Sunday, November 1, 2009


Excuse me for the fan girl moment! But it's November already!! The month when my Number 1 is gonna release his 2nd solo single. *points at the calender which had November 18th circled* I'm so excited! It's been so long!! Looks like I can put Daite Senorita aside and start playing Loveless! and his Mola routine's really nice! I wanna learn!

Wonder of the day..
Yesterday, I called Clair and asked her something
C: Clair R: Rene

R: Why is Honggi's voice so powerful? I mean how he train huh?
C: I heard from my cousin la that he used to sing in a choir
R: I used to sing in a choir also what. 4 years somemore. But why no power at all? Not even 1/10 of him.
C: How come your voice like that huh?
R: Got 2nd place in some Choir competition you know

Haha yeahh makes me wonder what did I learn from 4 years of Choir. I remember my choir teacher said that I have very good expression. So all along I've only been working on the expression? Sigh..I really wish that my singing voice is a little bit bit more powerful and higher..Don't have to be like the Wonder Girls, BoA or even Mariah Carey..just a lil bit stronger. I don't wanna sound like a cat.

Something's gonna happen tomorrow 2PM KST. It's time to face reality... I'm not asking for a good news.I'm just hoping for something positive, please.

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