Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I like it Longer?

Short but sweet? I believe someone who immortalized his beloved’s beauty like Shakespeare would not agree on that.
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
Excerpt from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18

I ain’t no Shakespeare, but one thing in common between us is, I like it longer too. Not so much on time but on objects that comes in not bigger but longer in size.

-Why I like it longer #1

(click for larger view)
The living room is the heart of a house. To keep this ‘heart’ beat normally, family members and the TV plays a huge role. With this 17 feet (claimed by Dad) about 3 times of my height long sofa, all four of us (my family) get to sit on the same sofa comfortably and watch TV together. Quality family time together = I like it! And my favorite seat? The longest one of course!

I’m sorry that the first picture looks weird cause the sofa’s really long and I had to take a panoramic shot of it and lazy I don’t have the Stitching function on my Photoshop.

-Why I like it longer #2
One thing that my family really dislike about my dining area is there’s no fan! But we do have an air con which I don’t know whose stupid idea was it. Anyway, to ensure that everyone enjoyed their meal ‘coolly’, and to be more environmentally friendly, my mum decided to bring out the stand fan we bought some time ago.

BUT! I have no idea why is the cord so short! Tak sampai pun!

To overcome this ‘short’coming, Mum took out her secret weapon, the extension cord. And because Mummy likes it long, I like it too.

-Why I like it longer #3
Not so much of a wine/XO fan, but I still get a little excited when I see vintage wine, especially those which are older than me. I can’t help but ‘respect’ it as they are more ‘experienced’ than me.

Dad has a couple of wines and cognac in his collection too. Although they’re only household wine, all younger than me and not some château wine, my Dad still keeps it really properly.

Since 1997. 7 years younger than me. But Daddy thinks the longer the better and does not plan to open it any sooner, so I like it longer too.

-Why I like it longer #4
Because…I’m a girl! Why do girls fight against gravity by wearing killer heels?

Why are maxi dresses, long flared skirts and long tops + leggings so in trend lately?
Because we girls, short or tall, wants to look like we have longer legs. And the only way to ‘optical illusionize’ longer legs is through what we wear.
My sister, slightly shorter than me, is always in her favorite pair of Andre Valentino whenever she is shopping. Conversely, I who seldom wear heels goes for long tops of trench coats.

Yes, we sisters likes it longer.

-Why I like it longer #5
Known as the ‘taste long’ gum, Lotte Xylish chewing gum should really sign me as their next spokesperson.

I super love their gums especially the hyper cool black chewing gum, dubbed as the macho gum by Clair. The mint taste is enormously strong and long lasting unlike the ordinary chewing gum out there. Consuming one Xylish gum is equivalent to *I don’t want to name brands*’s gum.

Long lasting taste, Saya suka!

Last but not least, Why I like it longer #6
a. 4 inch wide screen with HD resolution
b. 5.0 mega pixel camera
c. Finger friendly fully touch screen
d. All the above

The latest LG Chocolate, like it’s name, long but sweet. And it’s even sweeter because Nuffnang x LG is giving out 3 sets of LG Chocolate phone worth RM2199. All you have to do is write an entry on ‘Why you like it longer?’ and don’t worry, you won’t get diabetes from all that sweetness. For more info, click HERE.

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