Friday, October 16, 2009

Delectable A.N.Jell

Fireworks have been going on since 2.30pm. It's almost 9pm now.. Did they rob a firework making factory or something?? It's really noisy la and I'm trying to revise for my Asian Music exam.

This morning/afternoon, I did something that I really regret. Shouldn't have started watching this Korean drama entitled "You're Beautiful". Shit la.. now I want more of it and no new episodes are coming out till next week. Wow..Rene is actually watching a Korean dramas? I was really interested in this drama when the news about it first came out. Cause it's a band drama and Lee Hong Gi is in it. I really really really like Hong Gi's voice!! That's what I call power man! If you're wondering, he's the one in blonde.

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But he's the drummer laaaaa not the lead singer. I felt so conned! But it's alright cause the storyline made up for it haha. It's another crossdress drama like HanaKimi and from the character's'll know who will be fighting over the girl and who she'll end up with but I still can't help but watch it!

Talking about dramas.. this Autumn's dorama line ups are really worth looking forward to. They're so many comedy and mystery dramas this Autumn! Time to put on the thinking cap and solve crimes!

Oh ya.. My mum got us designer's cupcakes from Delectable by Su
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Nice nice?? It's so my type of cupcake as it's not very sweet.. Haha but it's freaking expensive! RM28 for 3 of it.

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