Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yesterday, my Japanese teacher asked the class "Kotoshi no mokuhyou wa?" (What's your aim this year?) Oh crapppp.. I hate questions like that. I'm hopeless So I gave that answer every student will give. "Daigaku no shiken de, 75 ten ijou wo mezashite" (75 and above for university exams) Which... honestly is a little too high for me. Should have just said 70 haha. Out of 8 subjects in my first year, I only had 3 distinctions. Haha so 70 and above will be my super big aim for 2010 and 2011.

When I came home from my class, I began thinking of some smaller aims that I should set for myself.

1.Keep my hair long
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Honestly, I'm very unsure of this.The last time I had long hair was like 14/15 years ago! I've not been visiting the hair saloon for 4 months already!! One reason is I'm on my super long semester break and I'm at home most of the time. whatever happened to the part time job And the saloon that I frequent has increased their price. My usual hair cut price has gone up by 16%! I usually cut my hair every 2 months as suggested by Readers Digest but I realize as long as I befriend the hair dryer, it will be okay.

2. Cut down on Tomato sauce or any other sauce
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I loveeee Tomato sauce so much that I 'tsunami' my food especially french fries with tomato sauce. I just like my food to be covered with sauce cause it tastier. As I know, the sugar content in tomato sauce or any other sauce is not low. Sighhhh.. do you know sugar makes u age? If I can kick out soda drink out of my drinking habit, I can cut down on sauces too right? Looks like I won't be saying "more chilli sauce please!" to the subway guy.

3.Save Money
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The good news which I don't think is's torturing is I did not spend a lot of money on my Johnny's fandom last year. Just a couple of bucks to call in and win Akanishi Jin's autograph I should be able to save quite a lot of money right? I thought so too.. BUT, I've spent most of it on food. You see, I really really hate dislike driving, so to bribe my sister to drive, I have to pay for her lunch and it's not cheap. I remember telling myself that I'll step into the Land of the Rising Sun before 20. I'm turning 20 this June, still broke and no sight of Japan plan this year. To go to Japan, I need money. And I feel really really bad whenever I ask for money from my parents. So I was thinking I should get a part time job in Monash when I start my class. It's quite convenient. And I should sell off some 'precious junk' as well. I'm gonna put ALL of my Chinese New Year angpau money (Otoshidama) into the bank! And..I want a new camera too.

4.Go out and take some photos!
I've always like photography but never really took it seriously. I should go out and take photos more often and not only photos on what I eat or myself. I'm sure you readers are sick of my face. And I really need to learn some new camera tricks haha. Can't be using the same ol tricks all the time. Time to use my fish eye jelly lenses! and hopefully my future time lapse videos will get better and better =)

5. Don't show that 'I'm not interested' face so often
I need to stop being so anti social. Somebody, get me the "I hate people" book please! I really really should go out and not spend most of my time in front of that squarish machine. Even my parents are more happening than me. And I really need to cut down on ranting and whining gossiping about others

6. Lastly.. EXERCISE!
Wii Fit or real exercise.. I really need it. My back and leg have been telling me that I lack of exercise. I remember checking my body age(?) on the Wii Fit and its even older than my parents!! I am the 'oldest' in my family according to Wii Fit. I should be the youngest!! Its been 2 years since I hold on my tennis racket. Looks like its time for some tennis action.

As for my aim tomorrow.. start writing for my corby post!

What are your 2010 aims?

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