Friday, February 19, 2010

Sign sign dot dot dot

Weirddddd. I had a couple of weird dream last night. First, I dreamed of my primary and high school friends which I've lost contact like n years ago. No facebook back then haha. The weirdest part is their faces still look exactly the same as 8 years ago. They're suppose to be 20 this year but still their 12 years old face.

Is that a sign? *sings BEG's Sign* Last year, I dreamed of my primary school class mate and a couple of weeks later when my semester begins, I saw him at Monash. Maybe I'll get to see some familiar faces this semester.

And next, I think I'm too excited about Estee, Jackie and Kim coming over to my house today. I actually dreamed of them coming to my house in one of Lady Gaga's strong shoulder outfit. And Kim had like super thick make-up which is kinda scary haha. Can't wait for u guys to come over! Lets karaoke and wii~

On a very different note, I planned to buy a yukata for this year's Bon Odori using my Ang Pau money. But yesterday, I've made up my mind to not buy it. I'm saving the money!

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