Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I mentioned that cats like to rest behind my house right? There were 4 cats yesterday and guess what one of them did? Vomited tape worms!! At least 3 long tape worms!! Eeewww I should have just catnip them since I have super strong mint chewing gum..But I won't cause I like felines hehe.

This morning, 2AM, my dad and I went to KL to pick up my mum from her office. Yes OT. Not over time but office trip. Her department (I think?) went to the Island of duty free, the Langkawi Island. I actually enjoy the road trip to KL cause it's really quiet and peaceful. It made me wonder again where will the road lead me to if I drive non stop for the whole night. I wasn't the one driving anyway Where will I be at Ming Tian (tomorrow)?

Talking about Ming Tian.. I think Ming Tien food court is like my favorite place to COD (Cash on Delivery). Last year, I COD-ed with the guy who I bought my Softbank phone from and yesterday, I COD-ed with another guy for my iTouch. What's next? Television? Laptop? Car? My iTouch's name is Fiftyone btw hehehe

And I realize no one answered my question in the previous entry..but will still provide the answer anyway.
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It's actually on my knees. Did u got it right?

This is for Estee who <3 the heart shape
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A heart shaped sour sop fruit I came across in Jusco this afternoon

There was a Halloween fair in the new wing too
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Talking about 1U, I went to Etude House and bought some stuff again and this time, the sales girl gave me 2 posters and 2 folders of Lee Min Ho. Last 2 some more. Haha but I don't really like the picture of the folder.. So I'll probably give it to my mum's friend's daughter one and my sister don't mind taking the other one. As for the poster, maybe I should have a competition haha. But I doubt people will want it la cause u can get it from Etude House. Went to Parkson to get some presents and the saleslady came and told me Joke of 2006. So kaypoh la she

And I had sushi zanmai for lunch! <3

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