Friday, October 21, 2011


I hardly update this blog and when I update, entries are getting shorter and shorter and I don't really have an exciting life. Thus, I don't see the point of maintaining this blog!

But, I like to write short entries, so I've opted a more micro and minimalistic site! You can find me at Rene's Rant Book

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good luck?

I am finally blogging on this blog! haha Malaysian Open is over and it was indeed a very hectic week for me. It was suppose to be my semester break and I've spent the entire week going up and down to KL. It's either KLCC or the Bukit Jalil. 2 years worth of KL trip, all in one week haha. And when everything ended, I can feel the lethargic-ness attacking me.

See this autographed tennis ball? It actually brought my friends and I a lot of laughter haha.

We call this Kei ball because it was signed by Japan No.1 Nishikori Kei. and whenever we're in an awkward situation, we'll chant or talk about Kei ball and something funny will happen. And then we'll laugh laugh laugh and awkward no more! 

Also, the other day I brought this Kei ball to uni as a good luck charm and pheww my law presentation with the other Irene turned out really well. I din feel like I've put in a lot of effort for the research and yet we manage to pull it through smoothly. Some luck from Kei ball? Hmmmm

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tokyo Tower 3D puzzle!

thanks for the experience

Checked my law paper's results and what a relief!!! I didn't do super well but I got a credit!! wheeee. It dragged by GPA down but it was still slightly higher than my expectation. See, art students can do law subjects too! haha

Taking this law subject has definitely opened my eyes. I've learned so much about my country's constitution, visited the Palace of Justice and Federal Court (highest court in Malaysia), met the Chief Justice before retiring, hear a short lecture by the deputy Chief Justice of Netherlands, and another lecture by a Federal Court judge, hear some anecdotes about wigs....

Very good experience indeed! Now I have another law to conquer! Journalism and the law, hopefully I'll do better here!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog not dead!

In case you're wondering what happened to me. I'm still alive! Haha I have too many blogs to update lately. Shoujiki Shindoi and my sports blog ∞ arena. For somehow who doesn't know much about sports, maintaining a sports blog that will be assessed is quite tiring. And not forgetting the weekly sports quiz.. Thank God I usually open my eyes when I go shopping. At least I can recognize some football players, their endorsements and their jerseys. And I've been following F1 since the season begin. Cricket, rugby? Give me a break!

So if you any sports tips, let me know ya!

Friday, August 26, 2011

no surprise

I think something's wrong with my brain? I'm not surprised if I turn (?) schizophrenic some day later.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Real you?

People often say "thats so not me!" or "that's not the real me" So what exactly is the real you? Foucault argued that there's no 'real' you, we are all just actors. I actually agree very much with what he said. We act differently in different situations, with power playing a role in it. Let's say that you're some seriously noisy/talkative and loud person. You walked into a library and kept really quiet. Does that means that the person in the library is not the real you? It's still you right? How is that fake you?