Friday, October 23, 2009

Greek Pocahontas

My One Utama trip went into a different direction. I end up buying nothing from Etude House haha they ran out of stock of what I'm looking for. To all Min Ho fans out there, if you buy above RM20, you'll receive a free poster of him. Maybe he'll be signing that this Sunday huh?

I went to Forever 21 to check out the jeans I saw the other day. Dayummmmm.. they don't have my size??? It's either too big or too small!! I wanna get some wife beaters too..but again, size problem. Went for lunch at Sushi Zanmai again! The yaki tamago with mentai sauce! Um Mm!

Oh Oh.. I bought 2 of this Pocahontas head band(?) Greek Goddess head band(?) whatever u call that la from Diva. They're having some below RM21 sales.

Image Hosted by
Two of these cost only RM13! Haha cheap right?

The Greek Pocahontas look is not only popular among girls but guys also. Tsuyoshi wore that 5 years ago during the countdown concert or was it Anniversary's Live? And G.D wore it during one of his performance with W-inds. Hehee mine will make its debut on Fashion Terrorist soon!

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