Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A month of fame

Haha guess who made it into the November's issue of どりあんなび (Durian Navi) magazine? It feels even better when you have a copy delivered to your house.

Actually.. it was just a tiny picture of my sister and I actually the entire Japanese class was featured in Nishio sensei's (My Japanese teacher)column. It was about her mum and friend's trip to Malaysia. One of the main attraction of the trip is to visit our class haha.

And..the magazine was delivered to my house because I subscribe to it. Haha Why am I excited over a small fry. Makes me look attention seeking only. I'll make a scan of it later

Hmm I don't know whats wrong with my nose today. For a sec, I can smell grass. Then, pond and the next sec, I smell cat poop.

will update more later la

Lastly, Happy Birthday, Ryo! Our favorite Osaka man haha
EDIT with pics!
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The page

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Yes, it was that small haha

and another random pic
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Introducing F4
F4 as in Freeloaders 4..The 4 cats who freeloads behind my house
The mummy cat's name is Mikan, kissing mummy cat is Maki, next to Mikan is Tatsu and the other orange cat is Ji Hoo.

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