Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy See En Why

It's the first day of the Chinese New Year and I'm at home playing my Wii and Bejewel Blitz. How exciting......I've got to an age where I'm not moved by the new clothes, CNY tunes, angpao money (otoshi dama) and CNY cookies. And I've not reach the age where I have to be busy preparing for the New Year. Maybe I should write a song about this. It might sell better than Britney's 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman' haha

Last night's reunion dinner was so disappointing! The food was such a let down. Soft shell crab yee sang sounds appetizing but the crab was blehhh. Coconut shelled shark fin soup tasted like grain soup, no wonder I'm never a fan of shark fin soup over smoked chicken... Thank God there's the cod fish to save the day.

Haha and I saw one of my former class mate there too but my head reflex involuntarily turned to the other direction. Felt a little bad cause he's pretty much in front of me but it would be so not me if I ever greeted someone I don't really know. Sorry but I've got an image to maintain! haha

Anyway.. initially, my plan was to wear this pair of stiletto and be a 5'8 for a night

But, my mum and sister is very convinced that I'll probably fall flat or sprain my ankle so I ended up with a pair of flats

I manage to convince my cousin that the zit on my nose is a mole. Not bad ah, Etude House's BB cream.

Thats me, sister and cousin.

And yesterday, I have no idea why I keep dropping food. Morning, I drop the Crispy Chinese Cruller and then lunch, I drop my Unagi maki and dinner, I hit the sauce plate and the soy sauce spilled. It's just not my day.

Lastly, A happy Chinese New Year to everyone celebrating it! Have a Pawsperous Tiger year ahead blessed with lots of happiness and health!

PS: Hope that tonight's dinner will be better

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