Friday, October 30, 2009


I decided to name the 4 stray cats behind my house. The mummy cat's name is Mikan (Mandarin Orange) cause of her orange colored fur. No, not CNY The baby orange fur kitten's name is Ji Hoo cause it resemble's Ji Hoo's hair color. The lighter grey kitten's name is Tatsu (Dragon) cause it's really timid. Hope that it will grow to be a braver cat and protect its mum. The darker grey's name is Maki (roll/curl). Together, the grey duo are known as Tatsumaki. It means Tornado..not the dragon roll in your favorite Sushi restaurant ya.

Today... Psychology paper was alright I guess? It was not as tough as last semester but still quite a killer paper. Although its all MCQs (96 questions in total), it was designed in a way that all answers seems correct and you have to select the MOST MOST MOST appropriate one.

Psychology paper down..So that makes one last paper more to go! Hehehe one week more and here comes my semester break!

So many things to do this semester break~ Gonna catch up with the old movies, dramas, musicals and more coming in.
Ahh I'm so tired today. Used up a whole year worth of brain juice haha

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