Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Sweet You Can't Eat Without Estee Chong

Happy birthday, Estee! haha you're the first among us to step into the 20's circle. One year older, one year wiser! Be nice to people and don't forget to turn on your car lights when u drive at night or when it rains ok?

Yesterday, my seishun amigo(Estee, Jackie and young Kim) and I had dinner together at O'friend. Jackie was the one who suggested it and she did not turn up at all during dinner!! Poor Kim had to slow down her eating pace just to wait for u and I ordered 2 cups of Hot honey lemon tea because of you.

I ordered grilled fish which was quite ok.

Kim's butter chicken rice

Estee ordered some chicken chop which was dubbed as the largest chicken chop ever. It was really huge! this pic did not really do justice to it's size.

Thats one happy Kim haha

So after dinner, Ms.Jackie or was it Estee suggested that we meet up at my house at 8PM. We thought that Jackie will not arrive so soon, so we went for a drive nearby and it was raining. While we drive up some slope, I saw someone outside walking under the rain. The numbers printed on that person's t-shirt was so outstanding(?) that I didn't bother noticing that person's face.
E:Estee, K: Kim, R:Rene

R: Woah.. poor guy..walking under the rain
E: You go fetch him la
R: I don't want! It's your car anyway

and a couple of minutes later, I receive a call from Jackie, saying that she's in front of DJ Club
R: Jackie just called. She says that she's in front of DJ club
E: Where's DJ club?
K: Whats she doing there?
R: Clubbing??!?!? *lol* I thought only old old people goes there
K: Yalah. Hahah Jackie clubbing at DJ Club?
R: You know what?? I think that person walking just now is Jackie!!

I was so right!! That's Jackie Loo.. attempting to walk to my house from her house, under the rain with Estee's birthday cake! She's wet and hungry and cold. So we head over to McDonald's for her dinner, to celebrate Estee's birthday and to laugh at listen to Jackie's adventure.

TiRAINmisu cake (Tiramisu with a touch of rain)

That Loo and That Chong

Jackie was complaining how Robert Downey Jr looked 'selekeh'* in Sherlock Holmes.

E: What is selekeh?
K: *points at Jackie*

*Selekeh means shabby/rugged in Malay language

Thats me and Kim and plenty of head room above us -_-... thanks to Estee

Jackie, Estee and Kim.. notice the numbers printed on Jeky;s shirt?

And one last group picture before we leave.

Jackie's unfortunate events..never fails to make us laugh. even my parents laughed

If you're wondering whats up with the title.. I couldn't come out with a title so I got it from some slogan generator haha

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