Friday, January 1, 2010

nom nom..lets have some snacks!

Japanese snacks have been making an impact in the Malaysian market lately. Specialty stores have been mushrooming in malls and you no longer need to travel all the way to Isetan to buy your favorite overcharged Japanese snacks or wait for the Jusco Japanese Food Festival.

Japanese are very creative with their snacks. They come up with new flavors that I've never seen before. However, although I'm a frequent Japanese snack-er, I find myself buying the same flavor/type of snacks again and again. For instance, I always wanted to try the Banana flavored Morinaga caramel sweets, but I always end up with the black sugar flavored because I think it's safer. I mean banana and caramel or black sugar and caramel. Which one will probably taste better? I'm really worried that I might not enjoy the taste and end up regretting it and by the end of the day, wasting it.

Yes, I do love Japanese snacks. But another reason for me to consume it is because of their endorsers.
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Should I go for Morinaga DARS dark chocolate instead of Meiji Black just because KinKi Kids had DARS commercial about 10 years ago

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or should I go for Lotte Plus X because of the fun looking commercial that featured KAT-TUN or Meiji's Xylish because Kimura Takuya spells cool. Or sometimes, you're amazed by the variety of flavors available for Pocky and just don't know which one is goes well with your cup of coffee.

How how how? Which one to get? Furthermore, Japanese snacks are not cheap over here. And you can't be buying too many of it or you'll end up getting sick of it.

If you're as indecisive as me, worry no more! Japanese Snack Reviews is here to save your day. Check out their huge archives. From chocolates to umai bo.. any Japanese snacks, you name it and they have it. The Sumo rating system will definitely help you in deciding which snack to get. In my case, I wasn't too sure about Crunky at first. But after reading the Crunky review, I was pretty sure that I'm gonna like it and I was so wrong.. I love it!

When your there, check out the Variety Friday section too. Some really cool food that you'll never find it over here were featured and it never fails to make my tummy go 'peko peko'.

Recently, they're having a contest and the prize is a cool looking Kit Kat Gokaku Mug.

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picture credits: Japanee Snack Reviews

Isn't Kit Kat everyone's all time favorite break time snack? If only they have other Kit Kat flavors in Malaysia besides Milk and White chocolate. Curious about other flavors of Kit Kat? Check out the Kit Kat section of Japanese Snack Reviews! Not only you get to find your right snack, you get to learn about other snacks as well.

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