Monday, February 22, 2010

Typhoon Generation

When I first saw the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520, the first thing that came to my mind was "I want that berry!" The reason for the sudden impulsion is very simple. Just because it has a good name.

Whether its pets or non living things, I believe that naming is very important. I once name a stray cat Tatsumaki (Tornado) and it grew up to be one strong cat. And the other cat with a sissy name ended up as timid as a mouse. I bet the mouse freeloading in the food court nearby is even stronger than it.

"Storm will definitely help me to brainstorm" that was the 2nd thing that came to my mind. Most of my blog entries here actually the rainbow after brain'storming'.

I always have random Eureka moments BUT all the time, only 3 rainbow stripes are formed. The other 4 depends on lots of brainstorming.

Furthermore, I have really bad memory that prevents me from bringing my note book wherever I go. How to write down notes or write down my random ideas?

And when I bring my note book out,I won't be able to pack my camera along because of the size of the bag. My hand phone's camera is hopeless! I can't even take a proper picture of myself.

But,Blackberry Storm 2 has the right solution for me. I can make use of the fast network connection to get my ideas running, or snap like a pro with the 3.2MP camera with the auto focus function. Say goodbye to pictures like that:

(Picture taken using my current phone, before Photoshoping)

There is this song named A.Ra.Shi (storm) that I really like. The lyrics says arashi, arashi for dream. But, I don't want this Blackberry Storm 2 to be a dream phone. I want this berry! The power is in my hands,I will bring sunshine to this Storm or let it be the storm that inspires the Rain i mean Rene.

Celcom has always been working really closely with Blackberry. Of course, it will be the best Storm-tastic place to get a Black Berry Storm 2. Celcom might be the longest lasting cellular service in Malaysia, however it's not only for old peeps. They have the widest and most extensive coverage nationwide, compared to other cellular services in Malaysia.

Celcom has cool theme song and cool ads which features Wang Lee Hom! I'm not a fan of him but he's commercial sure is more interesting than any other ads on tv.

Check out Celcom's brand vision:
Our brand vision is about pleasing our customers and exceeding their expections. It is our goal to empower them with choices and innovative solutions that will give them greater control and freedom to live it to the fullest.

See..thats exactly what I need! And guess what? Celcom is currently giving away 2 Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 to Nuffnangers. For more info, click here. Contest ends February 25th! So if you wanna be a part of the storm, better act as fast as a storm!

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