Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm gonna send the first batch of Xmas cards tomorrow morning! Its been some time since I last visited the post office. Kinda excited about it haha. Hope the postage won't cost too much!

Ahh..semester break. But I feel even busier than before, as if I have an assignment deadline to meet. And more things are piling up on the 'To Do list'. Must.Remember.Parkinson's.Law.

The year is ending in about 5 weeks time. I think I'm ready for 2011. Are you?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm 20 so what?

Regarding the question I ask earlier.
There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

When I first saw XZQT, my brain automatically broke it down to

X = ex
Z = zee
Q = que
T = tee

then, brain joins everything together and registers the word 'Executive'. So naturally, I thought its a boutique selling office wear. But no, apparently its a furniture shop. So not in the name!

Something that I realize lately. When your 90 and you complain about your aching leg or something, most people will take u very seriously. But if your 20, people will think that you're faking it or its actually just some cramp or anything. Hate it when someone doubted me when they found out that I'm going to see an orthopedic. Seriously, when your 90, your blood circulation slows down and naturally you'll feel aches here and there. Isn't it a problem if you're going through does when you're 20? "never mind wan la..." Who are you to say that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guru guru PAHHHHH

No one answered my question! So I'm posting it again.

There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liz Liz Lisa

Whenever I read a Japanese fashion magazine, the same thought never fails to appear in my mind - "I want something from Liz Lisa!!!" So, when there's finally a chance to win a Liz Lisa knitted bow hat, I have to take part in it even if I have a wardrobe breakdown or malfunction.

Yup, you read it right. Hermes of An addiction to cuteness is having a 100+ followers giveaway!
<--- click click

All you have to do is coordinate an outfit that you think would match this knitted beanie, brown or white, which do u like? Easy easy!

As for me, I would replace this black beret with the white knitted beanie
Long knitted ribbon top, a dark blue or black wife beaters inside, black hand bag, black boots and maybe black leggings..Depending on the weather, occasion and where am I heading to.

Thats not all~
As there are some gold details on my black bag, I would accesorize it with a black rose ring, gold crown ring and a not so gold long necklace.

Heee,something simple from me =) So what are u waiting for, click on HERE for more information about the giveaway!

Bzz bzzz

Pheww exam's out and semester break is in! But it seems that I just got busier. Need to work on my itinary, upcoming JLPT, get a job but firstly, spring clean! Not only the study table, computer but also the brain. Time to put all the psychoanalysis or hyperreality at a side! And I'm finally going for an Xray for my leg! Time to see whether I diagnose myself correctly or not. Its like a mini 'test' ey?

Recently, I've watched this drama called Love Shuffle. Basically, its about four couples who is having some sort of relationship problem. They decided to shuffle their partners with each other to reconfirm their feelings and what is best for them. It was so interesting that I couldn't stop watching once I started an episode. I ended up finish the entire series within a day. haha it was that good.

Anyway...question to ponder! There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One down, one more to go.

One paper down this morning, and one last one to go on Thursday! I really need the vibes and energy to continue studying. Yesterday was quite crazy cause I was really determined to study. And suddenly, I'm down with a light fever and slight headache. Actually, I was more productive when I'm not feeling well. I've read so much..I think more than what I've been reading in the past few weeks. A do or die situation I guess? haha. Can't wait for Thursday to come!

PS: My entries are getting shorter and shorter. Maybe I should switch to micro-blogging. Hmmm

Monday, November 1, 2010

Left Left Left Right Left

As usual, I woke up feeling like an old lady. Not only my left hip bone is cracking, left leg is aching and now the very last rib bone on the left is protesting. But at least I think I found out the reason of the hip cracking hoho. Google is like my General Medicine department. Whenever there is a problem, I turn to it. But it's really funny cause the hip snapping thing.. most of it happened to athletes and I'm no where near that. I'm just someone who has been a klutz for the entire of my life. And still one.

On a very different page, at what age do u think is the time that you can tell yourself to let go of everything in the world and just rest in peace? At 20, you're still looking for your dream job. At 30, you have a good job want a home. At 40, your family is your priority. At 50, you worry about your kids. At 60, you want to see your kids settle well. At 70, At 80 or At 90? Question to ponder.