Monday, February 1, 2010


Okamoto Keito should consider forming a group with me. I've even thought of our group's name. Karaoke! Chong Ai Rene and Okamoto Keito.. you'll get CAR A OK. He can play the guitar and we'll be like the Heisei version of Dreams Come True (a mixed duo with a female vocalist and male bassist). Johnny san, if this works out, shoot me an e-mail ya? Anyway, today's entry is not about some never ever gonna be formed band but about my Seishun Amigos' karaoke habits. I've been karaoke-ing alone quite frequently lately and every session reminded me of them.

If you're wondering where we got our group name from...*points to TV screen*

This is Kim and Ashton. Karaoke-ing with them is very very exciting and tiring in a good way. This is because, their song selections are very random. For one second, you'll be reminiscing yesterday once more and next, you'll be rapping like you're worth more than 50 cent and before you realize it, you're singing and dancing to some catchy song like there's nobody nobody but you for the third time. And suddenly, a song entitled Hamburger pops out of nowhere.

Then there's Estee and Jackie who have different karaoke habits. Estee here is very supportive of the local music scene. It's not exactly a bad thing but there was once the 3 of us went to a karaoke booth and Estee selected a song that made Jackie and I felt like running out from the booth. Estee was the only one enjoying it. The worst part was we didn't know how to adjust the volume and the whole world knew what song we were singing. As for Jackie... she always select songs that no people wants to sing. She's the only one who listens to Cantopop. we can pass as the next Softbank spokesperson.

The five of us has never been to a proper karaoke together before. Estee is in Australia and Ashton's in Russia. That makes our first and last 5 people karaoke outing 2 years ago and it came with an unwanted distraction. I hope one day we'll get to take a new group picture and karaoke ya? All 5 of us. And don't forget that we're suppose to write our high school story out and publish a book!

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