Thursday, January 21, 2010


One of the most unjohnny's liked Johnny's is definitely Domoto Tsuyoshi. He doesn't like to dance, he can't do a backflip and he doesn't dress like one too. But, there is definitely a reason why when he was still a Johnny's Jr, Johnny san said "This boy, he definitely can handle a solo concert". The Japanese media even said that "there's no character that Domoto Tsuyoshi can't play"

Born on the 10th of April, 1979. This Spring child is never afraid to show his love for his hometown Nara. "Someiyoshino" is a song written by him about the cherry blossom he saw in Nara and Bigaku (My beautiful Sky) is so Nara! makes me wanna visit Nara even more

Besides Nara, Tsuyoshi is very fond of FISHES. He used to work under the name ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI (a type of fresh water fish). I used to think that he chose that name because he really really likes that fish. However, after some research for my English essay, I found out that the Endlicheri fish is actually a peaceful, timid kind of fish. "Maybe that's why his first ENDLICHERI solo album was named 'COWARD'" that was the first thing that came to my mind. He probably relates himself to that fish.

Tsuyoshi's music is very very different from any other Johnny's. He's sounds more real. Not that others are fake but he's songs has more emotional, something that people can relate to. Sometimes, I think his music is a little scary/dark. That kind of feeling that people will try to avoid. But he is not afraid to sings it out, draws it out and even make a statement through his fashion!

Do you know Michael Jackson once praised Tsuyoshi for his vocals? That happened about 11 years ago during the J-FRIENDS days.

Although he always says that he does not contact his partner Koichi during their private time, he actually cares for Koichi very much. Little things that he said about his partner has a very big meaning behind it.

I give thanks that Koichi was born. That’s how much I like Koichi.

If someone says bad things about Koichi, I’ll say, “What do you know about him!” and knock them around.

I’ll play you the song you like.

PS: In case you're wondering about the title. 244 stands for Tsuyoshi. Tsu(Japanese way of pronouncing two) Yo and Shi means four in Japanese.

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