Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Curious Incident of the....?

Yesterday while I was happily checking my twitter, my sister suddenly called for me. "Hurry! Come and see! Something brown just walk passed my room's window!" So I peep out of her window and I saw something. Immediately "jiken da!" (It's a case) came into my mind. Sorry..I've been watching too much Aibou and Hidari me Tantei lately.

So I quickly go to my room, open my window for a better view and...

It's the Heung Peah (fragrant biscuit?) my sister bought from Penang during the weekend. And I've not tasted any of it yet!! An hour ago, it was still safe, sitting on the kitchen's Island waiting for us to eat it.

Crime Scene: The food container's lid and a Heung Peah on the ground

A closer view of the crime scene.

There were some banana stains on the ground as well

"It's a Monkey!" I told my parents but they weren't very convinced at first. They were suspecting a cat or something cuter. But cat's paws are just not meant to open food containers or a talisman that grants wishes.


My sister on the other hand thinks that it's an evil plan plotted by the monkey and it's best cat friend.

Too bad the CCTV was not switched on at that time. I would have caught it red handed and call it a case close.

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