Saturday, October 31, 2009

Education has nothing to do with Common Sense

Joke of the year
Today in Japanese class, we read some article on Japan's 1000 Yen note. It described the person on the note and my teacher ask the class, Who's picture was on the Malaysian cash note?
someone answered "Mahathir"

I LOL-ed

No I didn't.. I'm not that rude although the person who said that was younger than me. I laughed silently in my heart OK..maybe I find it funny because of a more personal reason.. KHUN!!! I shall not go into details cause it'll make me look childish

If you're wondering who's the one on the note, it's our very first Agong. Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Yamtuan Antah of Negeri Sembilan

In the later part of the class, we're suppose to ask each other questions. A classmate of mine asked me what do I think about Malaysia's politics. I was like WHAT?? Out of so many other topics, why ask politics? I replied no comment. Haha Honestly, if it's not because of the Journalism course, I wouldn't even know what the heck is the sedition act. The act that got my lecturer arrested last semester No need to elaborate about what happened la ya, if you're interested just go and Google Wong Chin Huat.

Malaysians always say that our politics is very messy. But in my opinion, I believe that every country has their own 'politics', whether or not it is being publicized that's another question. We're probably not aware about other country's politics cause it does not concern us. Politics goes 'wrong' might not be a very bad thing. It's scarier if politics goes out smoothly without any flaws. At least we know that people are taking action and decisions are not made behind closed doors.

Bahhhh..what's with the sudden change of mood from Joke of the year to something serious? Must keep this blog political free. I do enjoy chatting with Clair about politics once in a while politics..but it's just up to chatting, nothing more than that. I don't have a critical mind, that's why haha.

My mind is only e critical when it comes to other things like Johnny's and I'm proud of it!

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