" 2 road accidents. One was quite fatal with 2 deaths and the other was a "I bang you, you bang him" the dominoes effect type of accident. I'm guessing that first accident was probably due to hydroplaning. The vehicle skidded and turn turtle. It's important to get your tire checked before going on a trip!

Like the name "Land of the Paddy Fields", you'll never feel hungry in Kedah. I don't mean that they have lots of rice here but you can get food everywhere at very very very reasonable price and they're as good as Penang! Actually..I've never had a meal in Penang..I think haha

Not much pictures taken cause I was lazy..as usual
Firstly.. we went to this place which has lots of ice kacang stall. We pick the one with the "Ho Chiak" (means Tasty in the Hokkien dialect) sticker and ordered Ice Kacang, Cendol and Ice blended peanut.

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Tan Hoi Chang stall..sorry for the lousy picture.. I have no idea what was I doing

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If u can't see..It says Minuman Idolaku (My idol drink) in American Idol's font and logo.. I wonder did they pay AI for that? Probably no ahha

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Pa and Ma with desserts that match their clothes. Ice kacang and cendol..not bad la. But I prefer the Indian's cendol.. more lemak coconut milk

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This is the Ice blended peanut. It's VERY VERY nutty and filling. Even nuttier than peanut butter. See the Milo powder on it? I don't know whether it's suppose to be there or the guy specially added it. I wanted to order Ice blended Milo at first but my family was like "That's so common! get something else" Maybe he overheard our conversation hahaha

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Fruits Rojak.. which is not bad also..but the one outside of Atria is better. More prawn crackers hehehe

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My sister enjoying the peanut drink

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I don't like laksa.. so thats me fake eating Laksa. Haha convincing or not?

Not only they have lots of Ice kacang stall there.. that area has a total of 7 barbers on the same street. Seems like a competitive place eh? haha No pictures of Barbers..sorry!

Oh..the Etude House in Sg Petani still have Jang Gun Suk's picture there haha and I finally watched UP.. which was a pretty good movie.

and one last picture
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Me at some landscaping/nursery

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