Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a small world after all

So yesterday, Clair and I went for Samsung Corby's Color me Corby carnival. We were kinda worried at first cause we're both anti social. Especially me, who only shows the friendly face when I'm feeling diplomatic and most of the time, I have the 'don't come near me(?)' face, also known as the AB face, given by Clair. And besides that, we're going to the extreme park! My right back/leg still hurts since Friday. Well well.. it wasn't that bad haha. pictures! I didn't bring my camera haha. So wait for Clair to update/send me the pictures ya!

So when Clair and I arrived at the gathering point, I saw a familiar face. Khai Sim, my primary/high school friend was there too. To make the world seems a little smaller, one of her friend is actually my Psychology course mate.

Noooo! It doesn't end just right there. I also met Clair's new friend, Valerie who comes from Khun's pocket who joins the same forum as me! They are all in the orange team which won. And I'm in the white team which I think was the last place But no regrets, cause I'm happy to be in the white team. Nicer t-shirt and Junho's corby is white!

You know how people say your legs will get pwn by bruises if you wore shorts for paintball. Yeahh so true not! Guess where I was shot by the damn paintball? *sings* "Hey you are my pinky, never cheat on me." Haha yes, it hit my left little pinky finger. But I do have one big bruise on my leg and it's not because of paintball but because I fell while trying to take a picture of the Orange team when they were receiving their awards. I fell on the stairs but it looked like I knelled down to get a better shot. *phew*

On a random note, I had a taste of Joke of 2006 while collecting my breakfast. I don't know why the guy who collects the meal coupon kept saying "One, one, one, one..." as he collects the meal coupon. And when it's my turn, instead of 'one', he said 'ichi'. Maybe his legs are itchy or something haha.

Anyway..gotta go apply some face mask on my dehydrated/burnt skin! My nose looks like Rudolph!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! On top of that, I know what you mean about the 'don't come near me face'; I have that face when I first meet people too, I just can't help myself!

  2. @ryan
    Yes yes! It's like you want to be friendly to people but you just can't help but distant yourself from them.