Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Monday #1

To encourage more posting in this blog, I decided to start Music Monday. If you're on Twitter, you'll probably realize that #MusicMonday is a trending topic every Monday. Anyway, every Monday, I'll be posting a song/YouTube link here la.

This week's song of the week is "Futatsu no Kuchibi" by EXILE. EXILE is a 14 membered Japanese band. Though the figure make it sounds like a big group, there are only 2 main vocalist. The others are dancers/performers and another 2 vocalist+performer. This song was from their latest single "The Generation ~Futatsu no Kuchibiru~" which was released on the 11th of November. It's also the theme song for Tokyo Dogs, which I think is the most promising drama this season. So far I've only watched one episode..but what can go wrong with Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro? The ratings proved that these 2 guys are unbeatable

Here's a 30 seconds sneak preview of the song.

If you like it, feel free to load the long version which is really long or request for a link

Every December, there will be a whole lot of huge concerts/performance going on. Just to name a few..M-Sta Xmas special, Best Artist, Kohaku uta sen etc. EXILE's always on these performance and I really hope to see them perform "Futatsu no Kuchibiru" this year in these live performances.

And if you like this song, I highly recommend their Lovers Again. That's my favorite song by EXILE.

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