Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I do and What I see

My sister has officially started working since Monday and that means I have no car to drive out. My initials may spell CAR but my parents sure do not like the idea of me driving my ‘CAR 11’ out. I’m basically trapped at home, internetless, bored and very very annoyed. All I can do is come up with drafts, type out my blog entry and upload it when I have internet access. and watch tv.

This is my hand and that scratch mark was caused by an innocent looking red IKEA paper box that I used to store all my most precious DVD/Cds collection in it. No, that’s not all! I had 2 scratches on my right leg that comes with bruises caused by paper boxes too. What’s wrong with me? Why am I so careless? more like I can’t believe my precious box scratched me

This was taken from my room’s window. The sky is really blue lately. Or it’s been blue all along? Just realize that I’ve never really looked at the sky in an appreciation way before. All along, I only look at the clouds to determine the weather or the type of rain that’s gonna fall. Applying what I’ve learnt in Geography haha. The sky looks pretty grey right now. I don’t mind if it rains but no thunder please.

This is the view outside of my room. Pretty bad huh? That is the base camp for the 3rd house that they’re currently building. Every few hours, I take a picture of the view because I’m planning to make it to a time lapse video. I wonder how long they will take to use up all the construction materials. One thing I’m pretty sure is the process of this time lapse video will be a super long term one.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and have you checked out One Utama’s decoration? Since it’s the Year of the Tiger, the theme was PAWSperous. Check out the cats. They even have the ‘good fortune’ mole. Haha so cute right? Talking about CNY, I’ve not done any shopping for New Year clothes. I bought one top but it’s black and mum will not like it if I wear it on CNY. It’s still early but I wanna wish a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone out there who celebrates it.

Face mask! Last year, my family bought like 4 boxes of face masks because all of us enjoy applying it. But… a couple of days after that purchase, I consumed too much prawns and it caused me to have an allergy reaction. And now… I think I’m allergic to face mask. After applying it, my lips will be super dry for days. Since I can’t use it on my face, I decided to use it as a foot mask. My feet have been really dry lately and I really liked the foot mask from Etude House. BUT the price of a pack of Etude House foot mask is enough to buy 20 face masks. So, to save money, use 2 pieces of mask, one each on each feet, wrap it around your feet and ‘wear’ a plastic bag. Remove it 20 minutes later. Cheap and efficient foot mask! Wash your plastic bag so you can reuse it next time.

As I’m typing this, there’s 2 random guys out there, staring at my garden. They’re more like half inside cause the gate is open for the landscape team and that 2 random guy is standing on my car porch. I’m gonna go keep an eye on them now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I like it Longer?

Short but sweet? I believe someone who immortalized his beloved’s beauty like Shakespeare would not agree on that.
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
Excerpt from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18

I ain’t no Shakespeare, but one thing in common between us is, I like it longer too. Not so much on time but on objects that comes in not bigger but longer in size.

-Why I like it longer #1

(click for larger view)
The living room is the heart of a house. To keep this ‘heart’ beat normally, family members and the TV plays a huge role. With this 17 feet (claimed by Dad) about 3 times of my height long sofa, all four of us (my family) get to sit on the same sofa comfortably and watch TV together. Quality family time together = I like it! And my favorite seat? The longest one of course!

I’m sorry that the first picture looks weird cause the sofa’s really long and I had to take a panoramic shot of it and lazy I don’t have the Stitching function on my Photoshop.

-Why I like it longer #2
One thing that my family really dislike about my dining area is there’s no fan! But we do have an air con which I don’t know whose stupid idea was it. Anyway, to ensure that everyone enjoyed their meal ‘coolly’, and to be more environmentally friendly, my mum decided to bring out the stand fan we bought some time ago.

BUT! I have no idea why is the cord so short! Tak sampai pun!

To overcome this ‘short’coming, Mum took out her secret weapon, the extension cord. And because Mummy likes it long, I like it too.

-Why I like it longer #3
Not so much of a wine/XO fan, but I still get a little excited when I see vintage wine, especially those which are older than me. I can’t help but ‘respect’ it as they are more ‘experienced’ than me.

Dad has a couple of wines and cognac in his collection too. Although they’re only household wine, all younger than me and not some château wine, my Dad still keeps it really properly.

Since 1997. 7 years younger than me. But Daddy thinks the longer the better and does not plan to open it any sooner, so I like it longer too.

-Why I like it longer #4
Because…I’m a girl! Why do girls fight against gravity by wearing killer heels?

Why are maxi dresses, long flared skirts and long tops + leggings so in trend lately?
Because we girls, short or tall, wants to look like we have longer legs. And the only way to ‘optical illusionize’ longer legs is through what we wear.
My sister, slightly shorter than me, is always in her favorite pair of Andre Valentino whenever she is shopping. Conversely, I who seldom wear heels goes for long tops of trench coats.

Yes, we sisters likes it longer.

-Why I like it longer #5
Known as the ‘taste long’ gum, Lotte Xylish chewing gum should really sign me as their next spokesperson.

I super love their gums especially the hyper cool black chewing gum, dubbed as the macho gum by Clair. The mint taste is enormously strong and long lasting unlike the ordinary chewing gum out there. Consuming one Xylish gum is equivalent to *I don’t want to name brands*’s gum.

Long lasting taste, Saya suka!

Last but not least, Why I like it longer #6
a. 4 inch wide screen with HD resolution
b. 5.0 mega pixel camera
c. Finger friendly fully touch screen
d. All the above

The latest LG Chocolate, like it’s name, long but sweet. And it’s even sweeter because Nuffnang x LG is giving out 3 sets of LG Chocolate phone worth RM2199. All you have to do is write an entry on ‘Why you like it longer?’ and don’t worry, you won’t get diabetes from all that sweetness. For more info, click HERE.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Soc It

A couple of days ago, I posted an entry on Tsuyoshi for the Japan Blog Matsuri. If you've enjoyed reading it, please 'Soc it' for me!

How to Soc it?
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Please help me soc it if you enjoy reading it ya! If you don't enjoy but likes to read my blog, feel free to Soc it too.

Thanks a lot!

Music Monday #10

Wow! Its been 10 weeks since I last started Music Monday 11 weeks actually. Sorry that there was no Music Monday update last week. As mentioned earlier on, I was sick and couldn't get out of bed. Today.. there won't be 2 updates. I'll just continue from where I stopped.

The song of the week is 'Kimi no suki na uta' by Uverworld.

Kimi no Suki na Uta (君の好きなうた, The Song that You Like) is the sixth single released by Uverworld under the gr8! records label. The single was released on November 15, 2006 in two different formats, CD only and CD+DVD.
(souce: wiki)

Consist of 5 members, I'm sure UVERworld is not a stranger to BLEACH junkies out there. They sang D-technolife which is the 2nd opening of BLEACH and also Chance! which is the CM and opening theme for the second PSP game of Bleach: Heat the Soul series

I first heard this song during my Singapore trip back then in December 2006. I was on a cab, on my way to my hotel. I wasn't sure what was the song's name as I couldn't catch what the DJ said. So I forced myself to remember the lyrics sung and quickly jot it down when I arrive the hotel.

If u wish to sing along to the song, click here for the lyrics. Also,feel free to check out the English translation of the song here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

BTS of ‘As easy as a Backflip’

When I first read about this contest by MAS Airlines and Nuffnang, I really wanted to join it but I have absolutely no idea on what to shoot. I want something that is comical yet easy to shoot. Brainstormed and nothing came into my mind so I decided to go to bed and continue the next day. Just when I’m about to shut my eyes, I suddenly had a Eureka moment.

Worried that my memory might fail on me the next morning, I immediately tweeted about it. Twitter serves as my reminder I couldn’t sleep after that because I was imagining and arranging the scenes in my mind for the entire night.

According to my Communication and Technology teacher 2 years ago, it is very important to draw a story board and every movie’s pre production begins with the story board. I usually don’t bother drawing because I can’t draw but this time, I decided to draw every scene out from the right angle to make sure that the video turns out to be exactly like what I visualized and it’s easier for the camera lady, my sister , to film it as well.

Next, I had to screen through lots of videos to find the best back flip. I went and ask some friends 'who has the best back flip?' After some opinions and running through footages, acrobatic Junno's backflip from the Johnny's 2008-2009 countdown concert was chosen.

I was in the midst of relocating, and I do not have internet connection in my new house still no int access now so the video was shot in both my old and new house. I had a little problem with the booking ticket part cause even it's switched to Digital Macro mode, it's still very very blur. So I doubled the speed of it.

Basically..thats how I made my video. I hope you guys have enjoyed watching it. And thanks for all the comments

Friday, January 22, 2010


My sophomore year will only begin this March but I have a feeling that it will be a good year ahead. This is because I’ve received a Kit Kat Gokaku* mug from Shari a couple of days ago.(*Gokaku means five angles[pentagon] but can also means ‘pass’ in Japanese). Thank goodness it’s not a square/rectangular mug because four angles = shikaku and shikaku = fail. Yes, I love word puns

On Wednesday, I saw a box lying on my car porch. No idea why my parcel always arrive when I’m out. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting the Kit Kat pentagon mug because my previous parcel from Japan took about 2 weeks to reach me. And when I saw some familiar looking orange letters 'JP network Yubinkyoku' printed on the box.

"It's HERE!! It's HERE!!"

Wrapped with lots of lots of bubble wrap, my mug arrived in perfect condition. A big thanks to the bubble wrap for protecting the mug and it will keep my sis and I occupied for some time because we love playing with bubble wraps. Especially my sister who even downloaded the bubble wrap application.

Anyway meet Go, my new mug I like to name my belongings

It comes with 2 packs of Kit Kat 96kcal each

And a pack of Nescafe too~

Talking about Kit Kat.. my sister told me that original Kit Kat in other countries tasted better than the ones in Malaysia. I didn't believe her. I mean how is that possible? Shouldn't there be some ISO or something. Guess what? She's so right! This Kit Kat tasted better than those from Malaysia! I can't tell whether its the chocolate or the waffle that tasted better but it really tasted better. Hmm..Maybe different kind of oil used? Anyway I can't believe my sister ate a whole lot of Kit Kat in Australia and never even buy a bar for me!!

And lastly

Bad hair day is not a reason to not enjoy a cup of coffee hee

Thursday, January 21, 2010


One of the most unjohnny's liked Johnny's is definitely Domoto Tsuyoshi. He doesn't like to dance, he can't do a backflip and he doesn't dress like one too. But, there is definitely a reason why when he was still a Johnny's Jr, Johnny san said "This boy, he definitely can handle a solo concert". The Japanese media even said that "there's no character that Domoto Tsuyoshi can't play"

Born on the 10th of April, 1979. This Spring child is never afraid to show his love for his hometown Nara. "Someiyoshino" is a song written by him about the cherry blossom he saw in Nara and Bigaku (My beautiful Sky) is so Nara! makes me wanna visit Nara even more

Besides Nara, Tsuyoshi is very fond of FISHES. He used to work under the name ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI (a type of fresh water fish). I used to think that he chose that name because he really really likes that fish. However, after some research for my English essay, I found out that the Endlicheri fish is actually a peaceful, timid kind of fish. "Maybe that's why his first ENDLICHERI solo album was named 'COWARD'" that was the first thing that came to my mind. He probably relates himself to that fish.

Tsuyoshi's music is very very different from any other Johnny's. He's sounds more real. Not that others are fake but he's songs has more emotional, something that people can relate to. Sometimes, I think his music is a little scary/dark. That kind of feeling that people will try to avoid. But he is not afraid to sings it out, draws it out and even make a statement through his fashion!

Do you know Michael Jackson once praised Tsuyoshi for his vocals? That happened about 11 years ago during the J-FRIENDS days.

Although he always says that he does not contact his partner Koichi during their private time, he actually cares for Koichi very much. Little things that he said about his partner has a very big meaning behind it.

I give thanks that Koichi was born. That’s how much I like Koichi.

If someone says bad things about Koichi, I’ll say, “What do you know about him!” and knock them around.

I’ll play you the song you like.

PS: In case you're wondering about the title. 244 stands for Tsuyoshi. Tsu(Japanese way of pronouncing two) Yo and Shi means four in Japanese.

This entry is written for January's Japan Blog Matsuri. Click on the link if you wish to learn more about Famous Japanese People!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 as Easy as a backflip

Booking air ticket with have never been so easy!Just a couple of clicks and tada!! you're half prepared for your vacation. It's not only easy but also environmentally friendly with paperless check in. You can also access details like your flight status and latest deals available from the comfort of your mobile. Check it out here

And now...wining air tickets is as easy as 1 2 3 or for someone who did badly in Maths, it's as easy as A B C!

Malaysia Airlines(MAS) is currently having a video contest just for you to win free flights to Istanbul, Tokyo or Seoul and ASEAN countries!
All you have to do is create a video entitled ‘ – as Easy as ______’. When you're done, upload it to youtube, write an entry on it and E-mail it to

For more info, please click here

So for me.. with the help of my sister who is the camera lady, I came up with this video below. As easy as a backflip! Hee YES, I did a backflip! You'll get to see it at the very end of the video. I'll blog about the BTS (Behind the scenes)some other day ya! heee commento please!

Quick update!

Sorry for the super lack of updates! My initial plan was to update on beautiful Monday but I fell sick on Monday morning and couldn't find the strength to even sit up straight! I think I've spent about 16 hours sleeping on Monday! By the time I've recovered, there was some really serious thunder business going on! I think one of the building in Brickfields even caught a fire because of the thunder. Yep, it was that bad.

And I don't really have internet access. It's because I've shifted to a new place and we've not yet fix a telephone line yet. I can only use the internet when I'm at my old house. My new house is located at ummm.. some hidden place, so if you need to mail me anything, it's better to mail it to the old address. And the best way to reach me is to sms me okay? I can only check my mail once a day.

Hope that I'll have some full internet access soon!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a small world after all

So yesterday, Clair and I went for Samsung Corby's Color me Corby carnival. We were kinda worried at first cause we're both anti social. Especially me, who only shows the friendly face when I'm feeling diplomatic and most of the time, I have the 'don't come near me(?)' face, also known as the AB face, given by Clair. And besides that, we're going to the extreme park! My right back/leg still hurts since Friday. Well well.. it wasn't that bad haha. pictures! I didn't bring my camera haha. So wait for Clair to update/send me the pictures ya!

So when Clair and I arrived at the gathering point, I saw a familiar face. Khai Sim, my primary/high school friend was there too. To make the world seems a little smaller, one of her friend is actually my Psychology course mate.

Noooo! It doesn't end just right there. I also met Clair's new friend, Valerie who comes from Khun's pocket who joins the same forum as me! They are all in the orange team which won. And I'm in the white team which I think was the last place But no regrets, cause I'm happy to be in the white team. Nicer t-shirt and Junho's corby is white!

You know how people say your legs will get pwn by bruises if you wore shorts for paintball. Yeahh so true not! Guess where I was shot by the damn paintball? *sings* "Hey you are my pinky, never cheat on me." Haha yes, it hit my left little pinky finger. But I do have one big bruise on my leg and it's not because of paintball but because I fell while trying to take a picture of the Orange team when they were receiving their awards. I fell on the stairs but it looked like I knelled down to get a better shot. *phew*

On a random note, I had a taste of Joke of 2006 while collecting my breakfast. I don't know why the guy who collects the meal coupon kept saying "One, one, one, one..." as he collects the meal coupon. And when it's my turn, instead of 'one', he said 'ichi'. Maybe his legs are itchy or something haha.

Anyway..gotta go apply some face mask on my dehydrated/burnt skin! My nose looks like Rudolph!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's a pentagon!

I wanted to blog about this last night but I was so occupied with
things since morning. A 30 minutes groceries shopping took me 50
minutes instead because the security guard didn't wanna give me my
free gift! Then my day went on with some cleaning, packing, and
unpacking. I only manage to take my usual 4pm bath at 10pm!! Today's
samsung corby's event was so tiring! But I'll only blog about if some
other day la. I won't be having any Internet connection tonight. the title says, heee I just won Japanese snack review's
contest! I can't wait to receive my kit kat gokaku (pentagon) mug! I'm
already imagining myself drinking my fav English Breakfast tea from
every angle of the mug haha! Thank you so much for organizing this
contest! Feel free to check out japanese snack review's blog for some
snack reviews! I'm currently blogging via email so I can't put in any
hyperlinks or pics in my entry. Please check out the right side of my
blog for the link!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sense of Sight pt2

I mentioned about meggings some weeks ago and today, I finally took a pic of it. It's not the same yellow one I saw previously though.

It's from Crocodile, 1Utama

1.Hitler spotted in Jusco's Home Center?

Mr. XL, the mascot of a DIY hardware shop was vandalized with a touch of Hitler. Different kind of hand pose though

2.A Magazine for DV man?

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this magazine is 'Domestic Violence Man'. Haha it's actually a Scandinavian fashion magazine. not some tips on whacking people effectively haha

3. Cleanly blonde

Looks like Mr.Broom is catching up on the blonde trend! Not bad at all I bought that broom

4. Khun wannabe?

Hmm.. I don't get the wink. He's probably trying to 'say' that the griller's really convenient and easy to use? But looks more like 'too much smoke enter my eyes' to me.

Code Blue season2 officially kick started my Winter 2010 drama 'trip'

You know how usually the first episode is a little boring because of the character introduction and stuff.. the first episode for Code Blue was actually really really good! Duh! it's a season 2,no introduction needed The cool characters like Aizawa and Saejima are still very cool and the annoying characters are still very annoying, but its ok. There won't be any conflict if everyone behaves the same. I am already anticipating next episode! I think it's really different from other medical drama and nope, I'm not Pi bias haha maybe a little? I didn't really like his hairstyle during the countdown concert, but now, I think it suits him very much haha There's also a new flight doctor to replace Kuroda sensei who was previously amputated by Aizawa. The new doctor, Tachibana sensei reminded me of Detective Mac Taylor of CSI NY. Seriously! Even my sis thinks so too. Did some wiki and found out that he's actually the bakery owner in Takki's Antique.

Season 1 was really good and I hope season2 will be even better. Looking forward to more doctor action!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have a Break, Have a Draw

I'm really really tired right now but I feel like updating my blog. Well actually it's still too early to go to bed, so I'm trying to keep myself occupied until 10PM. After blogging, perhaps I'll go watch some TV or even draw out the storyboard for my next video.

Woahh..drawing? Drawing and I never clicked. more like can't draw But for this video, I MUST draw the story line out in order for the video to be the same as what I visualized!! Actually, this video is for Nuffnang x MAS airline's contest hee When it comes to winning air ticket to Japan, I'll do it!

This is my level of drawing.. I tried really hard to draw the 'Qi Lin' for one of my Japanese homework. The one on the left looks like it's cleaning something haha

Its suppose to look like this

Conversely, this is my sister's drawing of the Nian monster......... We're only 3 years apart. Did she master drawing in that 3 years? hmmm

Can't wait to start shooting hahha

Oh ya.. last Saturday, guess what I spotted at Giant supermarket?

Philippine brand Dried Mangoes!

I was looking for chipsmore cookies and when I turn my head, I saw this! Haha. The first thing that came to my mind was " need to go all the way to the States to eat this". USA came into my mind before the Philippines It was really really good. No kidding. I'm not saying it just because of others. It's sweet but not as sweet as the 7D dried mangoes and the sweetness is not sickening. And once u start eating, it's very hard to stop. It's like potato chips! I never knew dried mangoes can taste this good. A little pricey though.. so won't be buying it often.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Na Na Na

It didn't cross my mind that its the Coming of Age day in Japan today until I went to Google Japan to Google something.

Coming of Age Day (成人の日, Seijin no Hi) is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday of January. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (20 years old) over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults. Festivities include the coming of age ceremonies (成人式, seijin-shiki) held at local and prefectural offices, as well as after-parties amongst family and friends.
(source: Wiki)

And this year, guess who is joining the big boys? Yabu, Tamamori (Kismai) and Takaki! Welcome to the adults world. That's a lot of responsibility, but I'm sure u guys can do it. Hee mine will be next year!

On a happier note.. I've received my Corby invitation heeee

Music Monday #9

Try guessing who will be featured on this week's Music Monday. Hmm.. I blog about this person a couple of days ago, not under Music Monday though.. *hint hint* so easy to guess

Yup, it's Domoto Tsuyoshi! Did u get it right? Anyway, last time, I blog about Tsuyoshi's solo project. So today's entry will be about his solo song under KinKi Kids. You must be wondering what's the differences between solo project and solo song.

Well well.. Tsuyoshi's solo project(under the name ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI, 244ENDLIX, Tsuyoshi) have very very different sound compared to his solo songs under KinKi Kids. He may not have any power house vocals but like his same, his songs from his solo projects are tsuyoi!(strong)

His solo songs, conversely, are more toned down which is not a bad thing. I think its more acceptable by the mass audience because it's not as deep and emotional as his solo projects.

One of my all time favorite solo song by Tsuyoshi is Breath which can be found in KinKi Kids' H-album

Some songs, they grow on you as you listen to it more. But this song, it takes only 1 try for me to like it. I hope you guys will like it too.

On another note,so far, my Koichi time lapse video had 485 views! 2 youtube users even rated a 5 stars for it. Haha thank you very much for the support!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Sweet You Can't Eat Without Estee Chong

Happy birthday, Estee! haha you're the first among us to step into the 20's circle. One year older, one year wiser! Be nice to people and don't forget to turn on your car lights when u drive at night or when it rains ok?

Yesterday, my seishun amigo(Estee, Jackie and young Kim) and I had dinner together at O'friend. Jackie was the one who suggested it and she did not turn up at all during dinner!! Poor Kim had to slow down her eating pace just to wait for u and I ordered 2 cups of Hot honey lemon tea because of you.

I ordered grilled fish which was quite ok.

Kim's butter chicken rice

Estee ordered some chicken chop which was dubbed as the largest chicken chop ever. It was really huge! this pic did not really do justice to it's size.

Thats one happy Kim haha

So after dinner, Ms.Jackie or was it Estee suggested that we meet up at my house at 8PM. We thought that Jackie will not arrive so soon, so we went for a drive nearby and it was raining. While we drive up some slope, I saw someone outside walking under the rain. The numbers printed on that person's t-shirt was so outstanding(?) that I didn't bother noticing that person's face.
E:Estee, K: Kim, R:Rene

R: Woah.. poor guy..walking under the rain
E: You go fetch him la
R: I don't want! It's your car anyway

and a couple of minutes later, I receive a call from Jackie, saying that she's in front of DJ Club
R: Jackie just called. She says that she's in front of DJ club
E: Where's DJ club?
K: Whats she doing there?
R: Clubbing??!?!? *lol* I thought only old old people goes there
K: Yalah. Hahah Jackie clubbing at DJ Club?
R: You know what?? I think that person walking just now is Jackie!!

I was so right!! That's Jackie Loo.. attempting to walk to my house from her house, under the rain with Estee's birthday cake! She's wet and hungry and cold. So we head over to McDonald's for her dinner, to celebrate Estee's birthday and to laugh at listen to Jackie's adventure.

TiRAINmisu cake (Tiramisu with a touch of rain)

That Loo and That Chong

Jackie was complaining how Robert Downey Jr looked 'selekeh'* in Sherlock Holmes.

E: What is selekeh?
K: *points at Jackie*

*Selekeh means shabby/rugged in Malay language

Thats me and Kim and plenty of head room above us -_-... thanks to Estee

Jackie, Estee and Kim.. notice the numbers printed on Jeky;s shirt?

And one last group picture before we leave.

Jackie's unfortunate events..never fails to make us laugh. even my parents laughed

If you're wondering whats up with the title.. I couldn't come out with a title so I got it from some slogan generator haha