Thursday, February 25, 2010

The prank that was played by...

I have no idea why am I so looking forward to next Saturday. There will be some guest coming over and I will have to greet them bla bla bla. Why am I so excited about that? Greeting people is one of the last thing I would do. And the other day, I was so engross in solving Clair's Maths homework. I actually attempted more questions that what she requested me to do. Whats wrong with me?

Yesterday, I had some problem with my phone line which prevented me from going online. I've Wii-ed, Karaoke-d, read the newspapers.... I didn't know what to do and I don't wanna waste time day dreaming, so I grab the Chinese newspaper and read it.

Besides the Entertainment and Sunday Special section, I've never really read the Chinese newspaper. The size... I don't like reading broadsheet sized newspapers. It's so troublesome and my hand gets really tired from holding the paper. Maybe if the Chinese papers are in tabloid size, I might follow it religiously. Hmm..I wonder

March is around the corner...JLPT's results are releasing soon. Nervous? Excited? I don't know. I hope for the best *fingers crossed*

I wanna go for a ride on my 8 years old scooter haha

Just realize that u can add pages on blogger. Cool!

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