Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brown Vintage Boston Bag

Happy birthday Junno! Please continue entertaining us with your silly puns. Tomorrow will be Chii's birthday. Hee will be going to IKEA and celebrate and makan.

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Yesterday! It rained so heavily during 4PM which is the time my Japanese class ends. To get to my mum's car, I have to cross a road then cross an overhead bridge then only to her car. She usually waits the other side cause its more convenient and lesser cars over there. Before my class ended, I receive a message from mum "You guys have to run under the rain, lazy to drive over there." So my sister and I ran and my flip flops came off.. have to run back and wear and run again. I bet the guy sitting there was laughing at me.. Haiyohhhh.. no need to remind me why I don't like it when it rains ok?

Ohh! I had dinner with Clair and Carmen last night too. It's been 5 months since I last saw Carmen haha. We talked a lot..especially about the color Pink and Carmen's Internet Adventure. It was suppose to be a very casual gathering.. no idea why Carmen dressed up so nicely. High maintenance ah Went into a couple of boutique and I saw this really really beautiful vintage brown Boston bag!!! Ahh I think I'll go back and get it haha. Before making a move, we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream and we get to watch "Carmen's Ice Cream Adventure". One bad thing about taking pics after meal/ice cream is I'll have very yellow teeth! Have to photoshop somemore.. Sighhhh

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That's me playing with Clair's new toy, Samsung Corby nobody told me that something was stuck on my teeth!!

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Three of us

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I prefer this picture..but Clair la..heiyer.

A week more to my Japanese Language Proficiency Test!

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