Sunday, October 25, 2009

The sense of Touch

I'm planning to get an iTouch after failing to rescue my iPod which is very sad. =( If I have the choice, I want my iPod back and not some canggih manggih iTouch. But you know the cost of repairing my iPod is equivalent to a brand new 32GB iTouch? Ridiculous right? Might as well get a new one.I might be selling my iPod as a faulty model too.

I PM-ed the guy on LYN for his 16GB iTouch at RM888 but there's no reply from him yet. If he still doesn't reply, I'll order an 8GB model online. Free shipping and I get to engrave my name on it for free heee. Any suggestions on what message should I engrave? "Show Must Go On" ,"Love & Respect", "I'll crush you" ,"It's a conspiracy"? It's an open question, so feel free to suggest some.

I'm thinking..with the wifi function, I'll probably tweet even more. Fellow followers, expect a whole lot more of tweets from me in the near future!

And.. my playlist is getting more and more emo. Johnny's! quickly release something happier to lift up the mood. I need to spring clean my playlist after my exams too. So many things to do after exam haha..Gonna cut one of my old jeans and make it to a pair of shorts.

On another note.. I've been thinking a lot about the future lately. Whats in store for me after my degree? I know it's still at least 2 years more to go for me to complete my degree.. But I just can't help but to wonder. I'm a wonder girl With the economy crisis and all.. it seems like the better option is to continue studying until the economy goes up again. It will be almost impossible to find a job now.

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