Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I do and What I see

My sister has officially started working since Monday and that means I have no car to drive out. My initials may spell CAR but my parents sure do not like the idea of me driving my ‘CAR 11’ out. I’m basically trapped at home, internetless, bored and very very annoyed. All I can do is come up with drafts, type out my blog entry and upload it when I have internet access. and watch tv.

This is my hand and that scratch mark was caused by an innocent looking red IKEA paper box that I used to store all my most precious DVD/Cds collection in it. No, that’s not all! I had 2 scratches on my right leg that comes with bruises caused by paper boxes too. What’s wrong with me? Why am I so careless? more like I can’t believe my precious box scratched me

This was taken from my room’s window. The sky is really blue lately. Or it’s been blue all along? Just realize that I’ve never really looked at the sky in an appreciation way before. All along, I only look at the clouds to determine the weather or the type of rain that’s gonna fall. Applying what I’ve learnt in Geography haha. The sky looks pretty grey right now. I don’t mind if it rains but no thunder please.

This is the view outside of my room. Pretty bad huh? That is the base camp for the 3rd house that they’re currently building. Every few hours, I take a picture of the view because I’m planning to make it to a time lapse video. I wonder how long they will take to use up all the construction materials. One thing I’m pretty sure is the process of this time lapse video will be a super long term one.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and have you checked out One Utama’s decoration? Since it’s the Year of the Tiger, the theme was PAWSperous. Check out the cats. They even have the ‘good fortune’ mole. Haha so cute right? Talking about CNY, I’ve not done any shopping for New Year clothes. I bought one top but it’s black and mum will not like it if I wear it on CNY. It’s still early but I wanna wish a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone out there who celebrates it.

Face mask! Last year, my family bought like 4 boxes of face masks because all of us enjoy applying it. But… a couple of days after that purchase, I consumed too much prawns and it caused me to have an allergy reaction. And now… I think I’m allergic to face mask. After applying it, my lips will be super dry for days. Since I can’t use it on my face, I decided to use it as a foot mask. My feet have been really dry lately and I really liked the foot mask from Etude House. BUT the price of a pack of Etude House foot mask is enough to buy 20 face masks. So, to save money, use 2 pieces of mask, one each on each feet, wrap it around your feet and ‘wear’ a plastic bag. Remove it 20 minutes later. Cheap and efficient foot mask! Wash your plastic bag so you can reuse it next time.

As I’m typing this, there’s 2 random guys out there, staring at my garden. They’re more like half inside cause the gate is open for the landscape team and that 2 random guy is standing on my car porch. I’m gonna go keep an eye on them now.

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