Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bzz bzzz

Pheww exam's out and semester break is in! But it seems that I just got busier. Need to work on my itinary, upcoming JLPT, get a job but firstly, spring clean! Not only the study table, computer but also the brain. Time to put all the psychoanalysis or hyperreality at a side! And I'm finally going for an Xray for my leg! Time to see whether I diagnose myself correctly or not. Its like a mini 'test' ey?

Recently, I've watched this drama called Love Shuffle. Basically, its about four couples who is having some sort of relationship problem. They decided to shuffle their partners with each other to reconfirm their feelings and what is best for them. It was so interesting that I couldn't stop watching once I started an episode. I ended up finish the entire series within a day. haha it was that good.

Anyway...question to ponder! There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

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