Friday, January 8, 2010

They are greater than us.

I've been drafting my next entry for my "It's in the name" series for days and my initial plan was to blog about it today. But some avoidable incident had to take place and its unavoidable for me to blog about it so, Part 5 of 'Its in the name' has to be avoided. No pun intended.

This morning while I was having my breakfast, I flipped through the newspaper and some news caught my attention. definitely not about the 1Malaysia clinic Yup, we're singing the same tune if you're thinking about the Churches attack over Allah issue.

The newspaper did not mention about the reason of the attack. But after linking the news about the Judiciary website hacked, I'm quite sure it's related. It's a conspiracy?

First the cow head incident and now churches attack car smashing. Although I've not been attending church services for n years, I still feel angry and disappointed. What's next? What about the 'Allah' word in our State anthem that we have been singing since 1967?

Planned protest are banned but violence is always an option. It is never compulsory and can be avoided. So what should these protesters do? I don't know. But one thing I know is whether its my God, your God or whatever religion's God, we should respect Them(Gods). There is a very good reason why They are Gods and we are not. Love and respect.

Somehow this entry reminded me of someone haha.

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