Thursday, October 8, 2009

You're maa wild bunny

I reread my blog entries.. and finds it really boring and dull. Sorry to put u guys in such a situation. I'll try to make it as comical as possible. I doubt people will get my joke

Anyway..this few days, I feel like I'm being violated. More specifically, my brilliant ideas were 'plagiarized' Now I finally understand why university takes plagiarism seriously. And I'm so sorry that I once used to hate doing citations. I'm not asking u to cite nor credit me.. at least don't say it's YOUR idea laaaa. Iish iish.. annoying

I'm really hooked to the song 'Mad' by Ne-Yo.

And tomorrow Clair's coming over to copy Wild Bunny! Haha.
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You cannot find a reason to not enjoy Wild Bunny..seriously. Even if you dislike them, you'll still find it entertaining to watch it. Cause we're human beings and humans just like to see people 'degrading' their image. Haha actually nola.. it's because u get to see celebrities are also human and they can me such a boy too!

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