Thursday, February 25, 2010

The prank that was played by...

I have no idea why am I so looking forward to next Saturday. There will be some guest coming over and I will have to greet them bla bla bla. Why am I so excited about that? Greeting people is one of the last thing I would do. And the other day, I was so engross in solving Clair's Maths homework. I actually attempted more questions that what she requested me to do. Whats wrong with me?

Yesterday, I had some problem with my phone line which prevented me from going online. I've Wii-ed, Karaoke-d, read the newspapers.... I didn't know what to do and I don't wanna waste time day dreaming, so I grab the Chinese newspaper and read it.

Besides the Entertainment and Sunday Special section, I've never really read the Chinese newspaper. The size... I don't like reading broadsheet sized newspapers. It's so troublesome and my hand gets really tired from holding the paper. Maybe if the Chinese papers are in tabloid size, I might follow it religiously. Hmm..I wonder

March is around the corner...JLPT's results are releasing soon. Nervous? Excited? I don't know. I hope for the best *fingers crossed*

I wanna go for a ride on my 8 years old scooter haha

Just realize that u can add pages on blogger. Cool!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I wanna go back to my old house so badly and check are there any mails/parcels for me. But I have no car The new place I'm living now is not an outskirt or isolated from the city but somehow the postman NEVER reaches here. Astro (Satellite TV) almost cut off their service because my mum didn't pay the bill. It's not that we don't wanna pay but the bill did not reach us. I wonder where did the bill ended up at.

I always wanted to live in a quiet neighborhood. There's only 1 neighbor here, Perfect! But after visiting my old neighbor and playing with their dog yesterday, I kinda miss my old neighborhood. I would always 'voice over' for the dogs or cats around the neighborhood, point and laugh at the funny dog etc etc. You don't miss your water till the well runs dry eh?

Anyway, this is how my phone looks like up to yesterday

And today onwards,

Goodbye blings! You trap way too much dust I like it better like that. So pretty! Simplicity is beautiful.

Found something interesting on Minimal's Tumblr
Stop buying unnecessary things.
Toss half your stuff, learn contentedness.
Reduce half again.

List 4 essential things in your life,
stop doing non-essential things.
Do these essentials first each day, clear distractions
focus on each moment.

Let go of attachment to doing, having more.
Fall in love with less.

Happy birthday Kame =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Typhoon Generation

When I first saw the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520, the first thing that came to my mind was "I want that berry!" The reason for the sudden impulsion is very simple. Just because it has a good name.

Whether its pets or non living things, I believe that naming is very important. I once name a stray cat Tatsumaki (Tornado) and it grew up to be one strong cat. And the other cat with a sissy name ended up as timid as a mouse. I bet the mouse freeloading in the food court nearby is even stronger than it.

"Storm will definitely help me to brainstorm" that was the 2nd thing that came to my mind. Most of my blog entries here actually the rainbow after brain'storming'.

I always have random Eureka moments BUT all the time, only 3 rainbow stripes are formed. The other 4 depends on lots of brainstorming.

Furthermore, I have really bad memory that prevents me from bringing my note book wherever I go. How to write down notes or write down my random ideas?

And when I bring my note book out,I won't be able to pack my camera along because of the size of the bag. My hand phone's camera is hopeless! I can't even take a proper picture of myself.

But,Blackberry Storm 2 has the right solution for me. I can make use of the fast network connection to get my ideas running, or snap like a pro with the 3.2MP camera with the auto focus function. Say goodbye to pictures like that:

(Picture taken using my current phone, before Photoshoping)

There is this song named A.Ra.Shi (storm) that I really like. The lyrics says arashi, arashi for dream. But, I don't want this Blackberry Storm 2 to be a dream phone. I want this berry! The power is in my hands,I will bring sunshine to this Storm or let it be the storm that inspires the Rain i mean Rene.

Celcom has always been working really closely with Blackberry. Of course, it will be the best Storm-tastic place to get a Black Berry Storm 2. Celcom might be the longest lasting cellular service in Malaysia, however it's not only for old peeps. They have the widest and most extensive coverage nationwide, compared to other cellular services in Malaysia.

Celcom has cool theme song and cool ads which features Wang Lee Hom! I'm not a fan of him but he's commercial sure is more interesting than any other ads on tv.

Check out Celcom's brand vision:
Our brand vision is about pleasing our customers and exceeding their expections. It is our goal to empower them with choices and innovative solutions that will give them greater control and freedom to live it to the fullest.

See..thats exactly what I need! And guess what? Celcom is currently giving away 2 Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 to Nuffnangers. For more info, click here. Contest ends February 25th! So if you wanna be a part of the storm, better act as fast as a storm!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bloody Monday

f(x) = 5^(x+0.5) -2

A new species of bacteria, 'Bloody Monday' is functioned as above function where x represents time in hours and f(x) represents the population. When someone is infected with this bacteria, that person will be lazy to attend school or work on Monday. Thankfully, this bacteria will stop growing after reaching the growth rate of 1.3328 x 10^17. How long will it take to reach its maximum growth?

May contain spoilers!

Bloody Monday Season 2 is so much better than Season 1! It's not as laggy as the first season, more action, more suspense, more drama and a whole lot more of hacking. But it's kinda sad to see 2 of my favorite characters, Kanzaki Jun (J) and Orihara Maya dying/dead. Noooo!

Will Fujimaru and Otoya save the day? I hope this show continues at this current pace. I don't want it to drag and drag and end up having too many characters and it will be too complicated.

Anyway, the answer for the question above is 24 hours. The bacteria will stop growing after 24 hours because it's Tuesday already, no more Monday blues. I came up with this question about 1.5 years ago and now, I've forgotten how to use logs and algebra haha.

Talking about Monday... my sophomore year begins next Monday. I think I'm quite ready to go back to school! Please don't get me infected with Bloody Monday.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Laugh Therapy

I was so tired yesterday because...

The 3 of them came over

Karaoke, Wii, Wii sports boxing was crazy, Watch Wild Bunny, Laugh a lot, Walk out under the glaring hot sun and cam whore.

But its okay, cause the next time we can do that again is probably some time during June or July. Have a safe trip to Melbourne, Estee Chong! And don't stalk people on facebook ok? haha

Every Friday night, I'll watch this Korean tv program called 1 Night 2 Days. It is the funniest TV program ever! Every episode is so funny and yesterday's one was epic! Its been some time since I last laughed out really really loud. I couldn't breathe properly due to all that laughters. Gonna watch the repeat again tomorrow!

I think my glucose level went really high up from all that laughters. I couldn't sleep at all after the show and only woke up at 9AM this morning which is considered as very late for me. Went to IKEA and almost fell asleep on one of their sofa bed.

On a different note, I've started blogging via Tumblr! But I'm only using that to practice my Japanese. Today's Japanese class just made me realize how careless I can be and I really need to use more Japanese. If you understand Japanese or just feel like reading it, Follow me here! I'm trying to make it as interesting as possible.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sign sign dot dot dot

Weirddddd. I had a couple of weird dream last night. First, I dreamed of my primary and high school friends which I've lost contact like n years ago. No facebook back then haha. The weirdest part is their faces still look exactly the same as 8 years ago. They're suppose to be 20 this year but still their 12 years old face.

Is that a sign? *sings BEG's Sign* Last year, I dreamed of my primary school class mate and a couple of weeks later when my semester begins, I saw him at Monash. Maybe I'll get to see some familiar faces this semester.

And next, I think I'm too excited about Estee, Jackie and Kim coming over to my house today. I actually dreamed of them coming to my house in one of Lady Gaga's strong shoulder outfit. And Kim had like super thick make-up which is kinda scary haha. Can't wait for u guys to come over! Lets karaoke and wii~

On a very different note, I planned to buy a yukata for this year's Bon Odori using my Ang Pau money. But yesterday, I've made up my mind to not buy it. I'm saving the money!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am Back!

..with a backache and 2 bruises. Sometimes, I really wonder what is my REAL age. It's either the back or the leg thats playing a prank on me.

Anyway, I'm really lazy to blog about CNY in details. So I'll just blog about it briefly ya.

Day 1
It's the year of the tiger, but I wore a bunny shirt. Should have kept it for next year eh? Haha some of my Malay relative came over and visit us. This is the first time that their WHOLE family came over. There were about 15 kids and 7 adults I think. I'll story about this family some other time ya?

This is not even half of those present haha

At night, the Chongs went out for another dinner. This time, its at Hoi Loong, which is one of our usual restaurant. And the food was way better too.

A family picture in the hall before leaving the house

Receiving red packets from my grandma

my super red cheeks after a couple glasses of white wine, my sister and my cousins

The next day, we head up North to my mum's hometown, Sg Petani, Kedah. In Sg Petani, you won't feel full because your tummy will always be bloated. The food there is way too cheap and tasty! So much better than here back home. And, the people there will never give u funny stares even if you wear your favorite Hello Kitty boxers out for supper.

But don't dress less. Cause the people there are quite conservative

And these are some of my cousins

In a nut shell.. CNY is HOT! So hot that my dad didn't want to get out of his car haha.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy See En Why

It's the first day of the Chinese New Year and I'm at home playing my Wii and Bejewel Blitz. How exciting......I've got to an age where I'm not moved by the new clothes, CNY tunes, angpao money (otoshi dama) and CNY cookies. And I've not reach the age where I have to be busy preparing for the New Year. Maybe I should write a song about this. It might sell better than Britney's 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman' haha

Last night's reunion dinner was so disappointing! The food was such a let down. Soft shell crab yee sang sounds appetizing but the crab was blehhh. Coconut shelled shark fin soup tasted like grain soup, no wonder I'm never a fan of shark fin soup over smoked chicken... Thank God there's the cod fish to save the day.

Haha and I saw one of my former class mate there too but my head reflex involuntarily turned to the other direction. Felt a little bad cause he's pretty much in front of me but it would be so not me if I ever greeted someone I don't really know. Sorry but I've got an image to maintain! haha

Anyway.. initially, my plan was to wear this pair of stiletto and be a 5'8 for a night

But, my mum and sister is very convinced that I'll probably fall flat or sprain my ankle so I ended up with a pair of flats

I manage to convince my cousin that the zit on my nose is a mole. Not bad ah, Etude House's BB cream.

Thats me, sister and cousin.

And yesterday, I have no idea why I keep dropping food. Morning, I drop the Crispy Chinese Cruller and then lunch, I drop my Unagi maki and dinner, I hit the sauce plate and the soy sauce spilled. It's just not my day.

Lastly, A happy Chinese New Year to everyone celebrating it! Have a Pawsperous Tiger year ahead blessed with lots of happiness and health!

PS: Hope that tonight's dinner will be better

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I can't believe that I'm actually blogging at 12.17AM on my bed and the laptop just slammed onto my head cause I was adjusting the blanket. By now, I should be in my 2nd phase of rapid eye movement or dreaming about some silly adventure. My initial plan was to stay up to finish up Season1's Aibou.. but somehow the DVD doesn't come with subtitles and it's quite impossible for me to understand an awesome crime drama like Aibou without any subtitles. So.. blog la! What else haha

In less than a month, I'm going back to university. I guess I'm quite ready for it? Haha its a good reason to prevent me from staying at home and accompany my grandmother. Not that I dislike her what but as quoted from my sister, "I'll have a nervous breakdown if I stay at home everyday with her(grandma)". I'll story about my grandmother some other time ya? I actually wrote a super long post on Word, ranting about my grandmother but I've deleted it haha. It's not good to write things out of anger cause it will be very one sided.

One habit that I should really break is I should work harder for everything and not only on things that I like. Ten years ago, I quit taking piano lessons. I admit that it's my fault partially but I still can't believe that my teacher said "If you want to quit, its better to quit now" to me. I like to play the piano, its just that I prefer to play songs that I like and not some hamburger song. I know I have to be improve to be able to plays nice songs but I do practice and she made me sound like I'm some lazy student who was forced to pick up piano lessons by her mother.quite true

This is my brain storm book for my upcoming blog entries. When I'm about to blog about things that I like, I'll draw mind maps, take a few days to plan and draft it etc etc. But I've never done anything like that for any of my journalism assignments! Thats why I hate it when my lecturer starts drilling us with questions about our assignments. And guess what, I'm actually brain storming for an event that will only take place in July!

A decade and I'm still insisting in putting a 100% in things that I like. I guess what the Chinese said 'it is easier to move mountains than to change a person’s natural disposition' is quite true haha

Anyway, I think I should go to bed right now. Gotta wake up early tomorrow to figure out the subtitles haha. Good night world

Monday, February 8, 2010

Music Monday #11

I've decided to update Music Monday fortnightly instead of weekly. I'm running out of songs and basically.. I'm lazy haha.

Anyway, song of the week for week 11 is 'Drivers High' by L'Arc~en~Ciel.

This is my favorite favorite driving song ever! No no, I don't Flash the lights and think that I'm the coolest driver's high nor want to see you in the next world like what the lyrics said. It's just that this song sounds so happy and makes me think that driving isn't that bad. I really really dislike driving I had to listen to this song and watch some video of Koichi talking about unko every time before my driving lesson begin to ensure that the lesson goes out smoothly. That is also probably why I'm able to obtain my driving license in one go.

L'Arc~en~ciel (Laruku) has been around since a long time ago but I've only began listening to them when I was 16 or 17. They have a super long history. They debuted when I was one years old! If you're interested, check out their wiki page here.
Their songs reminded me very very much of my high school days. How Kim, Jackie and I would strum really randomly to the guitar trying to play a Laruku song or how we would parody HYDE and Gackt in their movie entitled 'Moonchild'. And sometimes when I'm feeling lucky, I'll sing 'Stay Away' and when I didn't get enough sleep, I'll sing 'Feeling Fine'. Ah...the good old days.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

7 things I would do in Japan...

... without spending a lot of money

Rene’s 201X Japan trip Day 1 Itinerary
1. Take a picture with an icon

I’m sorry Mickey. Your magic won’t work on someone with an empty pocket like me. A true story about the loyalty of a dog is more captivating than a mouse that dances around. Hachiko, the loyal dog might not be around anymore, but is still standing strong in the hearts of every passerby of the Shibuya station. Take a picture of Hachiko and I’ll have a story to tell my family and friends back home. They’re probably more interested in this story than how was I spun around in a theme park.
picture credit: Wiki

2. Buy some souvenirs and junks

While I’m at Shibuya, I’ll pay a trip to OUTLET, a general store located in Daikanyama. From post cards to detergent, it’s all under one roof. I’ll get something for Mum , Dad and my sister and there’s John, Jane, Mary, Ali… I’m not too sure about the price in OUTLET, but if it’s out of my budget, I’ll just get something from Daiso, the hundred yen shop. And not forgetting a trip to the conbini (convenient store) for some Japanese snacks and brunch.
picture credit: OUTLET

3. Take a stroll, Emperor Style

I don’t need a new groom or gold to be like an emperor. All I have to do visit the East Gardens (Kokyo Higashi Gyoen) of the Imperial Palace located at Chiyoda city after brunch. The East Gardens were the former site of Edo Castle’s innermost circles of defense. Tokugawa shogun and Emperor Meiji used to reside there before relocating into the Imperial Palace. Price to stroll like an emperor? Admission free! After walking around the East Gardens, I’ll visit the Imperial Garden Theater
And If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to catch Domoto Koichi in action. If the weather’s good, I’ll pay a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine which houses one of the few Japanese War Musuem dedicated to World War II.
picture credit: Yukiguni, and Wiki

4. 100 Yen Gourmet

By 2 or 3PM, I should be in Yokohama already. It’s tea time, onaka ga peko peko and broke at the same time. But no worries, Bay Quarter Yokohama’s Victoire has something in store for me. Victoire is a bakery not a toire (toilet). Their extraordinary delicious Roldon’s croissant is the winning bread in the Paris Bakery World Cup and it cost only a 100 yen! I’ll probably get 2 of those.
picture credit: here

5. Architecture Appreciation

While I’m in Yokohama, I’ll visit the old Negishi horse racing track. The very first Western style horse racing in Japan was held here. There is also a Equine museum and a Pony Centre where I can enjoy some horse riding. The entrance fee of the museum is only a hundred yen. The museum closes at 5PM so I probably can’t spend a lot of time here.
picture credit: here

6. 1000 Yen Gourmet

It’s dinner time! Time to hit China town for some good old Chinese food. According to ‘Domoto Tsuyoshi no Shojiki Shindoi’, (a TV program that I frequently watch) there is this really good restaurant called Setsuen. Their top signature dish is the Soup Fried Rice that even the mayor of Yokohama loves it very much. 1050 yen for a plate of soup fried rice is pretty worth it after a long day out.
picture credits: Wiki

7. Good night Yokohama

What? It’s already that late? One last thing to do before leaving Yokohama is to take a panoramic shot of Yokohama’s night view. That shot must include the infamous Ferris wheel that appeared in various Japanese dramas such as Kuitan and Tatta hitotsu no Koi. And when I get my perfect shot, it’s time to say good bye, Yokohama.

This entry is for the February 2010's Japan Blog Matsuri. The theme for this month's matsuri is Japan Top List. Click here for more info of the matsuri.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Rojak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found over here in Malaysia. In the Malay language,the term 'Rojak' carries the meaning of 'mixture'. Culturally, it is also used as a colloquial expression for an eclectic mix, and in particular is often used to describe the multi-ethnic character of Malaysian.

I love fruits Rojak and today's entry is not about why Rojak is the best street food ever but a very rojak post with little bits of this and that.

Last January, I said that I would keep my hair long. Guess what? You won't be able to see that in a while cause...*insert scissors snipping sound*. I couldn't stand looking like I'm wearing a bell shaped helmet on my head so I decided to go for a haircut last Saturday. *checks Chinese calendar* That Saturday must be a good day for a hair cut cause every saloon that I went to was fully occupied. So I had to bear the helmet hair for another 2 days and finally had a snip on Monday. Consumers probably thought that hair saloons will increase their price due to the Chinese New Year celebration but trust me, they won't. Competition is just way too intense lately. They won't sell their customers so easily to others.

Anyway, my sister said that my new haircut is short, but I don't think so. I've had shorter haha. Might be dyeing it tomorrow. My hair dye have been lying inside my wardrobe for 3 months! It's still unopened so it won't get dried up right? haha

Talking about intense competition, if you're a frequent reader of The Star newspaper, you'll notice the war between Tesco and Giant hypermarket. They're so competitive that instead of feeling happy that they're doing their best to provide the lowest price for the consumers, I felt disgusted and betrayed. Lets say I saw your ad on Friday and bought what was advertised on the same day. The next day, the rival company advertised the same product at a cheaper price. And the worst part is, on Sunday, you advertised the same product at a lower price!

These ads are slightly old. The recent ones are even more obvious that they're declaring a hypermarket war against each other. Sorry that I couldn't find a soft copy of the recent print ads.lazy to scan Treating consumers like commodities... no wonder people still shop at Cold Storage although its about 10% more expensive than other hypermarkets. I prefer Jusco

On another note, I've just accepted a writing 'assignment' on Monday.I was so excited about it that I couldn't sleep at all on Monday night. Actually, it's because I had a very bad leg cramp. So far I have 2 different themes in my mind and still flipping through Malaysian based Japanese magazines to find for fresher ideas. I don't even put in that much energy in completing my journalism assignment haha. A big thanks to Clair who is willing to cross check my work. I owe u a cream puff for that!
Wow! I suddenly had another idea flashing through my mind while typing this. I better jot it down somewhere before it fades away. But having too much ideas might not be a good thing. I have to stay focus!

Talking about writing, I'm currently drafting an entry for the February's Japan Blog Matsuri. Gotta make sure that it's not a last minute entry like the previous one.

The Curious Incident of the....?

Yesterday while I was happily checking my twitter, my sister suddenly called for me. "Hurry! Come and see! Something brown just walk passed my room's window!" So I peep out of her window and I saw something. Immediately "jiken da!" (It's a case) came into my mind. Sorry..I've been watching too much Aibou and Hidari me Tantei lately.

So I quickly go to my room, open my window for a better view and...

It's the Heung Peah (fragrant biscuit?) my sister bought from Penang during the weekend. And I've not tasted any of it yet!! An hour ago, it was still safe, sitting on the kitchen's Island waiting for us to eat it.

Crime Scene: The food container's lid and a Heung Peah on the ground

A closer view of the crime scene.

There were some banana stains on the ground as well

"It's a Monkey!" I told my parents but they weren't very convinced at first. They were suspecting a cat or something cuter. But cat's paws are just not meant to open food containers or a talisman that grants wishes.


My sister on the other hand thinks that it's an evil plan plotted by the monkey and it's best cat friend.

Too bad the CCTV was not switched on at that time. I would have caught it red handed and call it a case close.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Okamoto Keito should consider forming a group with me. I've even thought of our group's name. Karaoke! Chong Ai Rene and Okamoto Keito.. you'll get CAR A OK. He can play the guitar and we'll be like the Heisei version of Dreams Come True (a mixed duo with a female vocalist and male bassist). Johnny san, if this works out, shoot me an e-mail ya? Anyway, today's entry is not about some never ever gonna be formed band but about my Seishun Amigos' karaoke habits. I've been karaoke-ing alone quite frequently lately and every session reminded me of them.

If you're wondering where we got our group name from...*points to TV screen*

This is Kim and Ashton. Karaoke-ing with them is very very exciting and tiring in a good way. This is because, their song selections are very random. For one second, you'll be reminiscing yesterday once more and next, you'll be rapping like you're worth more than 50 cent and before you realize it, you're singing and dancing to some catchy song like there's nobody nobody but you for the third time. And suddenly, a song entitled Hamburger pops out of nowhere.

Then there's Estee and Jackie who have different karaoke habits. Estee here is very supportive of the local music scene. It's not exactly a bad thing but there was once the 3 of us went to a karaoke booth and Estee selected a song that made Jackie and I felt like running out from the booth. Estee was the only one enjoying it. The worst part was we didn't know how to adjust the volume and the whole world knew what song we were singing. As for Jackie... she always select songs that no people wants to sing. She's the only one who listens to Cantopop. we can pass as the next Softbank spokesperson.

The five of us has never been to a proper karaoke together before. Estee is in Australia and Ashton's in Russia. That makes our first and last 5 people karaoke outing 2 years ago and it came with an unwanted distraction. I hope one day we'll get to take a new group picture and karaoke ya? All 5 of us. And don't forget that we're suppose to write our high school story out and publish a book!